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A Business needs to establish its market & customer beyond its regional & national boundaries. To do this you need right resource at right time. However there are many data service providers who can offer solution for all your campaign results. But our JD Edwards user list is unique & designed for making all your B2B marketing campaign huge success.

As everyone knows oracle is big business giant in the software world with more than 480,000 customer base. Among all JD Edwards user list earned reputation for being one of the most reputed & reliable software for finance, sales, CRM & manufacturing. It uses most advanced popular ERP for running IBM machines. So it’s time to get connected with key decision makers at right time.

Why JD Edwards user list?

JD Edwards is nothing but a specialized software package from oracle which aids professional decision makers to manage all your business effectively. In recent days many companies started to implement this software. Oracles JD Edwards ERP is an integrated software which combines technology, business value & industry insights. We can assure that our JD Edwards user list is most recent & responsive. Our database can be segmented for different B2B multichannel campaigns. We understand the global market available for JD Edwards user list. At DMG we provide customers with highly detailed mailing list to reach potential customers. Our database is tailored to meet your target audiences & helps in executing most profitable business ahead of your competitors. .

How we compile our JD Edwards Database?

Our Edwards user list consist of information like name, title, business contact number, physical address, mail id, company name, Industry & more. However the information can be segmented for all your B2B multichannel marketing needs. We collate information from various sources like tradeshows, telemarketing, exhibition, webinars & government agencies. In some case we also partner with marketing agencies to get accurate information. Interested in knowing more about mailing list then it’s right time to reach us for all your queries. We understand that email marketing is important part in our modern digital marketing world. With our mailing list get connected to leading organization & increase your customer base. So it’s right time to invest & get maximum benefits out of it. .

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