Website URL Appending

Website URL Appending Service

Enhance your digital marketing efforts by opting to our Website URL Appending Services. Having an accurate and reliable business web address in your database is essential to push forth your marketing campaigns and to crush revenue goals easily. With our Website URL Appending services, you can access the right website URLs of your targeted businesses and connect with them in a hassle-free way. Apart from providing unrivalled precision in adding website URL appends to your business database, Data Marketers Group also guarantees verified and validated website URL appends to power up your marketing campaigns.

What is Website URL Appending?

Website URL Appending is the process of adding web addresses of companies to your existing business database. Adding website URLs or domain names for all the businesses in your database enables your sales and marketing teams to quickly find the prospect’s website before presenting their sales pitch. With website URL appending service, you’ll be able to turn up your business database into an effecting marketing tool by adding all the missing web addresses and eliminating the inaccurate ones.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Website URL Appending Service

    By leveraging our Website URL Appending Services in your multi-channel marketing efforts, you can experience the following benefits:

    Detailed Firmographic Data

    With our Website URL Appending solutions, fill up your business database with complete firmographic data for effective marketing.

    Increased ROI

    Having access to complete business data with the help of our URL appending enables you to minimize the marketing costs and boost ROI.

    High Match Rates

    As our URL Appending services provide a match rate of above 70 percent, you can unlock the advantages of targeted datasets.

    Permission-Based Data

    To make your marketing database more productive, we offer the most reliable website URL appends which are collected from credible sources.

    Accurate Data

    With our URL Append solutions, you can acquire web addresses of businesses that are accurate and up-to-date to level up your marketing efforts.

    Highest Deliverability

    Get your marketing messages delivered to the right audience and ensure high deliverability ratio for your marketing campaigns with our URL Appending.

    Here’s What We Do in Our URL Appending Services

    the following steps:

    • Our expert team match each contact’s website URL in your list with our master database.

    • Later we append accurate web addresses of businesses that are missing in your database.

    • Then we cross-verify it over our thousands of proprietary and partner databases.

    • Finally, we provide 100% relevant and anomaly-free data in return to boost your business data.

    Quick Facts About Our URL Appending Services:

    Website URL appending: It is a simple process of adding website URLs to your list of target companies to enhance your business database.

    URL append rate: Usually, it ranges from 75 to 90% for all B2B records.

    Required information to provide: Company name and address.

    The time required: Few days to a couple of weeks based on client’s requirements.

    Don’t Let Your B2B Marketing Efforts Compromised by Outdated or Incomplete Data. Give Us A Call To See How Our URL Appending Services Can Work For You!