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A radiologist is the medical doctor who specializes in using radiation & medical imaging technologies as part for diagnosing & treating diseases. They use technologies like MRI, CT scan, X­rays and etc. Thus a radiologist is a physician who is also called as imaging expert specialized in training, interpreting medical images. Sales & marketers mainly focus on their medical products and services to enhance their business opportunities.

At DMG we understand potential need to compiling a business orientated radiology database and mailing list. We plan, strategize business ideas for all our clients. Additionally we offer business insights for all our client’s marketing needs. Various marketing campaign has been promoted as part of lead generation process. Our database is well researched & follows separate data model to handle all gathered data. We plan business deals and marketing insights for all our clients. We identify the potential market & align your marketing ideas along with it. We always love to explore all business models & deals available in healthcare. We experiment & innovate business ideas and compile database accordingly. Additionally we deliver other services like data appending & Email appending. Hence reach global market available for your business with our database.

Benefits of DMG’s Radiology Database:

  • Regular validation & clean-up process
  • Duplicate & inaccurate data can be removed
  • Marketing email reaches targeted physician
  • Product, Services & brand promotion is offered with accurate information
  • Tele verification & email verification done regularly to validate data
  • Email Append, data append & Data enhancement can increase the sales opportunities.

We love to create user customized layouts such as practices, hospitals, health systems, hospital management, medical billing software, specialty and health insurance for your projects.

How we acquire Radiology database?

We accumulate data from various trusted sources like trade shows, online subscriptions, healthcare directories, webinars & healthcare campaigns. For more details reach us at

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