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About 19% of US population has an average of 1.4 foot problems each year. – Report by IPMA (Illinois Podiatric Medical Association).
With the growing needs of podiatrist in the healthcare industry, we Data Marketer’s Group identified the potential markets available for podiatrist. Hence we are helping our clients to convert available business opportunities with our Podiatry Database. Things will be easier as our database is fresh, comprehensive & up to date. We believe that “there is better way of doing things” & we strive hard for our best. Podiatrist are the physician who specialize in treating & diagnosing deformities and ailments of human feet, ankles, joints or bones.

Business deals through campaign is really challenging nowadays. Campaign must target right decision making person at the right time. To achieve high ROI through database, data must be recent updated & information must be validated. At DMG our database is developed in a way where it acts as central repository of physician information for marketers. Validating & appending relevant information over regular interval of time makes us to stand out from our competitors. You can target over 18,000 podiatrist with our emailing list. Our experts validate & verify records in the database & ensure 100% accuracy. We help sales people in leveraging their time & energy in promoting their healthcare products to physicians.

How we acquire Podiatry Database?

We understand healthcare industry is dynamic. Expectation & business requirements of healthcare industry increases day by day. At DMG we have group of experts who consistently monitor healthcare trends & frame marketing strategy accordingly. Generally a podiatrist can own a separate clinic or joins a group practice for serving. Additionally they can affiliate themselves with hospitals or health systems. We group all the above mentioned information in a layout which makes sales & marketing people to contact physician much easier. Moreover it acts as communication medium to start initial conversion. We help our clients in framing their own Podiatry database layout for business as per their business needs. Our layout have information such as Name, Organization Name, specialty, NPI (National Providers Identifiers) & state license. We also provider business insights for the clients & their business growth through marketing campaigns. DMG offers complete marketing solutions for the clients along with the processes like email appending & data appending. To know more about mailing list reach us at info@datamarketersgroup.com

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