IT Architects Email List

List Size: 165,896

List Updated: March 31st 2023
Avg Email Delivery Rate: 89%
Last Campaign Delivery Rate: 92%

Key Features of Marketing Database

  • IT Architects Email List encloses complete contact details of top licensed architects, designers, and engineers working in variety of settings.
  • Reach almost 175,000 IT architects who are responsible for the planning, designing and overall management of application, data, and infrastructure.
  • Individuals on IT Architects Email list are key decision makers and have the purchasing authority to buy technology oriented products and services.
  • The IT Architects Email List allows you to reach professionals engaged with Visual Designers, Developers, and stakeholders.
  • Target these technology professionals who have an advanced understanding of IT infrastructure and enterprise architectures.
  • IT Architects Mailing list provides detailed contact database of solution architects and principal architects who are concerned with:
  • Technical Quality Control
  • Technician Assignments
  • Budgetary Needs
  • Estimating upgrade costs
  • Reviewing existing software and hardware
  • Roll out exclusive marketing campaigns geared towards IT architect professionals across various industries using our IT Architects mailing list.
  • Get the list of IT Architects who are familiar with Modular design concepts and tradeoffs.
  • With our IT Architects Email list, get in touch with architects entitled to handle Network communication, protocols and software-hardware interfacing.
  • Fetch details of senior project architects contributing to the development of Sirius intellectual property and industry recognition.
  • Identify and target Enterprise Architects and Design Architects who are using Revit, AutoCAD, or Microstation software for handling technical issues.
  • Using our IT Architects Email List, gather verified data of architects who have command over Adobe Creative Suite.
  • With our affordable IT Architects Mailing list, you can conduct business marketing campaigns.
  • Through our IT Architects Email List, you can reach the top business professionals from C-levels to the middle management who influences the company’s major decisions.

IT Architects Email List Suggested Usage

  • Marketers who rent this list can do product offerings ranging from CAD software to industry publications in front of this highly targeted group of professionals.
  • Professionals included in IT Architects mailing list make daily purchasing decisions and buy merchandise such as computer equipment, office equipment, software, electronics, PDAs, office supplies and other organizational supplies.

Target IT Architects By Job Title

  • IT Architect
  • Solution Architect
  • Project Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Security Architect
  • Architectural designer
  • Data Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Software Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • System Architect Director
  • Principal Architect
  • Senior Architect
  • Systems Architect
  • Technology Architect
  • Application Architect
  • Architectural technician
  • Business Captain Cloud Architect
  • Company Consultant Database Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Integration Architect
  • Java Architect
  • Lead Architect
  • Digital Data IT Cloud Architect
  • Advisory IT Architect
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Chief IT Architect
  • Lead IT Architect & Consultant
  • Executive IT Architect
  • Software Architect – IT
  • IT Architect Specialist
  • IT Architect Design Manager
  • Principal Technical Architect
  • IT Network Architect
  • Principal System Architect
  • Associate IT Architect
  • IT Infrastructure & Security Architect
  • Digital Architect
  • IT Architect-Solution Design
  • IT Architect & Manager

IT Architects Data Sources

  • American Institute of Architects
  • Society of American Registered Architects
  • National Organization of Minority Architects
  • American Society of Landscape Architects
  • American Institute of Architecture Students
  • Association of Licensed Architects
  • The Boston Society of Architects
  • Texas Society of Architects
  • The Louisiana Architects Association
  • Asian American Architects and Engineers Association

Frequently Asked Questions

IT architects are individuals who design information technology solutions and services for organizations. They possess a strong business and IT background to architect software, hardware, network or any IT solution that gives the best results to the business. They are also known as Enterprise Architects.
Yes, we facilitate customized database of Architects based on your business requirements as we offer the list based on various selects like – name, job title, company revenue, industry segments, geographical locations, SIC/NAICS code and more.
Marketers or businesses that aim to promote their goods and services to the top IT architects worldwide with decision-making power can benefit from our IT Architects Mailing lists.
  • Delivery within 24 hours after receiving of order and payment.
  • Our mailing lists can be used to target all kinds of industries, including small, medium and large.
  • We strictly adhere to the Can-Spam act by delivering only opt-in email ID’s of the executives.
  • We can modify a list based on your requirements.

Contacts Specification ​


Age: 74% 25-40, 19% 40-50, 7% 50+
Gender:Male:72% Female:28%
Geography: U.S., U.K. and 15 + countries


Company Name:  Available
Website url:  Available
Company Size:  Available
Annual Sales Volume:  Available
C-Level Executives:  Available
Full Name:  Available
Industry Segments:  Available
Job Title:  Available
Email Address:  Available
Mailing Address:  Available
Telephone Number/ Direct Dial Phone Number:  Available
Revenue Size:  Available
Year Started:  Available
SIC/NAICS CODE:  Available
ZIP CODE:  Available

Order & Hygiene

Minimum order for Direct Marketing: 5000
Minimum order for Email Marketing: 10000
NCOA48:  Fresh
USPS Move Update:  Complaint
Do Not Call scrubbed:  Yes
File Format:  FTP, CSV
Promotional Offers:  Yes

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