Blog & PR

Right now, people are talking about you and your brand online. What are they saying? Unfortunately, negative comments have a nasty habit of ranking higher and spreading faster than all the good things people
have to say about you and your business. Upset a customer and their views are all over the web quicker than you can type ‘Brand X really sucks.’ Data Marketers Group’s online reputation management service monitors the online conversation
and helps reduce the impact and visibility of negative search results by creating and promoting positive messages about your business.

What our Reputation Management Services include:

  • Custom-tailored solutions that help companies restore their online reputation.
  • Thorough monitoring of what consumers are saying about your business online, across all mediums, including social media.
  • Mining, curation, and generation of positive feedback and links to push negative results off of the top search results.
  • Quality score analysis and improvement
  • Working with your current and past customers to generate positive reviews for your business.

Digital Analysis

Your website should be simple enough to answer quickly to your customers’ needs, but complex enough to adapt to their distinct profiles, behaviors and demands. Web Analytics is the most powerful tool a company can use to improve their
conversion rate. While billions are spent each year in traffic acquisition, the next step of the customer journey is often forgotten. Web Analytics provides the capability to optimize the use of the traffic on your site and therefore,
your conversion rate. By understanding who your visitors are and how they behave, you can learn how to improve your website and user experience, and focus your acquisition efforts on the most profitable visitor segments.

Key Business Benefits

  • Tagging planning.
  • Ability to use the majority of web analytics tools available on the market
  • Proprietary web analytics platform and tracking system.
  • Team of experts at your disposal
  • Reporting conception

How does it work?

The preliminary phase involves determining and implementing a measurement and tagging plan that fits your business objectives. Our dedicated team of web analysts will then monitor and categorize the steps a visitor is taking when they
are on your website (origin, device used, geolocation, average basket, new vs. returning, time on site…). This provides an accurate understanding of the way visitors interact with your website in relation to their individual profile.
By analyzing this information over time, we are able to identify the key optimization points for both your website (better landing pages, more efficient structure and conversion funnels, improved user experience) and your acquisition
strategy (the segments of visitors you should focus on, when or where).