Enriched data increases conversion rate by 67% for healthcare company

The client is a healthcare giant with a focus in providing high-end services based out of the rising sophistication in terms of software technology, as well as holistic exchange of detailed information. They have targeted end customers instead of traditional medical services. Their USP involved exact and effective innovation throughout the realm of effective sensory based reading appliances, which could effectively record multi-perspective health information. This information could be supplied to any medical practitioner, or institution, which could effectively provide their own services in the form of health advice, as well as necessary medicinal information. Their end customers would effectively have complete control over who can use their personal data as well as ensuring that their privacy is not affected significantly.

While their USPs had already acquired a great deal of attention from the medical community, this has not accelerated their sales to the extent, which they themselves had previously predicted. This had a lot to do with them not being able to acquire proper information about their leads that they had generated or acquired. It had led them in spending a lot of their financial budgets, which have been largely ineffective in terms of conversion rate. The marketing team soon found out that the firm was dealing with outdated data in terms of both purchased and acquired leads, which have already caused a high form of burden on their finances. Moreover, in some cases, they were contacting customers who either did not have any need for their services, or were not in the segment wherein they could properly execute respective campaign strategies. In fact they did not have any knowledge of their leads at all.

Our solution for the healthcare firm opened up with a close study of what their exact needs were all about. This revealed that they were dealing with outdated, and improper data gathered through a number of online channels. Our first step of correcting this involved the creation of a perfect customer profile, which could effectively derive any kind of advantage or utility for their effective services. We then compiled a custom build list that was a dedicated and highly-segmented database that had over 18 updated demographics – perfect for the company’s marketing needs. This also meant having improved data for the healthcare company’s marketing campaigns. The final list was extensively researched, compared and updated in terms of their relevancy.

The ensuing factor saw the conversion rate of the healthcare firm improve drastically 67%. This was made successful with improved data that helped the company understand exactly who their target audiences were actually supposed to be. By closely observing our efforts, the company was able to create their own approach, which closely followed ours, gaining a high degree of conversion rate all around.    

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