Surgery Database & Mailing List

Healthcare is considered as one of the dynamic industry. All healthcare business needs change with industry’s expectation. Each & every business keeps on growing by identifying their potential markets. And of course business needs to be expanded for betterment. We strongly recommend & believe it. With Data Marketers Group B2B’s surgeon database, you can run effective marketing campaign. We plan & execute marketing strategy for our clients in a systematic way.

Who is called surgeon?

Surgeon is a medical practitioner who specializes in surgery. This involves cutting a body for specific purpose. By performing surgery people tend to get back their normal life. Thanks to all advancement in science & technology.

Why DMG?

Be it any kind of pharmaceutical company, medical insurance company, medical marketers they need specialty based database to target audience. We DMG(Data Marketers Group) understand the importance of marketing campaign for a business. So we believe in offering comprehensive, fresh & high quality database. Our Surgery Database is designed such that it engages targeted surgeons & engage them consistently. This assures that marketing campaign is free of bounce emails & failure.

How we acquire Surgery database?

We acquire data from multiple channels such as trade shows, seminars & healthcare directories. All the collected information are screened through various automated & manual process. Organized data is verified & validated over regular interval of time to ensure quality. With the collected information we frame & strategize business database layout for our clients. Additionally we also design layout as per business & client requirements. We assure that our surgery database will act as effective marketing tool to target your business goals. We work closely with our client requirement to understand their business goals & increase their sales. We love to create user customized layouts such as practices, hospitals, health systems, hospital management, medical billing software, specialty and health insurance for your projects.

Benefits of DMG’s Surgery Database:


  • Regular validation & clean-up process
  • Duplicate & inaccurate data removed
  • Marketing email reaches targeted audience
  • Product, Services & brand promotion
  • Tele verification & email verification done regularly to validate data
  • Email Append, data append & Data enhancement can increase the sales opportunities.

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