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DMG was founded in 2010 by a group of Data Technology Experts who knew the exceptional way of applying Data Marketing Science into Modern Demand generation processes. Today DMG has served well over 500+ clients and takes pride of the numerous Marketing and Data Challenges that it has solved for its clientele.

“ A creative agency that follows intelligent methodology to deliver solutions.”

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Marketing Database
Using a welll planed combination of Telephone and Digital Strategies and With our team of specialists known for their expertise in multilingual and multi-geographic online research studies, we are able to provide low cost online research

Contact Discovery
Recognizing the right contacts in your target markets requires dedicated efforts and specialized skill sets. It is not only costly, but tedious to identify the right contacts from numerous sources of marketing data. Unverified, illegal and irrelevant
contacts when approached, often lead to bad reputation, waste of time and money on the part of businesses.

Digital Campaigns
Increase yourlead pipepline or communicate with your existing customers using DMGcampaigner. Our 5 star rated email marketing tool.

Data Quality
You Can’t Gain Meaningful Insight from Outdated Data. A marketing database is the ideal repository to apply, store and leverage database enhancements. Enhancing your marketing data has numerous benefits. To name a few, better segmentation, increases deliverability.

Sales Intelligence
With our quality-controlled and confirmed appointments, your team will benefit from improved performance, both qualitative and quantitative. So go, wash your hands of the dirty work.

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