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They say unless you’re immortal, you need life insurance. Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. Any entity which offers insurance is known as Insurance Company. And the person who takes insurance is known as policyholder. Usually insured person receives a contract referred as insurance policy which holds condition under which insured can be compensated. There are different types of insurance such as co-insurance, dual insurance, self-insurance & Reinsurance.

There are multiple options when it comes to Insurance. Though there are many choices identifying the best & smart is big deal. But it is possible!! yes with the help of Insurance Agents list. At DMG we assure that we have most recent & up to date information of insurance agents. We collect & refine information over millions of sources & simultaneously we tend to update insurance agent database for the betterment of sales. Alternately we keep track of agents who retire & who freshly join the club & we try to capture every detail of them in our database.

Insurance Brokers List Compilation:

We collect data through various sources not just from the regular sources. Alternately we use multiple sources to enhance information in our database.

Benefits of our Insurance Agents list:

  • Updated on a regular basis
  • 100% tele verified & email Verified
  • Our email database is ideal for promoting all types of products & services.
  • Reach the target audience
  • Saves your time & resource
  • High return on your investment

You have access to customize database according to your business requirement. You can get customized list based on geography such as state, countries & zip code. Our insurance broker list includes information such as first name, last name, organization, official & personal email id, Phone, address, License & etc.

An insurance broker acts as intermediate between you & your insurers. Their main duty is to help you obtain the best & appropriate coverage. There is a difference between insurance agent & broker. The former represents one or more companies while the later represents single insurance buyer. An agent can be either captive or independent. An independent agent represents multiple insurer while the captive represents single insurer.

How insurance agents work?

So, the insurance agents cycle goes like this. An agency must look for an appointment with a specific insurer to sell product on behalf of the insurer. An appointment is nothing but the contractual agreement which describes the policies of specific insurance. Generally, agent has permission to bind certain types of policies but not all.

Alternately when it comes to broker they may be of retail or wholesale. Each of them has their own roles & responsibilities. At DMG, we are working with the smart professionals to give in depth information about all insurance agents & brokers based on your need. We aim to build accurate & fresh database to benefit all your multichannel campaigns & maximize ROI. Interested in knowing more about our insurance brokers list? or Planning to expand your insurance agent or brokers sales database? Then we are happy to help you.


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