How an IT firm reduced its cost per lead by almost 72%

The client is an IT software company known for its effective niche services that are essential to other software businesses that serve end consumers. Their services are essentially targeted towards making software solutions more streamlined and effective, while reducing overhead development costs greatly for their partners. Through effective and advanced modes of the latest development in the technology industry, the company has acquired results in a wholly efficient and collective format. This has resulted in a great deal of retention factor among clients, placed globally.

While their client base has been growing steadily, their marketing campaigns were constantly hitting unknown setbacks. This was mainly because of their innate need to compound a growth curve that is extremely steep. Moreover, the company depends upon a great portion of their revenue in generating leads through a variety of different channels. This process of lead generation has resulted in a lot of overheads for the company. The trouble was an extremely low percentage figure of the leads generated was getting converted to potential clients. They were looking for a partner who would ensure that this lead conversion problem would be at least improved in order to justify their growth, otherwise of which their enterprise would have imploded. Moreover, the company also had a huge number of master database stacked with contacts of customers and prospects and they didn’t know how to utilize that amount of records. This amount of data challenge was a huge setback for the company.

We came into the picture as a solution provider for their data challenges when all other considerations had failed. The main issues were concerning the company’s marketing and sales wings were:

  • incomplete status of emailing lists, which were essentially the bulk of leads purchased at a great price from unreliable sources
  • dormant database with un-segmented contacts
  • precious customer data that was not updated enough to launch any useful campaigns
  • unclean prospect and customer database that needed immediate attention

We tackled each crisis at one step at a time.

Custom build list – We started with providing extremely relevant and verified custom build B2B data that was apt for their marketing campaigns. This provided a greater probability of conversion to possible clients through their reviewing, and evaluation of all essential fields across every lead. Proper marketing strategists eventually were able to better position themselves to launch successful campaigns.

We then took their in-house database put it through different process such as:

Data cleansing – cleaning database of any errors, invalid entries and dormant or dead information

Data enhancement – enhancing the total capacity for the database by adding and updating the fields required for marketing campaigns

Data hygiene – we also started maintain and managing their database at regular intervals so that they can make the best use of their in-house data

The effects resulting from implementing such brilliant strategies were immediate for the IT company and with time, their figure of growth steadily rose. Their cost per lead was reduced by almost 72% as we helped them use their own in-house database for the marketing campaigns.  

They were able to acquire a lot in the way of financial assets, which they then applied to other positive innovation and development ends. The firm now has an innate trust of all our data solutions and has retained the partnership as a form of mutual business relationship.

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