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Healthcare is largest industry which going to be remain same in generating millions of job opportunities. We compile business mailing list for large healthcare system to small practice. We have team of experts who consistently generate business insights for increasing revenue. We DMG aim at reaching target audience at right time thus saving time and resources of sales & marketers. We understand the importance of their time in generating new leads & converting them. A campaign is highly successful if it has comprehensive database. With such database your business message reaches right person and increases campaign’s ROI.

Who is physician Assistant?

A physician assistant is a healthcare professional who practice medicine as a part of healthcare team with collaborating physicians in United States. Physician assistants are fondly known as PA’s (Physician Assistant) in short who practice medicine with physicians, surgeons and other healthcare workers. Generally they examine, diagnose & treat patients. Generally a physician Assistant is appointed along Physician in order to treat the patients.

With our physician assistant database healthcare marketers can establish communication with physician. In most of the cases physician assistant is the one who work closely with physician in their busy schedule. Thus we believe that targeting Physician assistant would bring new sales opportunities in promoting healthcare products & services. Primarily a physician practices in different location such as practice, Group practice, hospital & health systems. So it becomes easy to reach physicians through Physician Assistant.

Benefits of Physician Mailing List:

  • Regular validation & clean-up process
  • Duplicate & inaccurate data can be removed
  • Reduction in email bounce rate
  • Product, Services & brand promotion is offered with accurate information
  • Tele verification & email verification done regularly to validate data
  • Email Append, data append & Data enhancement can increase the sales opportunities.

We love to create user customized layouts such as practices, hospitals, health systems, hospital management, medical billing software, specialty and health insurance for your projects.

How we acquire physician assistant data?

We accumulate data from various trusted sources like trade shows, online subscriptions, directories, webinars & other healthcare campaigns. For more details reach us at

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