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Cardiologist Database and Mailing List

A physician who is specialized in diagnosing, treating and preventing disease related to heart & its relationship with other parts of the body is called “cardiologist”. A report from US Heart Foundation group states that “nearly 3,80,000 people are killed annually as the result of coronary heart disease which is considered to be most common heart disease in US”. This is considered as alarming fact for the rest of world since this statistics is given by well-developed country who facilitates world class healthcare services to their people.

Importance of cardiologist & cardiovascular disease physician gradually increased in recent years as result of high death rate due to heart disease. With the growing technology many research & development activities carried all over the world for finding the best cure & improved drugs for treating heart diseases. Hence we Data Marketers group identified the potential market available for cardiologist among pharmaceuticals, healthcare agencies, Medical supplies & equipment manufacturers.

Building Cardiology Database with DMG

Data Marketers group identified the business opportunities among growing cardiovascular surgeons in improving diagnosis methods. We provide you complete cardiologist database for result driven & customer centric approach.

Looking for Cardiology database to run Campaign? We can help you. Cardiologist can be easily found in practice, Group Practice, hospitals, hospital affiliation or in any health centers. With their busy schedule it becomes tough for the marketers to contact them in person. Fortuitously with cardiologist mailing list from DMG, this problem can be avoided as we offer validated, accurate & recent information for your business requirements. We understand the importance of sales & marketers time in leveraging the business opportunity, hence we offer customized cardiologist mailing list based on your need such as specialty, National provider’s identifiers (NPI), licensing state, experience, daily patient volume & so on. This customized layout provide the broader view of physician world so that you can reach the cardiologist with targeted campaigns & webinars. B2B marketing campaigns ensure that targeted audiences are reached for brand promotion & increased sales.

Benefits of DMG’s Cardiologist Database:

  • High deliverable
  • Accurate & Fresh
  • Quality/Relevancy Check
  • Affordable & flexible
  • Target audience by multiple campaign

We love to create user customized layouts such as practices, hospitals, health systems, hospital management, medical billing software, specialty and health insurance for your projects.

How we acquire Cardiology Database?

We accumulate data from various trusted sources like trade shows, online subscriptions, directories, webinars, healthcare magazines & campaigns. For more details on cardiology database reach us at

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