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Last Updated: March 13th 2023
Avg Email Delivery Rate: 88%
Last Campaign Delivery Rate: 90%

Key Features of Marketing Database

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  • Our executive directors email list comprised of attributes such as company, revenue, enterprise model, email address, postal address & more.
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  • Our executive directors email list helps marketers to connect with individual well experienced in planning operational strategies & improve organization performance based on business goals.
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Job Titles to Target

  • Director

  • Associate Director

  • Senior Director

  • Senior Vice President

  • President

  • Managing Director

  • Deputy Director

  • General counsel

  • Corporate Counsel

  • HR Director

  • Legal IT Director

  • IT Director

  • Executive Director

  • Managing Director

  • Director, Regulatory Affairs

  • company secretary

  • Director, Program Management

  • Assistant Director

  • Commercial Director

  • Director, Global Operations

  • VP, Director of Strategy

  • Board Member

  • Chairman

  • Country Director

  • Sales Director

  • Supply Chain Director

  • Compliance director

Executive Directors Email list source

  • National Association of Corporate Directors

  • Private Directors Association

  • Executive Board of Directors Association USA

  • CEO & Corporate Directors Association

  • Board Members & Chairman Association

  • American Choral Directors Association

  • Non-Executive Directors’ Association the USA

Contacts Specification ​


Age: 74% 25-40, 19% 40-50, 7% 50+
Gender:Male:72% Female:28%
Geography: U.S., U.K. and 15 + countries


Company Name:


Website url:


Company Size:


Industry Segments:


Annual Sales Volume:


C-Level Executives:


Full Name:


Job Title:


Email Address:


Mailing Address:


Telephone Number/ Direct Dial Phone Number:


Revenue Size:


Year Started:






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Minimum order for Email Marketing:12000
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