How Email Marketing Helps Businesses To Enhance Sales & ROI

How Email Marketing Helps Businesses To Enhance Sales & ROI | Data Marketers Group

Email plays a crucial role in strategic marketing plans of any successful business. Email is remains as one of the effective & strategic channel according to the B2B marketers. And moreover email marketing is still one of the excellent ways to reach massive audiences & engage them.

What is Email Marketing?

The process of targeting your audience & customers through email is referred as Email Marketing. It helps marketers to accomplish a specific goal of organization via email. Email Marketing plan varies from business to business. A pre-designed & result oriented template can work best for small business rather than investing utilizing less skilled resources.

A survey from HubSpot shows 78% of the marketers have increased email engagement over the last 12 months & customers prefer to stay connected with brand via email. And more importantly email remains as one the best performing marketing channel compared to others.

There are different types of Email Marketing tactics which tend to improve customer engagement & sales in the organization.  Please find below some of them.

Welcome Emails:

A Welcome Email is perfect medium for any business to introduce & show their eccentricities to make the brand unique. It is always important to make your first impression memorable & beautiful. Welcome Email speaks a lot about your brand & loyalty towards customers. Make your first conversation candid by cleverly developing relationship with the recipients. 

Build your Email Marketing Strategy:

On an ordinary customer receives more than 100 emails. So if your strategy doesn’t stand out, then you will be in trouble. Learn & build your email own strategy to dive deeper into customer relationship. By partnering with Data Marketers Group, you can improve your email marketing strategies & grow your business globally.

Define Your Targeted Audience | Data Marketers Group

An effective email helps business owner & marketers to understand their buyer persona.  Understand what you want & tailor your email campaign to connect with the target audience.  This is considered as one of the most crucial criteria which helps to B2B marketers to understand & deliver the best for the customers.

Setting up timeline for your campaign:

There is a beautiful saying “Don’t push people to where you want to be, meet them where they are”- Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing. Hubspot.

Deliver right message to right audience. As an expert you will be running regular & seasonal campaigns.  Research & adopt the best practice for scheduling your campaign based on your buying cycle & client choice.

Engage your customers

One of the most professional ways to keep your customers engaged with your campaigns is the email marketing. Starting from seasonal greetings to festival offers reaches your customers, often with email marketing.

Creating a Curiosity

Teasing customer’s attention with the hints of your products or letting them guess or making them invest their time in your product even before they invest their money in your product helps the product reach psychologically. So, regularly update them with weekly blog post & keep them hooked with your upcoming products & services. We help you to prepare email template & content for the topics like major changes in company, victories, acquisition, feedback, surveys & more. 

Personalized Emails

Electronic mail drive real profitable results through seeking authentic attention for your products.   Good or bad, everyone needs attention. Seeking customer’s attention by crafting Personalized Emails, promotions and gratitude mails will build credibility.

Personalized-Emails | Data Marketers Group

We’ve a team of experts who analyze & carefully craft email database for your marketing goals with opt in verified & high profile prospects interested in your business. Thus we help you to expand your customer & prospects database by targeting global audience.

Saying it with an email!

With the plethora of digital marketing strategies, we do believe email is the best mode of communicating with customers. Higher success rates are experienced only in the email marketing than any other marketing strategy. Making the content genuine and valid will increase the product to stand out from all the spams. When it comes to converting random people into customer or your supporters, email always one of the clear ways to do.

Make it Clear

Segregate your emails with their content and purpose, such as Information emails, Digital Newsletter, Product Update and Transactional emails. This is helps you identify the right audience and cut down the redundancy.

 Tools & Techniques

With the use of several free of cost email marketing tools like Hubspot Email Marketing, Sender, Sendinblue, Omnisend,  SendPulse, Benchmark Email, Mailchimp, Mailjet etc., the success rate of the email campaigns has been raised exponentially. And more importantly in email marketing, we can segment personal & customisable message which allows people to address people individually by name & split certain topics only for a certain group of people which in turn remains privately in their personal inbox to stay connected with brand emotionally. 

Giving it a mailshot!

Hitting thousands of mailboxes at a single go through mailshots have made the email marketing easy and cost-effective when targeted to a larger audience. Through this integrated marketing approach, you can get higher ROI than any other digital means.

Increase in Product Traffic

One of the best ways of increasing the traffic to your website or product is definitely the Email marketing. Conducting contests, creating curiosity, getting customer feedbacks, referral programs, abandoned cart emails are the several ways through which the product traffic can be rocketed.

Know your Customer

Email marketing helps you to know the persona of your customer and thereby you can send Personalized Emails based on their needs. Opt-in advertising, a way of email marketing demands a permission from the customer to allow the emails to be received, which in turns let you know your audience.

Brand Stories

Brand Story Telling | Data Marketers Group

Reveal your success stories with your customers make them correlate with your brand emotionally. A compelling brand story is nothing less inspiring than a bio-pic. Use your mail to set brand identity which in turn makes people to recognize your brand once you receive mail. Consistent communication with prospects will increase the likelihood of people to think about your product & business.

Predict your Customer

Keeping on track the history of customer and understanding the current trend, predict your customer needs and email accordingly with relevant offers or information which is an exemplary way of strategic marketing.

Re-engagement mails

Get in touch with your inactive customers through the Re-engagement emails by reminding them to visit the site by the latest offers. Connect them with emails to revive their interest on your products.

Get them noticed

Send brochures, new arrivals, annual summary reports to your customers making them feel you value them and worth your deal. Email is always action oriented, the target audience can either reply, forward, click through, sign upon or more. This directly drives organic traffic to your website & ultimately drives sales.

Prepare a dedicated landing page for your B2B campaign:

We do understand that target audience click through from your email to your website, homepage, product page or a specific landing page designed.  To make best use of this strategy, always make sure you create a dedicated landing page & redirect all your email traffic to it. A dedicated landing page makes it more relevant & effective to measure success of the B2B campaign.

Make proper email structure:

You must understand prospects & customers are always busy. You’re trying to grab their attention through email. Every time when they check email, it’s obvious that they will be flooded with emails from different companies.  Make your email structure with lot of white space and try to keep your paragraph short, with the sub heading. And more specifically, people no longer will be interested in your long articles, give them the small & sweet message, which in triggers them to your website with a read more link.

Track with Ease:

One of the major benefits of email marketing is opportunities to analyze effectiveness of your campaign. The Open rate is one the important metric to track your open rate. With compelling subject line, people tend to open the mail. Click through rate gives you the clear number of people who link to your products or services irrespective of their demographics.

Mobile Optimized Campaign:

Always make sure your email template or design is fully mobile optimized, because mobile remains as one of comfortable devices for us to check mails. No matter what, mobile always stands out in when it comes to access email. So collaborate with us to design & send crafty email messages to stay ahead of your competitors.

Wrapping Up

Being pioneers in email & marketing database providers, we formulate different strategy based on your business goals to build your engaged subscribers list. Whether you’re starting first email marketing or seasoned email campaign, we at Data Marketers Group are always one stop solution to support you with tools & services to improve your ROI.  We have a wide array of people to do everything from marketing automation to consistent tracking until a prospect becomes your customer. 

Email marketing is one of the cost effective way to promote your brand without any barriers. Join with us to create your own email marketing plan, design & effective email for the prospects in your sales funnel & increase your email deliverability rate.  


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