General Questions

We manage an in house database collected from various sources. From public data to private company files, we have the most complete database in the domain. We have a team of over 200 experts working on the email lists. They ensure that the lists are updated regularly. All the records in our database are opt-in. We guarantee the authenticity of the records through a subscription management and confirmation process.

You can use our lists for any targeted campaigns – email, phone, social media or direct. We offer lists based on SIC codes, job titles, geographical locations, personal traits, revenue size and other particulars. You can also custom-build your marketing lists to cater to your specific needs.

We deliver list as per the format of your choice.

We provide the latest contact details of our prospects by updating our database every 90 days. These quarterly updates ensure that our clients receive the accurate and most updated information.

We are dedicated in protecting your privacy and are in full compliance with the CAN SPAM act.

The response rate to your email campaigns will depend on a number of variables. It will depend on the product you are marketing, your offer, the mood of the target audience and the marketing campaign as such. However, the high accuracy and delivery rates provided by our email lists will definitely improve your marketing results by leaps and bounds.

Email deliverability rates play a major role in the success of your marketing campaigns. We strictly adhere to the quality measures followed in the industry to ensure high deliverability rates. We guarantee high deliverability rates ranging up to 85%. We provide additional records to meet the minimum target list if any deliverability issues arise. However, the deliverability rates will depend on some variables. It will depend on the ESP you are working with, the content of your messages, the IP address you are using etc. We will be glad to run the campaigns for you. As we have a good working relationship with the major ESPS, we can ensure high deliverability rates for you.

We use various credible sources to identify business and consumer contact information:

Web site subscriber order forms, Yellow Pages/Business White Pages, Warranty card registrations, County Courthouse, Secretary of State data, Premier business magazines and business directories, tradeshows, and so on