Data Hygiene Services

Data Hygiene Services

The efficiency of a business depends on the quality of data that is being analyzed to make informed decisions. Keeping data records of potential leads for future reference and immediate use is top priority for most of the organizations. However, what happens if the collected data isn’t accurate? Just collecting a huge stacks of data isn’t going to be of much help to your business. Instead, businesses need accurate data for successful CRM initiatives and this is where data hygiene and data cleansing comes into the spotlight!

What is Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene refers to the process of ensuring the “cleanliness” of data in a database by checking records for accuracy and removing errors. These errors can range from misspellings and duplicate records to outdated/incomplete data sourced from different systems. Data hygiene is essential in order to maintain high deliverability rates and a positive reputation for your email marketing campaigns. Our data hygiene service optimizes the process of database management while helping businesses to improve efficiency.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Data Hygiene Services

    Leverage our Data Hygiene Services in your multi-channel marketing efforts and experience the following benefits:

    Quality Service Guaranteed

    At Data Marketers Group, we provide the highest quality data hygiene services at extremely affordable industrial rates while enhancing your database.

    Automatic Cleaning Methodology

    With our automatic cleaning methodology, we eliminate data that is invalid, irrelevant and dormant while saving your time and resources.

    Accurate Postal Data

    We provide the most comprehensive postal data hygiene services to ensure the data records we deliver are accurate, timely and deliverable.

    Error-Free Database

    Our Data Hygiene experts work towards delivering an error-free database to improve and centralize your business operations management efforts.

    Free Data Quality Audit

    With our niche data hygiene services, we’ll provide you with a personalized data quality audit report indicating how your data can be improved.

    Enhanced Sales & Conversions

    The cleansed customer data provided by us helps in identifying the most valuable clients while generates more sales leads and conversions.

    Email Hygiene

    Email hygiene is the process of removing inaccurate email accounts from your email database. Having valid and deliverable email addresses helps your organization to communicate more effectively with clients and prospects. We at Data Marketers Group accurately identify and remove all the invalid email addresses that will harm your sender reputation.

    Address Hygiene

    Wrong postal address data can diminish your direct marketing returns as well as dampen your chances of getting leads. To hold correct contact information in your database, we suggest you to opt for our comprehensive postal address hygiene services. We at Data Marketers Group work with the US Postal System address database to give you the most recent address information about your prospects or customers.

    Don’t Let your Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts Compromised by Outdated or Incomplete Data. Give Us A Call To See How Our Data Hygiene Services Can Work For You!