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General Practice Database

In a medical Profession, a general practitioner (GP) is a medical doctor who treats all types of chronic illness along with preventive care education. A GP generally tries to manage illness which is present at the early stages of development. They tend to follow a holistic approach which aims at treating the biological, psychological & social factors relevant to patient’s illness. Roles & responsibilities of general practitioners vary from developed to developing countries. At DMG we offer General Practice Database which enable marketers to contact targeted physician group in a smart data driven approach. More importantly you stay ahead of competition in reaching your prospect.

Expand your business with DMG’s General Practice Database

Wonder how we do? We acquire data from various reliable sources & customize the layout for marketers need.

Our general practitioner database is designed to fit specific business needs. Therefore our database can be used for niche based business campaigns. Data can be segmented as per location, specialty, experience & NPI.

  • Database is consistently updated so that all the information are fresh & up to date.
  • Additionally we offer marketing solutions & business insights so that campaigns reach genuine customers. We aim are reaching right prospect at right time through campaign.
  • We assure that with our general practice database business competition is eliminated since clients & prospects are engaged through regular communication.
  • Enhance your business with niche based marketing campaigns & increase your campaign success rate.
  • It’s better to be late than never, expand your campaign with regional, national & global levels of practitioner mailing list.
  • With our verified & validated mailing list marketers approach targeted audience in a planned manner.

Benefits of DMG’s General Practitioner Database

  • High email deliverable
  • Increase ROI for niche campaigns
  • Reduced email bounce rate
  • Dataset is updated & cleansed regularly to avoid duplicates
  • Affordable & flexible

Our General Practitioner Database is accurate, comprehensive & fresh. You are allowed to customize your own layout as per you marketing needs. We offer customized layout based on physician information such as Physician Name, specialty, NPI(National Provider identifier), Physical & Mailing Address, State & zip codes and hospital affiliations. We believe doing things in smart way. So we assure you we can offer complete marketing solution for your business.

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