What is Nagios Technology?

Nagios is free, open source computer application which monitors systems, networks & other system infrastructure. It alters users when things go wrong and create alerts for other user. It helps in monitoring network services, host resources, hardware & can remotely run scripts via Nagios remote plugin executor. Network services includes SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP & etc. It also has data graphing plugins which are designed for users to easily develop their own services with the help of tools (includes shell scripts, C++, Perl, Ruby)

Why to invest in our Nagios mailing list?


  • We provide verified, Validated & accurate information of all business contacts.
  • Our professional database can be segmented for various business strategy.
  • Database is consistently updated & we have team of experts to monitor industry changes closely & update them accordingly.
  • Enhance your marketing strategy through direct, Tele verification, event marketing & online marketing methods.

Accurate & fresh mailing list is first step towards a successful marketing strategy. Be it marketing database or mailing list, at DMG we design to get connect marketers to their respective customers. We agree, in today’s business you can’t rely on traditional marketing strategy. It needs to be redefined over time. Redefining strategies makes one to rise above its client’s expectations. We assure this is possible with the help of our Nagios Mailing list. Our data can be used wisely for rolling out multiple campaigns based on your marketing requirement. So it’s right time to build your network & expand your business because we have some unique process of screening data. Our marketing strategy is helpful for generating more leads & improves chance of getting high conversion rates

Our Nagios users email list consist of information like name, title, business contact number, physical address, mail id, company name, Industry & more. Our database can be segmented to meet different business campaign. This email database can reach business prospects from IT, manufacturing, finance, advertising, health sector & more.

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How we acquire Nagios Database?

Our data is regularly updated through various tele-verification methods. And list is collated from public records, websites, seminars & other trade shows. So it’s time to get in to profitable business with our Nagios mailing list. Make sure you give your best in the data driven marketing campaign for target audience. To know more about our mailing list & get in to profitable business reach us immediately.

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