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Phone Appending Services

Enhance your telemarketing efforts today with our niche phone appending services. Having an accurate list of phone numbers is essential while rolling out telemarketing campaigns. With Data Marketers Group’s Phone Appending services, you can grab the quality list of phone numbers of your targeted audience. Using state-of-art technologies, we can match telephone numbers to names and postal addresses available in your existing database to generate a cleaner, targeted, and responsive marketing database.

What is Phone Appending?

Phone appending is the process of adding or updating missing phone numbers in your existing customer database. This process features updating contact details like direct dials, landline and office phone numbers of key decision-makers to roll out successful telemarketing campaigns. B2B phone number appending service enables businesses to stay connected with their potential customers and drive online and offline customer engagement that generates maximum revenue.

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    Benefits of Choosing our Phone Appending Service

    Leverage our Phone Appending service in your telemarketing efforts and experience the following benefits:

    High Match Rates

    With our niche phone appending services, we guarantee up to 80% matches for residential phone numbers and 70% matches for business contacts.

    Quality Data

    The data we provide during phone appending process comes from authentic and credible sources so that the data we offer is accurate and high-quality.

    Performance- Based Pricing

    Our Phone Appending Service is cost-effective as you only pay for the number of contacts appended. Hence, there will be no unnecessary financial burdens.

    Improved Customer Service

    By filling your existing database with correct phone numbers, you can better engage with your targeted prospects and work on improving your customer service.

    Active and Updated Data

    Our Phone append services help businesses have access to the current contact details of prospects to reduce the number of unanswered and wrong calls.

    Permission-Based Data

    To ensure you have access to permission-based data, all telephone numbers are scrubbed against the National and State level Do Not Call Registries.

    Here’s What We Do in Our Phone Appending Service

    Whenever you upload your database that needs to be telephone append, we will perform the following steps:

    • Firstly, we define the marketing prerequisites of clients by acquiring their existing database.

    • Then our team of experts match every data available in the client’s database against our massive database.

    • After that, we identify any unresponsive or invalid phone numbers and we remove those contacts from the client’s database.

    • Then we start filling the database with lost telephone numbers and updates the existing ones.

    • Finally, our team perform verification and delivers premium database to clients.

    Reverse Phone Appending Services

    If you have phone numbers in your file without name & postal addresses and you want to add complete contact information to these records, we can help with that! Our Reverse Phone Appending service matches your telephone numbers to our multi-sourced business database and provides you with a company name and address information.

    Here are some pressing benefits of Reverse Phone Append:

    • Saves time & resources with validated phone numbers & contact information

    • Ensures your customer list is accurate and up-to-date

    • Adds missing name and addresses to complete the data records

    • Improves campaign success rate by reaching more customers and prospects

    • Reduces the count of inaccurate and disconnected telemarketing calls

    Don’t Let your Telemarketing Efforts Compromised by Outdated or Incomplete Data. Give Us A Call To See How Our Phone Appending Services Can Work For You!