Data Enrichment Services

Data Enrichment Services

Keep your business one-step ahead of your competitors with enriched data. Data Enrichment service assists b2b marketers in availing unmatched customer experience, based on the lead intelligence gathered. In general, most of the businesses face challenges in maintaining customer contact lists due to missing fields, invalid entries, duplicate information or even dormant contacts. Hence, Data Marketers Group brings you industry-leading Data Enrichment services that will help you keep your data accurate, updated and clean.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data Enrichment refers to the process of incorporating new updates and information to an organization’s existing database. This process can improve the accuracy of your database by adding all the required data fields that you need to frame a successful data-driven marketing strategy including verified email address, telephone number, company size & type, postal address, annual revenue and more. This Data Enrichment process helps you to drive more leads and generate actionable insights for your sales and marketing success.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Data Enrichment Services

    Leverage our Data Enrichment Services in your multi-channel marketing efforts and experience the following benefits:

    Increased Lead Quality

    When you start qualifying your leads you need good leads in your pipeline. This will shorten the sales cycle. Data enrichment services helps you improve your lead quality and pump up your leads volume.

    Improved Flexibility

    We also add missing data to your list such as appending multiple demographics. This ensures that your current database is becoming more flexible for any type of marketing campaigns.

    Enhanced Targeting

    From phone numbers to SIC codes to other detailed demographics, we provide over 37 fields. This helps you to target your leads in the best possible way and help you in improved leads scoring and routing.

    Better Nurturing

    With our data enrichment services, you can have more data on your customer’s needs. This enables you to craft an effective lead nurturing strategy for each audience segment and gain more loyal customers.

    Improved Sales

    We enrich your database with the right information and high-quality data. This can ultimately help you plan better b2b marketing strategies, generate leads and thereby driving your sales.

    Increased Data Accuracy

    Our Data enrichment not only helps you increase volume of contacts but it can automatically analyze inaccuracies in your data like duplicates, wrong emails, incorrect business titles, job changes and more.

    Types of Data Enrichment Services We Offer:

    Although there are various types of data enrichment and data collection techniques, there are two types of data enrichment services that are far more prominent than the others. Below mentioned are the two types of data enrichment services that you really need to know about.

    Demographic Data Enrichment

    This demographic data enrichment involves any type of data that enables you to identify your users more accurately. For example, income level and marital status are both examples of demographic data. Combining this demographic data with your customers’ current data will allow you to take a clear picture of exactly who they are.

    Geographic Data Enrichment

    This enrichment service includes adding details about the geographical position of your users. It could be things like ZIP codes and other postal records, coordinates of longitude and latitude, and home addresses. It is easy to come across geographic data since many companies exist to provide such information. Geographic data enrichment allows companies to offer a more personalized service.

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