Data Appending

Data Appending

High-Quality Data Appending Services to Improve Your Marketing Campaign Performance.For every marketer, maintaining data hygiene is an absolute necessity as incomplete or incorrect data can dampen your chances of running a successful email campaign or closing a sales deal. 

At Data Marketers Group, we understand the importance of data in result-driven marketing. With our Data Appending services, you can truly understand who your customers are, their interests and cross-channel behaviour to send the most targeted and effective b2b marketing campaigns.

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    Our Core Data Appending Solutions

    Update your existing database with more relevant and accurate information with our following Data Appending Services.

    Email Appending

    To generate the most accurate email addresses, we will match customer details such as the postal address, first and last name against the vendor’s existing database.

    Postal Addresses Appending

    To enhance your direct mailing efforts, we will add the latest and accurate mailing addresses of customers to your existing postal address database.

    Social Media Appending

    To boost your marketing relationships and performance, we will add social media profiles of your customers to your existing contact database.

    Phone Appending

    To enhance your tele-marketing performance, we will match business details against our database to procure the most accurate business phone number.

    Reverse Appending

    To obtain accurate names and postal addresses of the customers, we will match email addresses of customers against your existing database.

    Website URL Appending

    To access right website URL’s of your prospects, we will add all the missing web addresses by eliminating the inaccurate ones in your database.

    Here’s What We Do in Our Data Appending Services

    Whenever you upload your database that need to be append, we will perform the following steps:

    • Our expert team identifies any inconsistencies or missing entries in your database by meticulously checking the existing data manually.

    • Once we have thoroughly checked the whole data, we cross-verify it over our thousands of proprietary and partner databases.

    • Finally, we fill out all the missing entries and remove all the inconsistencies from the existing database. Thus, we provide 100% relevant and anomaly-free data in return!

    Benefits of Choosing Our Data Appending Services

    Highest Deliverability

    With our data appending services, we help get your marketing messages delivered to the right audience. By scrubbing all appended emails through the multi-step verification process, we will remove all SPAM trap email addresses. Thus, you can ensure the highest deliverability rate for your marketing campaigns with our data appending services.

    Latest Matching Technology

    To provide the highest quality matches quickly and cost-effectively, we use unique and leading-edge data processing & matching algorithms. With decade-plus years of experience in the data appending business, we provide customized solutions that align with your data quality needs.

    Data From The Most Credible Sources

    During our data appending process, we combine the best available public data (which sourced from authentic sources) with curated, proprietary databases to give you the best, most reliable match possible. This helps businesses to get the most complete information possible on their targeted prospects.

     We Work With All Types of Files

    As a leading data appending service provider, we’ve worked with many industries from technology to healthcare and finance. Also, we have successfully worked with files of all sizes including SMBs and large corporate databases with various file extensions. In simple words, if you can send or upload your records in any format, we can append them wisely!

    Don’t Let your B2B Marketing Efforts Compromised by Outdated or Incomplete Data. So Give Us A Call To See How Our Data Appending Service Can Work For You!