Data Services

Email Appending

Add email addresses to your direct mail list to accelerate your email marketing. Data Marketers Group’s Email Append attaches business and consumer email addresses to postal records, keeping you in touch with direct mail subscribers and boosting the size of your email list in less than a week.

Using our services, you can increase the size of your email list by 50 to 70% in a matter of days. full-width page The addition of your customers’ email addresses to your postal records can empower you to

  • Emails Captured using Newsletter Subscriptions.
  • Phone Numbers from your telemarketing database.
  • Name and Company Name identified using Market Research.

Data Marketers Group’s email appending process finds deliverable work email addresses for your corporate postal records. Data Marketers Group is able to match 60%+ of your list by running your file against our 52Million+ proprietary data file and multi-partner data sourcing.