Our marketing database
helps you to acquire customers
around the world.

Start conversation with 44 Million top decision makers. Use 36 data intelligence points of demographics and firmographics to generate sales-ready leads. Reach out to prospects across 57 industry sectors for your next marketing campaign. Each year 600+ startups use our 125 Million contacts for their competitor research. Small, Medium and Enterprise companies access industry-targeted B2B database, technology users, healthcare professionals and finance analysts.
Targeted Industries


IT Decision Makers database empower marketers to access data intelligence of big tech companies. Get quick access to over 20 million updated contacts from CRM, ERP Users to CTOs, CIOs, IT Directors and other technology data.
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Get updated and accurate Healthcare data with over 11.5 million contacts of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Dentists and other healthcare professionals.
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Our finance database is used by over 140 companies to reach out to key decision makers of fintech firms, banking sectors, payment and lending startups.
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The retail database empowers the B2B companies to access heads of online retailers and department stores. Access 3 million retail executives.
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Data Marketers Group lets you target C-Level executives by industries and countries. We enable you to engage with consultants, subject matters experts, influencers and advisors.
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With whom we work
For enterprise

For Enterprise

We aid the inside sales team to create a strong sales pipeline and close deals. Tap into updated B2B contacts from small, medium and large-sized players in North America.

For Data Management

DMP providers use our B2B database for advance targeting and to create look-alike audience to enable data driven marketing campaigns.

For Marketing Agency

In order to reduce cost per lead and cost per acquisition digital marketing agencies rely on our marketing database. Achieve exceptional ROI and retain clients.

For Publishers

With detailed customer profiles major print magazine, journal and digital publishing house can now strategize integrated marketing campaigns for better customer experience.

Segmentation 100%

With 37 data points, segment database for high targeted personalization campaigns.

Updated 100%

Our data cleansing platform sanitize our B2B data every 30 days.

Deliverability 100%

On an average, our email marketing campaigns achieve 72% deliverability rate.

Deliver successful targeted campaigns with our custom B2B contact database solution

Our data hygiene services will help you maintain your data quality, keep dirty data out of your business database and improve your marketing opportunities. With exclusive data hygiene process you can stop the decaying process of your dynamic B2B database.

We provide detailed and updated demographics of top companies worldwide along with contact data of key decision makers and c-level executives. Get over 37 demographics from 57+ industries.

We improve your raw data not just by cleansing it but also by providing additional information about contact details of as much as 35 data points. With enhancement services we turn your data into customer persona.

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