Pay Per Click Services

Wasting money on PPC Ads? Confused by Google Adwords? Multiply your results leveraging integrated cross channel marketing campaigns from Data Marketers Group. PPC and
SEO make better friends than enemies. Enjoy greater visibility and increased web traffic when you advertise on paid search ads and organic search at the same time. Your click through rate more than double and multiple listings
help validate your brand within the user’s search results. Pay-Per-Click campaigns can efficiently generate performance data for hundreds of keyword variations – which can in turn, be used to enhance your organic SEO campaigns.
SEO Meets PPC – Historically you only needed to be the highest bidder on pay-per-click to have the highest website ranking. Because the search engines have recently incorporated quality score, page relevance, quality and loading
time now result in better Pay-per-click performance. Google rewards relevance, and our SEO and PPC campaigns work in conjunction to build relevance for your website under your targeted keyword searches.

Our PPC Services

Our Pay per click management services are cutting edge and designed to ensure all aspects of your PPC campaigns are not only running efficiently, but at their very maximum potential as well.

Through analysis of your website and offerings, keyword research as well as competitive industry data, we will gain a strong understanding of your particular search market. Utilizing our best practices and proven PPC processes, we develop an account foundation
consisting of an orderly structure of campaigns, relevant ad groups, ads and targeted keywords. We launch your campaign/s on our centralized, integrated search management software that easily exceeds the manpower of more than five
trained experts. Here we are able to disperse your PPC campaigns over various top search engines, content websites and social media sites, all while leveraging advanced bidding algorithms and a centralized campaign management and
reporting suite.

We Don’t Stop There

There is more to PPC than what meets the eye. Your landing page performance is the key in boosting quality score which in turn reduces your cost per click. Our continued management of your accounts encompasses various optimization techniques, often including
but not limited to:

  • Keyword expansion and refinement
  • Bidding updates according to your target cost per order or cost per lead
  • Quality score analysis and improvement
  • Match type analysis and additions
  • User search query analysis
  • Display ad testing and implementation
  • Geographically targeted campaigns
  • Daily and Weekly day parting of your ad exposure
  • Re-marketing campaign implementation
  • Expansion to new search engines


Don’t like to wait? The search engines can be delivering you targeted web traffic just days after signing on with Data Marketers Group. When participating in an SEO campaign, you may need to wait weeks or even months (depending on
the popularity of your keywords and current status of your website) to achieve high search engine rankings. Why wait? PPC is an immediate way to not only gain visibility on the various search engines, but to be deployed over hundreds
or even thousands of search terms that your audience is searching for right now. Your competitors are already there, so it’s time you took advantage as well!

ROI Driven

Because important and valuable data can be gathered just hours after your campaign goes live, we are able to drive your campaigns ROI to the highest level possible. As we begin to discover and decipher the best combinations of keywords,
ad and landing pages etc… we can use this information to maximize your results.

Geographically Targeted

With an SEO campaign, you may have to invest in a national market, even if you are a regional or local provider of products or services. However, when we launch your PPC campaign/s, we specify the geographically targeted areas that
your ads will be exposed to. This ensures that none of your monthly budget will be wasted.

Budget Controlled

Never spend more than what you are willing to invest in any given period of time. Your budget can be capped on a daily or monthly basis. Your PPC ads can be either turned on or turned off on certain days or at certain times which is
all based on best performing days/times as well as your availability to service customers.

Visibility into Other Channels

The data insights returned to us through our reporting suite will enable us to inform you of the top performing search queries, ads and landing pages. Since the budget required in starting your PPC campaign and gathering data is small
compared to traditional media buy-ins, you’ll now have accumulated important information and actionable data from PPC that you can easily use and apply to your marketing plans for other online and offline channels.