Occupational Therapists Email List

List Size: 14,800

List Updated: April 03rd 2023
Avg Email Delivery Rate: 88%
Last Campaign Delivery Rate: 90%

Key Features of Marketing

  • Get accurate, verified and up-to-date Occupational Therapist Email List that have been compiled methodically and categorized systematically.

  • Reach out to Occupational therapeutic professionals who are working at local county and state social services agencies, as well as children’s and adult hospitals.

  • Connect with Occupational Therapists who help people of all ages to overcome the effects of disability caused by illness, ageing or accident.

  • The Occupational Therapists email list allows you to market to healthcare professionals who are specialized in occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

  • Occupational Therapists Mailing List includes therapists who undertake patient assessments of physical, communication, interaction and cognitive skills.

  • Target Occupational Therapists who plan and provide appropriate treatment and activities.

  • Access contact data of Occupational Therapists who will consider the entire patient’s needs – physical, psychological, social and environmental.

  • Get the list of Occupational Therapists who are interested to purchase your products and services for providing quality treatment to their patients.

  • Using our Occupational Therapists mailing list, connect with therapists who registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) to practise as an occupational therapist. 

Whom You Can Target?

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Clinical Occupational Therapists

  • Community Practice Occupational Therapists

  • Home Care Occupational Therapists

  • Rehabilitation Consultant Occupational Therapists

  • Research and Development Occupational Therapists

  • Research Occupational Therapists

  • Occupational Therapists Assistant

  • Occupational Therapy Directors

  • Occupational Therapy Consultants

  • Occupational Therapy Technician

  • Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist

  • Occupational Therapy Centres

  • Registered Occupational Therapists

Associated with Top Ranking Telemedicine Companies

  • Connecticut Children’s at Norwalk Hospital’s Pediatric Development & Therapy Center
  • Developmental Occupational Therapy
  • St Margaret Mercy Pediatric
  • Durham, NC, United States
  • NDTA Neuro Developmental Treatment Association
  • Developmental Therapy Associates, Inc.
  • Developmental Therapy Center, Inc.
  • Kids Developmental Clinic
  • OSF Children’s Hospital of Illinois – Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Mobile Therapy Centers of America
  • The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia:Child Development
  • Developmental NeuroPediatric Program | MassGeneral Hospital for Children
  • PlayWorks Therapy Inc.
  • Developmental Medicine Center at Weymouth | Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Developmental Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • Newborn Developmental Follow-Up Clinic | MassGeneral Hospital for Children Saratoga Hospital Medical Group – Occupational Medicine
  • Akron Children’s Hospital Occupational Therapy, Boardman
  • American Fork Hospital Occupational Therapy
  • UK Physical/Occupational Therapy
  • University Hospitals Physicians Ther
  • Laurens County Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Kingwood Occupational and Physical Therapy
  • Pediatric Occupational Therapy – MassGeneral Hospital for Children
  • Regional Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Northwestern Medicine Occupational Therapy
  • PCMH Occupational Therapy
  • Mission Hospital-Occupational Therapy
  • Rochester Occupational Center
  • Community Hospital Fairfax
  • Mid Coast Hospital Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapy-Rochester
  • Bertrand Chaffee Hospital
  • Beth Israel Medical Center
  • UHS Binghamton General Hospital
  • Binghamton Psychiatric Center
  • Blythedale Children’s Hospital
  • Summit Campus
  • Eden Medical Center
  • Johns Hopkins All Children’s Child Development and Rehabilitation Center

Contacts Specification ​


Age: 74% 25-40, 19% 40-50, 7% 50+
Gender:Male:72% Female:28%
Geography: U.S., U.K. and 15 + countries


NPI:  Available
Hospital Affiliation :  Available
Serving Location :  Available
Full Name:  Available
Industry Segments:  Available
Job Title:  Available
Email Address:  Available
Mailing Address:  Available
Telephone Number/ Direct Dial Phone Number:  Available
Revenue Size:  Available
Year Started:  Available
SIC/NAICS CODE:  Available
ZIP CODE:  Available

Order & Hygiene

Minimum order for Direct Marketing:5000
Minimum order for Email Marketing:10000
NCOA48: Fresh
USPS Move Update: Complaint
Do Not Call scrubbed: Yes
File Format: FTP, CSV
Promotional Offers: Yes

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