Credit Union Email List & Database

According to credit Union National Association, more than 100 million Americans currently use Credit Union.

What is Credit Union?

A credit union is a member owned financial cooperative, which is controlled & operated by its members for the benefit of providing credit at competitive rates & offering other financial services exclusively to its members. This credit union system varies worldwide. A report by world council suggests that at the end of 2014 there were 57,480 credit unions operating in 105 countries. These countries were found as countries with most active credit union activity. So the countries like United States, India, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Philippines, Kenya & Mexico, Australia & Thailand are well known for credit union history.

Generally, credit union is a nonprofit cooperative financial institution. This organization aim to offer fair return on savings. Hence this turns out to be main reason for global business to look for loans at lower interest rate.

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At DMG we work considering market dynamics & fluctuation. Our mailing list is segmented to help marketers with regional, national & global campaign. It helps marketers to reach credit union list contact across US & other countries.

Eligible to join a credit Union

Eligible to join a Credit union depends on community such as workplace, region, & etc. Just interested people can investigate available options within their communities. It is observed that credit union offer lower rate on loans & high interest on saving accounts. Generally, credit unions are insured by the federal National credit union Administration. Credit union offers great deal of financial services. It is place where members find it easy to save & get loan at reasonable rates. They also offer other services which are tailored to help people who need financial help. Credit Union services include

  • Credit Cards with low interest fee.
  • Direct deposits
  • Counselling & financial education
  • High interest rates on savings account
  • Low interest on vehicle loans
  • Online banking facilities

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