Alibaba Cloud Users Email List

List Size: 1,250

List Updated: September 20th 2020
Avg Email Delivery Rate: 89%
Last Campaign Delivery Rate: 91%

Key Features of Marketing

  • Transform your business into a customer-centric brand while keeping your marketing campaigns as cost effective with our Alibaba Cloud users email list.
  • Target e-commerce companies opted for Alibaba cloud computing services such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS using Alibaba Cloud users list.
  • Know more about the customers who want to align their business operations with the user-friendly interfaces and various scenario templates offered by Alibaba Cloud.
  • Connect with more customers who are using Alibaba Cloud service for storing and serving unlimited data and objects.
  • Build stable and safe networking for your services with Alibaba Cloud VPC and ExpressConnect.
  • Get connected with prospective buyers who are looking to deploy on-premises cloud service to protect their data, applications and servers from malicious attacks using Alibaba Cloud users list.
  • Fetch details of SMEs and Large enterprises managing their data with elastic, secure and reliable databases hosted on Alibaba Cloud.
  • Stay ahead of competitors by connecting with key-decision makers who want to expand their IT infrastructure rapidly to meet growing business demands using Alibaba Cloud users email list.
  • Help local businesses to drive digital transformation and thrive in their markets through technical and sales enablement by offering native cloud services using Alibaba Cloud users list.
  • Optimize your marketing efforts by partnering with our Alibaba Cloud users’ mailing list and create targeted marketing campaigns geared towards potential customers.
  • Grab the attention of your on-board users and connect with new prospects by delivering a seamless user experience with the help of ourAlibaba Cloud users list.

Top Job Titles to Target

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Marketing Leader, Alibaba Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud – CMO
  • Multi-cloud Architect
  • Director & Chief Executive Officer
  • Business Head
  • Senior HR Manager @Alibaba Cloud IoT
  • Alibaba Cloud – HRG
  • Alibaba Cloud – General Manager
  • Senior Director of Engineering
  • Senior Development Engineer – Alibaba Cloud
  • Global CIO and Digital Transformation Leader
  • Program Manager – Alibaba Cloud
  • Cloud Architect
  • Data Science & AI Engineer
  • Alibaba Cloud-Algorithm Expert
  • Senior Business Development Manager
  • Head of Strategy & Corporate Development – Alibaba Group
  • Account Manager
  • Vice President, GM of Global Partner
  • Regional Marketing Manager
  • Cloud Solution Architect
  • HR Director, Alibaba Cloud
  • Solution Architect – Alibaba Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud – Engineer
  • Founder of Alibaba Cloud Research
  • Sr. Manager – Partnerships and Alliance
  • Marketing Lead
  • Chief Security Architect
  • Head of International Marketing, Alibaba Cloud
  • Solution Implementation Specialist
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Server SoC Architect
  • Staff Solution Architect
  • Head of Global Enterprise Marketing, Alibaba Cloud
  • GM of Strategic Accounts & Alliances, APAC
  • Director of Cloud Security Research
  • Co-Founder
  • Director of Brand and Marketing
  • Vice President Sales
  • Account Director
  • Senior Customer Operation Specialist
  • Managing Director, Multinational Accounts
  • Deputy Director, Financial Services
  • Overseas Cloud Architect
  • Senior cloud platform support engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Software Engineer — Alibaba Cloud
  • Cloud service, compute and infrastructure professional
  • Alibaba Cloud – Finance Director
  • Alibaba Cloud – Manager Business Development
  • Lead Solutions Architect
  • Head, Strategic Investment, Alibaba Cloud,
  • Growth Marketing Lead
  • Alibaba Cloud Product Expert

Companies Using Alibaba Cloud

  • Air Asia
  • Tokopedia
  • Ford
  • KPMG
  • IHG
  • Cathay Pacific
  • SAP
  • Indofun Games
  • AdiraFinance
  • Akulaku
  • Spilo
  • Razer
  • Lyto
  • Cobalt
  • Vantage FX
  • Melco
  • Skykiwi
  • Asa Kita
  • Sejahtera Group
  • Pass Pod
  • DiGiCOR
  • Ally Fashion
  • Revenue Monster
  • Lifebyte
  • FreshGo
  • TNG
  • Atilze
  • SOAR
  • UNO Insights
  • Chatdesk
  • Cynopsis
  • AppsFlyer
  • TFI
  • Arumhuivs
  • VisualCamp
  • Rocket bots
  • Emperor Group
  • Lazada
  • Indonet
  • Territory Studio
  • Open Rice
  • NCX
  • Digital Crew
  • Fish Pond
  • PicsArt
  • Cityray
  • Team Viewer
  • Remark Holdings
  • Munchkin
  • Cozitrip
  • HK Express
  • Sinorbis
  • ESRI
  • RedSpots
  • Strikingly
  • DataVisor
  • Hello Toby
  • Conversant
  • Blogmint
  • CXS
  • Teridion
  • Schneider Electric

Contacts Specification ​


Age: 74% 25-40, 19% 40-50, 7% 50+
Gender:Male:72% Female:28%
Geography: U.S., U.K. and 15 + countries


Company Name: Available
Website url: Available
Company Size: Available
Annual Sales Volume: Available
C-Level Executives: Available
Full Name: Available
Industry Segments: Available
Job Title: Available
Email Address: Available
Mailing Address: Available
Telephone Number/ Direct Dial Phone Number: Available
Revenue Size: Available
Year Started: Available
ZIP CODE: Available

Order & Hygiene

Minimum order for Direct Marketing: 1000
Minimum order for Email Marketing: 1000
NCOA48:  Fresh
USPS Move Update:  Complaint
Do Not Call scrubbed:  Yes
File Format:  FTP, CSV
Promotional Offers:  Yes

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