Email Appending

Email Appending Services

Enhance your email marketing efforts with our niche email appending services. If your leads lists or CRM data is missing with current email addresses of your prospects, then you are losing on the best engagement channel which generates the highest ROI. We at Data Marketers Group, provide Email Appending services which completely focus on maximizing online and offline customer engagement for your products and services.

What is Email Appending?

Basically, Email Appending is the process of adding email addresses of customers to the existing database. It involves retrieving customer data like name, location, address and matching it with a client’s database to collect the missing information. To put it simple, with the help of email appending service, you can update the missing email addresses of your customers in the existing database.

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    Benefits of Choosing our Email Appending Service

    Leverage our Email Appending service in your email marketing efforts and experience the following benefits:

    Get Targeted Data

    As we collect data from reliable sources to append your existing database, so you can get targeted data of niche audience base.

    Increased ROI

    With the help of right set of email addresses which are valid, you can bring a significant raise in your ROI using our email appending solutions. 

    Identify and Re-engage

    Once you have the right set of email addresses you can identify the inactive customers and devise a exclusive re-engagement plan. 

    Accurate Database

    You can expect 95% accurate data with our email appended database as it undergoes several verification and validation process.


    To lower your customer acquisition costs with efficient data, we provide niche email appending services that give you back a useful email database.

    Industry-High Match Rates

    With our email appending services, we guarantee industry-high match rate of 70% for both business and consumer email databases.

    Here’s What We Do in Our Email Appending Service

    Whenever you upload your database that need to be email append, we will perform the following steps:

    • Initially, we match your database against our proprietary and master datasets.

    • Later we will identify the incorrect and invalid email addresses which are inactive.

    • Then we add up-to-date, opt-in, correct email addresses of clients in case of missing, redundant and incorrect b2b e-mail addresses.

    • Later our data experts will perform AI and manual verification for quality checks.

    • Finally, a newly appended file will forward to the client in a downloadable format.

    Types of Email Appending Services

    To enrich your database, we offer various types of Email Appending Services as follows:

    Business email appending

    This service uses company names, location, annual revenue and employee size to acquire right b2b email addresses and append them in your list.

    Consumer email appending

    This service matches your list of consumers’ data including name, postal address and more to get opt-in consumer email addresses through e-append.

    Reverse email appending

    This service provides you with the further important details of your prospects like location, name, and contact number by using their email address.

    Don’t Let your Email Marketing Efforts Compromised by Outdated or Incomplete Data. Give Us A Call To See How Our Email Appending Services Can Work For You!