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Working with you has been very satisfactory. The list you have compiled is consistent with the information and titles that we required. Given the complexity and the long list of titles we demanded to filter the data, the results are outstanding. The phone numbers you gave, are the updated numbers of our target companies. Our marketing team is pretty excited with the data that you provided. In short, I would just like to say that we got what we asked for. We would love to do business with you again.

John Doe

Technology Solutions Company in US

Excellent service, fast turnaround time, amazing results. In a nutshell, my experience with Data Marketers Group was absolutely wonderful. We contacted them to get the right contacts to market our services. Their data team was an absolute pleasure to deal with. From day one, they won us over with their professional and fast responses. The lists delivered were exactly what we needed. We have rolled out our campaigns and the results are truly overwhelming. I am already planning to contact them for our next product release.

Jack M.

Top Logistics Company