Buying An Email Addresses List | Data Marketers Group

Buying An Email Addresses List: An Effective Way To Connect With Your Target Prospects

Buying An Email Addresses List | Data Marketers Group

Buying email lists opens up a world of marketing possibilities for your company, and it can help you in a variety of ways. Many potential interested buyers who are unaware of your unique company solutions will be found on a focused b2b email list. However, when it comes to B2B marketing, buying email lists has been wrongly classified into the “spam” category. Smart business owners, on the other hand, recognize that buying industry-specific email lists is one of the most cost-effective strategies to significantly increase B2B lead generation growth.

Of course, without a solid marketing strategy, you won’t be able to convert the cold contacts on your list. From the first email subject line to the way your call to action is presented, you must communicate successfully with your audience. Only the most relevant and valuable offerings stand a chance of converting a non-permission based contact into a sales lead. If you’re seeking to produce more B2B leads, then buying a focused email list in your preferred industry is a good option. Because of the nature of email marketing, you can scale up your lead generating efforts almost instantly. Here are five reasons why buying an email addresses list: an effective way to connect with your target prospects

Expand Your Reach And Increase Sales Growth

Expand Your Reach Sales Growth | Data Marketers Group

You’re extending your potential audience every time you obtain a new email list. The greater the number of people who see your marketing message, the more prospective leads you’ll produce. The goal is to use a combination of established marketing methods and the correct tool for this type of campaign to optimize your campaigns for open rates and deliverability.

Fill The Marketing And Sales Funnels

Fill The Marketing and Sales Funnels | Data Marketers Group

Purchasing a fresh b2b email list can significantly increase the size of your B2B marketing audience. These fresh, cold contacts can be sent to the relevant channels as they turn into warm opt-in prospects. Warm leads can be nurtured by marketing, whereas leads that have already been warmed up are handled by sales.

A Quality Email List Can Increase ROI

A Quality Email List Can Increase ROI | Data Marketers Group

When you buy emails from a reliable supplier, you get a list of contacts that have been carefully screened and will respond to your marketing message. As a result, you’ll spend less time and money promoting to those who aren’t interested in your products and services.

Improve Customer Acquisition Cost Payback

Improve Customer Acquisition Cost Payback | Data Marketers Group

 Sending to contacts that have a genuine interest in your products and services will not only improve your ROI, but it will also speed up lead generation and your return on capital. To put it another way, you make more money faster. Don’t get trapped into the numbers game; a smaller list of well-targeted contacts is preferable to a large email list of low-quality emails.

Free Up Resources

Manually compiling an email list of industry contacts takes time and is not an efficient use of your team’s resources. Purchased email lists give you a leg up on the competition when it comes to lead generating. You’ll have more time and resources to focus on closing new leads if you spend less time hunting down new prospects.

An Authentic B2B Email List is the Foundation for a Successful Campaign

An Authentic B2B Email List Is The Foundation For Successful Campaign | Data Marketers Group

For business owners, email lists can yield considerable rewards. Email marketing delivers a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) on average for businesses in the United States, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Purchasing email addresses has various advantages than investing in other types of digital media and has helped businesses reach new heights.

  • First, it is clear and concise, indicating the reason for sending the email to the prospect.
  • Second, email is the ideal approach to interact with engaged professionals, as most decision-makers check their emails on a daily basis.
  • Finally, the customization option available when purchasing an email list allows you to interact directly with prospects and meet a more particular, sales-ready target group.
  • You’ll need a good quality and comprehensive email list to get good results from an email campaign. However, you can’t expect to get great results by buying an email list at random and emailing it. The following are the top priorities to keep an eye on.
  • Responsive – You’ll need a real database of people who read their email on a regular basis and are actively looking to acquire your product or service.
  • Relevance – Your target audience must be interested in learning more about your business and offerings.
  • CAN-SPAM, GDPR, CCPA, and CASL compliant – Make sure the email list you buy is legitimately sourced and complies with all these laws

Advantages of Buying Email Addresses Lists

Instant Interactions and Quick Delivery

Building an email list takes time and requires a lot of research, marketing, and contract sourcing. Purchased email lists come in helpful when you’re working on other duties because they’re quick and provide instant access to verified email contacts.

Reaching Target Audience Quickly

Purchasing email addresses could be a simple and cost-effective way to reach a new audience with your services or products. It could take a long time to create your list at first, leaving you with less time to focus on existing customers. You can quickly select the demographic you want to target when you buy a list directly from a vendor, making it easier to break into a new market.

Cost-effective and Save Time

The most cost-effective marketing approach is email marketing. It will cost you only $0.10 per b2b email contact to purchase an email list. When you buy email lists, you get access to a larger database from which to work. You’ll be able to pick and choose parameters on the prospects you want to target, ranging from technographic and firmographic to gender. You can also reach out to potential leads for business purposes for a little fee. Email marketing is much less expensive than inbound marketing.

Abrupt and Constructive

An email list gives you instant access to thousands of potential customers. It can take months to compile a big mailing list like this, which is why purchased lists are so useful because they cut down on the time it takes to contact these prospects. Your email list can help you extend your pool of potential prospects, giving you access to the global database and new marketing opportunities.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing email addresses is an excellent way to expand your reach, fill your funnel, and move your business forward. We can’t deny that purchasing an email list can help you obtain more leads and shorten your sales cycle. The leads obtained through the email list are the most genuine, resulting in a large boost in your ROI and the associated benefits of more profitable endeavours.

7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Email Subscribers | Data Marketers Group

7 Effective Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers

7 Effective Ways To Increase Your Email Subscribers | Data Marketers Group

It can be difficult to increase your email subscriptions. How can you make your email subscription stand out in a world when everyone is competing for everyone else’s attention online? It can be difficult to build an email list. The number of subscribers you can receive per day is determined by the type of content you publish, your industry, the amount and source of visitors, and a variety of other criteria.

Email is the most widely used technology, with 50% of the population using it, but individuals are wary about who they give their email addresses to. As a result, only a small fraction of visitors to your website will sign up for your mailing list. Nonetheless, there are tried-and-true methods for increasing the number of people who attend your event. Nonetheless, there are tried-and-true methods for increasing the amount of individuals who sign up for your mailing list, which is precisely the goal of this article.

1. Encourage Your Existing Subscribers to Share

Encourage Your Existing Subscribers to Share | Data Marketers Group

Getting other subscribers to support your growth is one of the simplest methods to expand an email list. You can encourage current subscribers to forwards emails to their friends by incorporating social sharing buttons, a “email to a friend” button, and a call-to-action at the end of marketing messages.

Those who hear the shared message are more likely than “cold” contacts to act on it because their friend has essentially endorsed the company, providing the social proof required to potentially get a new subscriber.

2. Generate a Valuable Lead Offer

For a reason, lead offers are one of the most popular methods for attracting new email subscribers: they work. The key to making a good lead offer, though, is to provide a significant amount of value to the audience, such that they can’t wait to give you their email.

As a result, it’s a good idea to research who your customers are, maybe creating buyer personas, and creating a lead offer for each type of customer a company services. Surveying social media followers and email subscribers is a wonderful approach to learn about specific consumer interests, pain issues, and questions. You can also look at the different types of lead offers that your competitors have.

3. Incentivize Subscribing

Incentivize Subscribing | Data Marketers Group

According to the Data & Marketing Association’s email monitoring survey, 60% of consumers sign up for email lists to receive offers and discounts. As a result, in order to attract new signups, you should strive to encourage consumers with promotional offers.

For example, you could give new members a 10% discount on their next order just for joining the mailing list. At the same time, let them know that email subscribers are the first to hear about new deals, as well as the first to receive coupons and other benefits that come with becoming a subscriber.

4. Analyze On-Site Behavioral Patterns

You can learn a lot about your visitors by looking at your analytics. A traffic report, for example, will show the various sources of a site’s traffic as well as the proportion of the total that each represents. Additionally, using analytics can assist you in determining which of your pages are the most popular on the site. Alternatively, if you like, you can use tools like Crazy Egg or Hot Jar, which generate graphical representations that indicate how users navigate a site, what they click, and so on.

Analyze Onsite Behavioral Patterns | Data Marketers Group

Regardless of how you handle the work, you must evaluate visitor behaviour in order to determine the optimal positions for email signup forms, calls to action, and other features that will assist drive new email subscribers. To optimise a website for signups, however, it is vital to first determine where users are coming from, how they are using the site, and where they are clicking.

5. Truncate Signup Forms

While many organisations attempt to gather as much information about customers as possible up front via a signup form, this is a poor tactic. When consumers are presented with a signup form that asks for their first and last names, email addresses, gender, age, and other personal information, they are more likely to skip the process.

Truncate Signup Forms | Data Marketers Group

As a result, reducing the amount of forms required for new signups is one of the most effective ways to increase your email registration rate. To start a conversation with a new subscriber, you only need two fields (name and email). At a later time, more data can be gathered.

6. Offer Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are a common marketing approach in which readers are offered unique content benefits in exchange for signing up for a website’s email list. Upgrades like these can help you generate new email signups. According to a Disqus survey on why consumers subscribe to email newsletters, 72 percent of respondents said they wanted to keep up with the site’s latest content and themes that interested them.

Offer Content Upgrades | Data Marketers Group

With this knowledge, you might deploy pop-ups that appear once a user has scrolled to a specified place in a blog or even embed email signup forms within blogs to provide readers with access to unique content. You can significantly boost your email subscriber list by employing the promise of exclusive, premier content.

7. Run Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways and contests on social media have long been a popular approach to gain new email signups since they are a simple way to get your fans (and those who see the promotion) to become subscribers. Furthermore, a successful giveaway does not necessitate an expensive, spectacular gift. You can give out gift cards, free merchandise, or other comparable incentives. Users are typically requested to enter a contest by giving their email address, sharing the contest with their friends, and following the firm on social media.

Run Contests and Giveaways | Data Marketers Group

A snowball effect typically arises as a result of these efforts, dramatically increasing the campaign’s reach. As a result, social media contests and giveaways can be a very effective and low-cost approach to acquire new email subscribers. Additionally, there are other simple-to-use applications, such as Rafflecopter, that you may use to make the process easier to manage.

Bottom Line

Earning new email subscribers is a vital responsibility for any organisations, given that their old list is decaying at an alarming rate. As a result, you’ll have to work extra hard to keep attracting new customers. Given the importance of email marketing, you should devote the time and effort necessary to implement the seven tactics outlined above in order to keep your email list substantial, healthy, and a reliable source of revenue. If you’d like to discuss your current or future email marketing strategy, schedule an inbound marketing appointment with our team.

How Demand Generation Can Be Achieved With High Quality Data | Data Marketers Group

How Demand Generation Can Be Achieved With High-Quality Data

How Demand Generation Can Be Achieved With High Quality Data | Data Marketers Group

If you’re here, probably you are here to learn about demand generation. Sounds interesting right?One of the common misconceptions about demand generation is creating high demand for the product. But actually demand generation is all about creating high quality leads to engage with any brand which in turn as a good revenue source.Demand generation marketing has a lot in common with lead generation. It includes multiple touch points, campaigns, contents & more.

What is Demand Generation?

In simple terms, the process of identifying the potential prospects based on their initial behaviour & provides a crystal clear nurturing process. Ultimate goal of any demand generation process is to drive awareness in your product & services. The main aim here is to create a predictable pipeline that can grow your business.

What Is Demand Generation | Data Marketers Group

It can be called as an umbrella that has the capability to include your marketing & sales initiatives from every touch point. It may include up scaling of prospect interest to identify the right information to the right people at the right time.It expands your audience, creates buzz, and drives high traffic for transforming one’s interest into action. Demand generation nurtures & engages with your prospects effectively & keeps you top. Creating a predictable sales pipeline for your sales team is a core benefit of demand generation.

There are few essential steps for building successful B2B demand generation strategy:

Build Brand Awareness:

Build Brand Awareness | Data Marketers Group

With the growing competitive landscape in sales & marketing, brand awareness plays a critical for in identifying quality leads. Simply gaining attention of the potential buyer is not the main aspect of demand generation strategy.  True& lasting brand awareness is achieved with best marketing strategy which in return improves the solution & improves the customer’s need.So wondering what will be the best way to improve the customer visibility & creditability. Customer reviews. These reviews must be most recent & authentic.

Having authentic reviews improves the visibility of product summary & help buyers in narrowing the focus on what is required & what not. Reviews can be improve the trust & faith on the brand in the hassle free manner.

Develop A Content Strategy:

Develop A Content Strategy | Data Marketers Group

Power your demand generation engine with content marketing. With strong content, inbound activities can attract the full prospects into the sales funnel.These kind of expertise helps in building trust & paves foundation for important conversion, describing the customer pain points & business solution can offer.  Make sure you are providing the content that answers buyer concerns & builds confidence along with brand creditability. Thus, customers will remember your brand as a guide & look for the subject matter experts in future.

Looking for marketing resources where you can develop curated & personalized content? Then please go ahead. This thought process is highly appreciated for high-value lead. Make sure you use segment specific information for requesting all calls to action (CTA’s). Having any kind of messaging that aims to solve the hurdles for the first time a lead comes across your products. Similarly, whenever content is developed, the primary focus must be on the existing buyers as they will first users of existing products & services you offer.

Nurture High Quality Leads:

Nurture High Quality Leads | Data Marketers Group

Once you’ve made first contact with the potential buyers, all leads details from marketing team will be handed over to the sales team. But actually having a healthy & reliable demand generation queries make your lead nurturing strategy healthy. Marketing team always works with purchase journey & depending on the robust resources available marketing team must continue to work with high value leads providing helpful content to answer all queries.

To reach the right kind of targeted nurture campaign one of the main mantra is to reach customer with right content. Regularly review lead nurturing metrics & receive a good engagement.

Incorporate Account Based Marketing:

Incorporate Account Based Marketing | Data Marketers Group

Account based marketing is the strategy where supplier targets a particular group of accounts based on higher expansion & growth opportunities. This method is perfect to set teams for success. Everything in the account based marketing strategy depends on the accurate &a reliable understanding of audiences you’re targeting. This account based marketing allows marketing & sales team strategically & engage with prospect with a well customized manner.

Invest in Partner Marketing:

In recent years the shift from in person to virtual business interactions have sharper the increased focus on digital marketing. Companies will share the message online by partnering with third party providers which allows business to reach targeted audience in a hassle free manner. For any product or service potential customers are treated as targeted prospects.

Here are few popular metric for measuring demand generation funnel:

Engagement Metrics:

Prospects response for each & every content you post. Get complete insights on how people interact with your brand. This can be measured by impressions, click through rates, subscriptions, open rates & more.

Performance Metrics:

Performance Metrics | Data Marketers Group

No matter what is your performance, evaluating it gives a crystal clear picture of what need to be focused. Performance can be evaluated based on qualified leads, marketing qualified leads, & sales cycle performance.

ROI metrics:

This metric is highly recommended for measuring your marketing efforts.  It can include a variety of metrics such as customer acquisition cost, leads converted, total revenue generated.

ROI Metrics | Data Marketers Group

Depending on the stages you choose you can track the campaign running & it must be well optimized in order to yield good result.

Cost Per Acquisition:

This is one of the important metric in measuring the success of your demand generation strategy.  Cost per acquisition reflects your revenue generation efforts. You can simultaneously measure the cost per lead metric spending on a single lead.

Customer life time value:

Customer life time is a popular metric of the digital marketing world. It helps in predicting the revenue of a single customer through their life time when they are connected to your business. This Customer life time value metric is average profit from all customers. It is influenced by various factors such as customer services, upselling & discount offers.

Demand generation funnel conversion rate:

Important goal of demand generation funnel conversion is to attract high value customers.This attracts customers from different sources & converts them based on their business needs.

It includes four basic strategies such as awareness, interest, and decision andaction.

The conversion rate of your marketing strategy highly depends on the quality of leads generation. It is not necessary that all generated leads will improve sales.

Length Of Sales Cycle:

As we all know leads are generated from different sources & it is likely to get converted at different time frames. But the ultimate goal of any sales team is to reduce the time taken to convert the lead into customers. With the help of demand generation strategy sales & marketing efforts can be aligned, which reveals the time taken to convert single leads & efforts associated with it.

What are best practices to achieve demand generation?

Social Media Utilization:

Social media can be one of the important parts of B2B marketing strategy. As a demand generation creates a similar kind of buzz social media platform can be leveraged as the best platform for promoting your brand.

Sales & Marketing Integration:

With growing new needs, companies need a broad strategy for communicating gap between sales & marketing teams. These functions are integral & intertwined for handling the little synchronizing lead acquisition. Both the teams must be aligned in a structured way to ensure formulating a well-rounded strategy for driving more revenue models.

Build a Lead scoring model:

Each & every company should have extensive lead scoring system like Marketo. Once a revenue generation model created every company needs to monitor & analyze its impact to ensure creating content will ensure the lead is in the sales funnel.

Better B2B Campaign Execution:

Always make sure marketing campaigns should engage with potential customers in new & unique ways. This paves excellent way to move buyers to move one step closer for creative & engaging campaigns which helps in converting new buyers to lifelong customer.

Enhance your Email Marketing Efforts:

Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts | Data Marketers Group

As we all know email marketing is one of the most valuable demand generation tactics. Engaging with prospects through personalized messages is of the best & valued way to engage & convert them into customers.  So sales & marketing team should focus on personalizing their email campaigns as this can be useful tactics for companies to receive or send fewer emails.


Having a robust demand generation approach will help anyone in capturing new leads & drive high engagement. Similarly demand generation allows you to develop a better relationship between brands and prospective clients to show their product & service.

Begin strategic & leveraging automation wherever possible should be the main focus on collaborating between marketing & sales team constantly to analyze the effectiveness of your B2B marketing campaigns.

Role Of Firmographic Data In Achieving Business Targets | Data Marketers Group

Role of Firmographic Data in Achieving Business Targets

Role Of Firmographic Data In Achieving Business Targets | Data Marketers Group

With the growing use of cutting-edge approaches and tactics, marketers are realising the value of data like Firmographics, which can shorten the sales cycle and enhance conversion rates in a short period of time. If you want to make sure your sales team has a prospect list to work with and your pipeline stays full, you need to be able to identify qualified prospects fast. In order to apply successful customisation, 55% of marketers do not have enough customer data. In such circumstances, firmographic data can certainly help!

Firmographic data is essential for ensuring that your team spends their time focused on leads and firms that are highly qualified for your product or service, as well as ensuring that your messages are as relevant to your audience as possible. In this blog, we are going to explain what firmographic data is, why it’s useful, and how you can use it to improve your sales and marketing efforts.

What is Firmographic Data?

What Is Firmographic Data | Data Marketers Group

Firmographic data is a collection of information about businesses (also known as businesses, organisations, or companies) that can be used to segment markets and discover high-value customers. When you want to speed up the lead nurturing process, firmographic data is nearly like the B2B equivalent of demographic data.

Depending on your company’s focus, the following qualities may be included in firmographic data:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Annual revenue
  • Location
  • Type of company (B2B or B2C, product-based or service-based, SaaS)

This information can be quite useful in the lead scoring and ranking process, assisting your sales team in determining which leads to pursue most aggressively.

Significance of Firmographic Data

Firmographic data is primarily used to aid audience segmentation and to generate relevant, customised content for potential clients. It shows you what use case a company might have for your product, what problem-solving needs they might have depending on their size, location, and industry, and how much revenue they might spend on similar items each year. This can aid in the identification of high-quality targets, the reduction of time spent following up on bad leads, and the development of improved marketing plans for a range of business kinds.

Significance Of Firmographic | Data Marketers Group

By knowing the particular needs of each business you approach, your company will be able to access a larger pool of potential clients using Firmographic data. It will not only help you locate high-potential businesses to partner with, but it will also assist you in:

  • Developing and implementing a Personalised marketing, contact, and sales conversion plan and approach.
  • Customizing and increasing your interactions with target firms in terms of customer service.
  • Building long-term relationships with potential clients.
  • Identifying your ideal client profile and fine-tuning your focused advertising strategies.

Different Aspects Of Firmographic Data And It’s Use:

• Annual Revenue

Annual Revenue | Data Marketers Group

This set of data evaluates an organization’s annual and quarterly revenue, as well as pertinent expenditure trends, in order to determine its client potential. This can assist you in developing a successful long-term sales strategy as well as identifying any immediate demands that a company could have.

• Company Size

Company Size | Data Marketers Group

This dataset will look at an organization’s physical size, such as the number of people that work there, as well as its organisational culture. Again, different sizes of enterprises will have different uses for your product.

• Ownership

Ownership | Data Marketers Group

This dataset evaluates how ownership is distributed or organised within a company. Whether your target is a publicly or privately owned company, a cooperative venture, a non-profit, or a government agency, knowing their sales potential is crucial.

• Growth Trends

This dataset will be used to determine a company’s current stage of development. Whether your potential client is a new startup, growing, downsizing, or steady, the marketing strategy you should choose, as well as the contact to sales conversion pathway, may be influenced.

The Purpose of Firmographics

By defining firmographic traits and segmenting a market based on them, allows organisations to:

• Reveal Business Insights

Reveal Business Insights | Data Marketers Group

Firmographics assist enterprises gain business insights into B2B target markets by addressing often asked questions like:

  • Where are the companies in this market segment geographically located?
  • How many employees do they have?
  • What is the worth of each company?
  • What is the Total Addressable Market’s size?

• Categorize Firms By Industry Or Sector

Categorize Firms By Industry Or Sector | Data Marketers Group

Firmographics allow B2B companies to categorise companies in their target markets based on their industry type. Tech businesses, for example, will have different distinguishing characteristics than educational institutions or government agencies. As a result, these businesses should be approached and presented differently.

• Optimize Marketing Strategies

Optimize Marketing Strategies | Data Marketers Group

A company’s marketing strategy can be confident if it promotes adequately focused and personalised messaging that corresponds with the pain points of each market segment. Most marketers strive to send the appropriate message to the right person at the right time, and Firmographic data can help them achieve that goal.

• Avoid Lost Opportunities

Optimizing marketing techniques and employing a data-driven sales approach decreases the risk of missing out on business possibilities.

• Understand Trends In Data

Professionals can recognise patterns in data by evaluating reports and analytics from Firmographic segmented marketplaces. These patterns can subsequently be taken into consideration throughout marketing and sales operations, resulting in increased efficacy.

Final Thoughts

For B2B brands looking to improve their customer journey and lead generation funnels, firmographic data is basically a must-have data source. It’s crucial to understand who your target audience is, how to communicate with them, reach them, and convert them once they’ve discovered your brand.

Remember that knowing what to do with those leads after they arrive is possibly the most crucial aspect of the process, because lead generation efforts are useless if you can’t convert them. That’s why lead scoring is so important: it allows your sales team to act quickly and precisely to assist your target consumers the moment they contact you with relevant information.

How To Increase Sales Via Lifecycle Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

How To Increase Sales Via Lifecycle Email Marketing

How To Increase Sales Via Lifecycle Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

Email marketing is one of the important parts of any marketing strategy & cost effective way to promote your products & services. Email marketing has the power to outperform all other activities SEO, PPC, content marketing & more.  Email has ability to communicate with your customers effectively & reach your business goals effectively.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, you can expect a return of $51. Good deal isn’t it?

Take your email marketing strategy to the next level with effective lifecycle marketing. By doing this you can improve your conversion rate &revenue.

What is Lifecycle Email Marketing?

What Is Lifecycle Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

Ultimate goal of educating prospect is to understand what a company offers & how it can help them to succeed in their business goals. In simple lifecycle marketing helps to improve the purchasing, customer retention & their business relationship.

Taking potential customer through specific or targeted milestone in the sales funnel is often referred as Lifecycle Email Marketing.With the advancement & improved accessibility in AI technology, email marketing had made lifecycle email marketing possible.  With the right tool & techniques you can pull data & trigger emails accordingly.With the collected information from prospects, B2B marketers can send them directly proposal with the goal of making a sale.

In blog we will be discussing about Email Lifecycle Marketing Strategies:

In order to create an effective email lifecycle marketing strategy, we need to have a crystal clear understanding what is happening within each & every stage of the funnel. So to master customer lifecycle one must have a genuine understanding of their target audience & ready to grow their customer value.

Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness | Data Marketers Group

This is one of the first & foremost stage is creating awareness.  In this stage you no need to email to leads. Ultimate aim of entry sales funnel is building awareness.  Creating good quality content attracts potentials leads or customers. In this stage B2B marketers promote their products & services.

Awareness strategies include:

  • Create targeted audience for each buyer, so that you can fit into the buyers profile more accurately.
  • Invest time & do key research on keywords, which can promote your business when searched online.
  • Conduct FAQs or post regular blogs addressing the audience about their common problems.
  • Put up billboards or banner ads in the common place where your customer visit.
  • Collaborate with guest or influencers to promote content across all marketing channels.

Brand Engagement:

This stage is often referred as success of first step mentioned above.  In this stage prospect begins their interaction with the brand probably they can be added to the subscribers list.

Brand Engagement | Data Marketers Group

Brand Engagement strategies include:

  • Design an engaging landing pages which are simple to navigate
  • Promote videos or demos showcasing product services
  • Promote blog post or templates or offer a common solution for most frequently asked question.
  • Highlight case studies showing the importance of providing a solution to the common problems
  • Publish a white paper covering the insights of industry research


If you’ve impressed the potential buyers time has come to move forward in transitioning them from a prospect into a customer. Check with audience & decide what is missing or what needs to be included in your product when compared to your product.

Common conversion strategies include:

  • Give crystal clear information about pricing & feature information on your website
  • Build trust among customer by sharing testimonials
  • Create a demo or free trial address the customer question


It is important to meet any customers need & maximize the value of their purchase. As people tend to drop off at their first buy, this stage is considered as one of the best important stages for following up with customer get them delivered what they want.


This is a crucial stage of customer lifecycle where customers can let out everyone to know about their brand & want to bring new buyers to their business. With a thoughtful plan you can stay connected existing customers meet the marketing, sales & company goals.

  • Promote exclusive in app features
  • Have loyalty club membership for the customer
  • Conduct events or webinars with industry experts
  • Conduct referral programs for expanding customer base
  • Connect with lapsed customers by reactivating campaign

Brand Evaluation By Customers:

Brand Evaluation By Customers | Data Marketers Group

Prospect will evaluate what you offer them & decide if it is worth making certain connection.

Customer purchase: on the success of brand evaluation by customer they may purchase your product.

Sharing post purchase experience:  Every brand will reach out to you to ensure their expectations are met & to know if anything need to be improved.

Here are six lifecycle points that can be rolled out to improve sales with effective email strategy:

Customer visiting for the very first time:

When a customer visits your store for the first time, they create an opportunity for your brand, build a strong business relationship at first visit & turn them into a customer. Hereyou can nurture first time visitor by sending a series of welcome mails which provides opportunities to tell your story & ensure trust. The key take away strategy is capturing first time visitors email addresses & welcome them with a series of good content.

Customer browsing some products & leaving your website:

If a customer holds back for a long time, address this by email. Brainstorm with customer to understand what stops them by purchasing & try to understand the perspective from the customer.Whatever the finding may be, it is important to analyze, create win win situation for your business & customer.Make use of browse abandonment which can pinpoint exact product customer interested.

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy:

Having good strategy is one of the core aspects of any successful marketing lifecycle marketing. Without it, wrong leads won’t turn your brand into advocates.  With successful strategy hits, you have the highest probability to:

Lifecycle Marketing Strategy | Data Marketers Group
  • Grow your customer base
  • Get better buying experience
  • Improve sales
  • Turning buyers into brand advocates
  • Improve marketing ROI
  • Improves lifetime value of customer

Here are few examples of how to use different marketing channels throughout the entire lifecycle.

Though the simple strategy may work well for your company, having touch point & different types of channel is highly recommended. For instance, a small business may use social media, a website & events to collaborate with potential buyers. Similarly a major or well established art museum with require  a more complex marketing strategy to reach out to its thousands of visitors, attract new customers, retain membership, host events & etc.

No matter the size of lifecycle marketing strategies, all are fueled by high quality content. A survey by HubSpot shows nearly 70% of the marketers actively invest in content marketing, so big take away is if you don’t invest on potential buyers you won’t create relevant content at every stage of lifecycle marketing.

Here are few tips on improving your email marketing strategy:

  • Send a welcome mail
  • Segment based on their behaviors
  • Send milestone emails
  • Send re-engagement campaigns
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Send emails from directly from subscribers form
  • Provide offers or custom deals for exchange of an email address

Wrapping up:

With the above detailing hope now you’re aware of all benefits, stages & ways to incorporate lifecycle marketing into your company’s strategy. Now you can roll out effective ways to map customer segments & managing people from different aspects you bring in.  Once this mapping is done, you can save time & energy in simplifying the task of setting up email campaigns, monitoring or tracking analytics. So with proper planning & execution lifecycle marketing provides all kinds of communication & experience required for your prospects that need along with identifying growth opportunities for your business.

How To Generate Healthcare Leads More Effectively | Data Marketers Group

How To Generate Healthcare Leads More Effectively

How To Generate Healthcare Leads More Effectively | Data Marketers Group

Healthcare is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that is crucial and continues to evolve as technology develops. Consumers benefit from new business models, healthcare reforms, and ecosystems that give greater quality, affordability, and outcomes. Generating healthcare leads is difficult due to the large size of the sector. You need to generate medical leads, both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C), to keep your company or practise functioning, no matter what area of the healthcare industry you’re in, from medical manufacturing to medical care.

According to reports, the healthcare business in the United States spent $2.84 billion on online advertising last year and is expected to spend another $3.14 billion this year. Despite the continuous success of digital marketing and promotion, the healthcare industry appears to be behind the times. Despite their best efforts, most hospitals, treatment centres, B2B healthcare, and medical devices companies admit that they lack the time, money, and experience needed to generate quality healthcare leads. Here are some of the top healthcare lead generating strategies for guaranteed success to help you raise your quality healthcare leads ethically.

• Create A User-Friendly Website

Your website, especially in terms of professionalism, says a lot about your hospital, practice, or business. Always keep in mind that whatever online marketing method you use will eventually drive consumers back to your website. It’s where they’ll find out how to reach you for further information and whether or not they trust you in general. As a result, make sure your website is user-friendly. It should go without saying, but your website can make or break your brand; it is what will finally lead customers back to you when they are in need.

Create A User Friendly Website | Data Marketers Group

To increase your healthcare leads, you must first put yourself in your customer’s position. Check to see if the website is easy to browse, if it looks decent, and if each page has enough helpful content, and so on. Ensure that your website is well-designed and maintained so that doctors, customers, and commercial buyers in the health care industry have confidence in your company’s products and services.

• Website Optimization

It’s impossible to overestimate how important website Search engine optimization is for healthcare lead generating companies. The success of your healthcare lead generation, like any other business, is dependent on appropriate SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which ensures that your website is properly shown, contextualised, and indexed.

Website Optimization | Data Marketers Group

Proper search engine optimization is important in generating medical leads (SEO). Search engines must be able to contextualize, index, and display your website, thus it should be optimized. If you’re a hospital in Atlanta, for example, ranking for terms like “birth and delivery Atlanta” or “cardiovascular surgery Atlanta” in search engines would be excellent. It’s important to optimize your website for the relevant keywords that will bring in quality leads, as those leads may turn into customers in the future.

• Paid Advertising

To generate healthcare leads, use paid advertising. A paid ad is a common method of generating leads, although print media isn’t as successful at getting qualified medical leads as the Internet. Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is a cost-effective and efficient method of displaying your ads on a variety of prominent websites such as Facebook, Google, and others by charging only a few cents per click.

Paid Advertising | Data Marketers Group

To begin, explore Google Ads, Microsoft Bing Ads, or Facebook Ads. PPC is cost-effective and efficient, particularly on those three platforms. You may target extremely specific search phrases and establish your own budget, so if one of your advertisements is doing well, you can easily expand its visibility with a few clicks and seconds to get even more medical leads.

• Create High-Quality Content

If you want to attract qualified medical leads, you should create and distribute high-quality content that they won’t find elsewhere. Examine what your competitors are publishing and outperform them to claim the digital spotlight. If other hospitals, pharmaceutical businesses, or medical device makers in your industry are creating blog posts and sharing useful content, you should try to do the same.

Create High Quality Content | Data Marketers Group

Consider how you can inform your audience in various ways. This will increase trust, and when a potential client trusts you, they are far more inclined to choose your business. You can publish a variety of various forms of content. Popular content types include blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and downloadable manuals. Any form of content that will connect with the audience and assist establish your organization as an industry leader in healthcare should be published.

• Add Interactive Elements To Your Content

Add multimedia or interactive features to your content to remain ahead of the competition and stand out from the crowd. Hospitals, for example, frequently publish the same health-related news and suggestions. It will be more difficult to stand out and get new leads if you only perform the same thing.

Your content marketing game can be taken to new heights with interactive content. It can contain videos, assessments, and calculators to assist readers have a more personalized experience and nurture them into healthcare leads.

• Use LinkedIn For Healthcare Lead Generation

LinkedIn is another strategy to generate healthcare leads. There are relatively few possibilities to filter down your search results with a basic LinkedIn account. However, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the paid version, offers a variety of filters to help you narrow down your search based on your requirements.

Use LinkedIn For Healthcare Lead Generation | Data Marketers Group

According to studies, LinkedIn is the most popular social media network for B2B lead generation in the health IT industry. Create insightful content that will attract the target audience to generate quality leads on this network. Aside from gaining backlinks to your website, being featured on LinkedIn Pulse is an excellent way to establish oneself as an industry expert.

• Ask for Referrals

Customers who have used your healthcare product or service may be an excellent source of qualified leads. People are more likely to make a purchase from a firm if they were suggested to it by someone they know, according to Nielsen.

Ask For Referrals | Data Marketers Group

Send a survey to your consumers to learn what they think of your organisation and whether or not they are satisfied with their recent purchase. You might give a reward or other such incentives to promote additional referrals.

Bottom Line

One of the most crucial responsibilities for any marketer in the healthcare business is to generate qualified leads. The suggestions given above are all part of an online marketing strategy for healthcare. Creating good content for your website visitors and leveraging that content to stay in touch with individuals who have converted to Qualified Leads is part of healthcare marketing. The strategies listed above can help your healthcare organisation attract new visitors to its website, convert them into leads, and nurture these leads into loyal customers.

It’s difficult to do everything on your own. Through our well-segmented healthcare database services, Data Marketers Group partners with health marketers to provide strategy, support, and assistance in implementing these efforts. We’ve helped hundreds of marketing professionals develop and implement lead generation strategies for their healthcare and IT businesses. Request a sample healthcare email list to help you evaluate your assets and receive free insights and tips to help you get started.

Social Media Influence On Purchasing Decisions In B2B Industry | Data Marketers Group

How Does Social Media Influence Purchasing Decisions In The B2B Industry

Social Media Influence On Purchasing Decisions In B2B Industry | Data Marketers Group

Social Media tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute & connect- Unknown

Due to recent development in the modern technology, Social media emerged as one of the most powerful tools to reach people locally, regionally, nationally & even internationally.This pace of change is accelerating &so quick that it goes by a wink of the eyes. And we must agree mobilization plays crucial role in shaping the essential role in shaping the social media.

There is a saying social media is about sociology & psychology more than technology- Brain solis. One must agree this before planning their sales & marketing campaigns. In this blog we will be discussing about the importance of social media & it can influence the purchasing decision in the B2B industry. Social media paves way to highlight the best aspects of your business just with a single click.

When your social pages become hub for users to easily find more about your business & connect with them globally than it can be used as a big platform. Social media provides a great opportunity to standardize your brand value & improve business relationships with your prospect overs the period. Having a strong familiarity allows you to have a better idea of social media platform especially while interacting with clients.

Thanks to smartphone evolution,this helped many businesses to access social media from anywhere & anytime.Gone are the days where people used to share personal updates, thoughts with family or friends, but advent of social media has taken a more personal role in influencing & engaging with people effectively.

Social media is a key point is establishing a hub for mass consumption,selling & buying. When it comes to purchasing journey, social networks plays a key role in establishing business relationship.

Why Is Important To Have A Social Media Strategy?

Why It Is So Important To Have Social Media Strategy | Data Marketers Group

Most social media platforms supportan organic way of reaching out to buyers using social media channels.  With strong, comprehensive B2B social media strategy industries like financial services, healthcare can reach out to the people across the globe to amplify & achieve your overall marketing & sales targets. It is one of the virtual space for establishing good relationship & advertising of your products & services.

Bringing & promoting your business online might help you to create some major leads & improve your potential customer base.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 71% of the people more likely to purchase products & services based on social media referrals & research. We must admit at social media changed the way we promote our products & services without spending huge amount of marketing budget. This is seems cool, isn’t?Wondering how social media influence consumer buying journey? Come, let us deep drive in to blog post to understand more how social media influences consumer buying journey.

Customer Journey:

Gone are the days where you see a product on TV or banner before going for shopping. And finally, when you buy or plan to buy to desired product it takes n number of days.  Now the entire process takes only a few minutes. As per Deloitte report, about 29% of the social media users more likely to do purchase on the same day they read good reviews about products.

Customer Journey | Data Marketers Group

It is not that customer buying journey shortens but it is complicated now. Now it is extremely important to keep an eye on your online reputation & make contact efforts to stay top always.

Get Strong Reviews From Social Influencers:

The term social influencers are one of the modern day buzz word represent specific individual having significant followers on social media.Having large audience base interaction for each post can be leveraged to promote products. Regardless of influencers post or large influence on purchasing decisions, it can contribute to bandwagon effect.

A report from PWC total retail survey 2016 shows 45% of global respondents said reading good reviews & comments can influence shopping behaviour.  Social influencers are pretty well versed in establishing good relationship with brands & tag them in promotion post.  The best way of marketing yourself is reach out to influencers in your industry who would be interested in trying your products and services.

Reviews From Friends & Family:

Reviews From Friends & Family | Data Marketers Group

Have you ever a tried new product up on your friends review or suggestion in social media? If so,join the club. You already made purchasing decision based on your friends & families suggestion. Do you remember how you made your decision? The answer is simple 80% of the consumer want to try out products suggested by their close circle.

Advertising On Social Media:

Advertising On Social Media | Data Marketers Group

Placing a sponsored ad on social media has become simple & yet targeting became much detailed oriented. You can advertise various types of ads aligned with your business goals which drives your goals & builds brand awareness. This can target a large group of audience in an effective way to drive sales.

Stay On Top With Trends & Algorithm Update:

If you are using social media over the last few years, obviously you know what means to stay in with current trends. Based on the social media channel, you can choose your               own media you want to trend. Every medium has its own advantages & disadvantages. Always encourage your audience with like, comments, share. This keeps your post engaging & influencing.

Roll Out Social Media Campaign:

Generating & rolling out a good contest has several benefits for the business & customers. Depending on the terms of contest business can improve & build good online reputation. Never take your competitors advantages of your competitors. Run contest in a smart way to attract existing & new customer in a hassle free manner.

Build A Reliable B2B Telemarketing Database

Build A Reliable Telemarketing Database | Data Marketers Group

Make an investment of time and resources to create a robust database for your sales reps. Your sales staff will have a better lead selection, allowing them to distinguish between leads who are ready to buy and those that require more time. The usefulness of your data to your sales agents will be determined by having a solid database.

Improved Online Presence:

Improved Online Presence | Data Marketers Group

Internet & smartphone, started to rule our business in a most effective way of improving business visibility. By applying good social media strategy you can improve your brand recognition & provide good user experience for the new people on your social media page.

Content Development:

Content Development | Data Marketers Group

Content is one of the crucial parts of any social media strategy.  You can incorporate a variety of content types depending on the platform you want to promote your products. Consider the best way of narrating your story & stay ahead of your competitors by sharing creative insights.

Lead Nurturing:

Lead Nurturing | Data Marketers Group

Lead nurturing is one of the biggest assets of building your social media platforms. Build a relationship through shared interest & learn about all aspects of your leads.  Linkedin is one of the best ways to connect with key decision makers & promote important elements of your business.

Great Platform To Analyze Buying Pattern:

As we all know social media network is open to all & provides deep insights about consumer activities or potential buyers. This can be win win situation for marketers to stay informed about target audience & roll out better marketing strategy. Hence create a more engaging content & improve the engagement ratio of the customers. Social media gives access to different kindsof demographics people & helps B2B marketers in understanding their buying pattern.

Here are few things to be taken care if you want to have favourable decision for your brand:

  • A responsive Website
  • Online reviews
  • Circulate targeted message
  • Be active
  • User friendly content
  • Try to be modest
  • Do repeat content
  • Review tags, Hashtags
  • Respond to DM’s


Social Media platform is smart & Powerful medium connecting with entrepreneurs, marketers or bloggers. Make sure you follow good strategies to connect with customers while building good relationship with existing customers. Though there are several social platforms available, identifying the best one for business will definitely take your brand to the next level. Need any help in assisting your social media profile for brand promotion? Collaborate with us right now. We believe that the effect of social media on consumer behaviour will have strong influence.

How To Enhance B2B Telemarketing Efforts | Data Marketers Group

How To Enhance Your B2B Telemarketing Efforts

How To Enhance B2B Telemarketing Efforts | Data Marketers Group

For businesses all over the world, B2B telemarketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tools. Telemarketing is popular among marketers because it has a higher response rate than other direct marketing methods and is relatively inexpensive.

While business to business telemarketing can be an effective sales strategy, it all depends on how you carry out your campaign goals. The planning and goal setting are what differentiate a successful telemarketing campaign from a failure. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the nuances of telemarketing before getting started.

What Is B2B Telemarketing?

What Is B2B Telemarketing | Data Marketers Group

B2B telemarketing, as the name implies, is the marketing of various products and services to businesses via phone calls. Inbound and outbound telemarketing are two types of telemarketing. Inbound telemarketing is concerned with calls received as a result of email campaigns, direct mail campaigns, or any other channel. On the other hand, b2b outbound telemarketing, also known as cold calling, requires the use of well-trained skilled people to call potential clients and market your solutions.

Before diving into the concept of outbound telemarketing b2b campaign, let’s see how to enhance your b2b telemarketing efforts.

Have Clear B2B Telemarketing Objectives

Have Clear Telemarketing Objectives | Data Marketers Group

Start with defining and describing your primary objectives, investing resources on planning, and assembling a diverse team to ensure a well-rounded approach. Each objective should be connected to a particular objective.

Examples of objectives:

  • Achieve a sales qualified lead (SQL) quota
  • Implement an outreach to enhance the success of support efforts such as drip email opens, event registration, trade show participation, or webinar attendance.

Consider the other processes in place while determining your goals (lead nurturing or lead follow up). Having a comprehensive picture of the sales leads telemarketing process ensures that marketing leads are acquired, processed, and distributed more efficiently. This translates to more genuine leads, more opportunity to close deals, and less time and money spent.

Align B2B Telemarketing Strategy With Your Overall Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy supports the b2b outbound telemarketing campaigns. Not only does the sales team need to know which platforms and methods are best for selling, but the marketing team also has to know what the product or service’s objectives are. Constant contact with the marketing team will aid both teams in aligning their strategies so that they can operate together.

Use Valid KPIs

Use Valid KPIs | Data Marketers Group

Use the appropriate KPIs, such as:

  • Dials/Hours
  • Dollars in Sales/Hour
  • Conversion Ratio (-Bad Sales)
  • Percentage of Good (vs. Bad) Leads or Sales
  • Pending/Hour
  • Not Interested/Hour
  • Bad Numbers/Hour

Build A Reliable B2B Telemarketing Database

Build A Reliable Telemarketing Database | Data Marketers Group

Make an investment of time and resources to create a robust database for your sales reps. Your sales staff will have a better lead selection, allowing them to distinguish between leads who are ready to buy and those that require more time. The usefulness of your data to your sales agents will be determined by having a solid database.

Retest Your B2B Telemarketing Strategy

To determine the best telemarketing tactics, test, retest, and analyze their success rates. Every campaign brings with it a fresh learning curve and an opportunity to improve! Your campaign will never be flawless, but by carefully recording data, evaluating reports, and comparing campaigns, you will be able to learn how to improve it in the future.

Good Data, Bad Data 

Make sure you have accurate database research of your target demographic when running a B2B telemarketing campaign. You may always hire the services of a trustworthy phone data provider if you don’t have the resources to create an accurate database of potential consumers.

We recommend that you conduct your database research in the following areas:

  • The Target Market
  • Data Quality
  • Market Selection
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Composition
  • Job Role
  • Referral Opportunities
  • Value Proposition

Telemarketing b2b initiatives can take a long time to get traction. Furthermore, you need account for unavailable numbers, re-directions, and callbacks. Also, if the salespeople are new to the industry, they will require time to learn how to engage and convert potential clients. The advantages of using an automatic dialer are numerous. With all of the time it saves your time while providing more time to call back, divert, and so on without having to worry about wasting time.

Keep The Law Of Averages In Consideration

Keep The Law Of Average Consideration | Data Marketers Group

In order to produce a lead for a B2B initiative, it takes an average of 80 calls. However, depending on the offer, market sector, product or service value, and target audience, this value changes. Knowing the statistics on b2b telemarketing will help you stay motivated and persistent in building relationships and closing deals.

Train and Engage Your Telemarketing Team

Train and Engage Your Telemarketing Team | Data Marketers Group

The effectiveness of your sales team is important in determining the success of your b2b telemarketing campaign. The higher the return on their efforts, the more relevant and compelling they are. As a result, ensure that each sales representative you hire receives extensive training.

Benefits of Telemarketing

Benefits of Telemarketing | Data Marketers Group

If you want to uncover new business opportunities while also increasing brand awareness and trust through meaningful discourse, B2B telemarketing is a must-have for your firm. Here’s a complete overview of the 4 benefits of B2B telemarketing:

  • Quality Leads

Since B2B telemarketing is a more personalized method to outbound prospecting, you’ll be able to warm up your lead and create your relationship with them faster. Furthermore, you can determine whether a lead is appropriate for your business right away.

  • An Extended Sales Pipeline

Because you can allocate individual leads to certain call agents, they may create relationships with customers and prepare them for the BDM to seal the deal. This frees up your other B2B salespeople to focus on sourcing and researching more leads, increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

  • It’s Affordable

The company that employs sales team vs a telemarketing team is vastly different. For example, having your entire telemarketing crew in one location will save you money on traveling. You’ll be able to focus on bringing in additional prospects for added revenue generation with the extra time granted to the rest of your team.

  • Measurable performance 

The ability to record and listen back to calls can determine what worked and what didn’t can help your telemarketing sales tremendously. You’ll also learn important information like the average length of a call and the number of prospects who are willing to take the first call.

Bottom Line:

Although digital marketing is generally inexpensive, it may not deliver the same outcomes as other direct-to-customer tactics like telemarketing, particularly in B2B contexts. That is why, despite the introduction of numerous new routes for client acquisition, a substantial number of B2B telemarketing firms continue to use this tested conversion method. To make the most of the potential, you’ll need high-quality b2b telemarketing lists and a team of knowledgeable sales representatives with everything they’ll need to guide your prospects to the conversion funnel’s end.

How To Retain Customers Via Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

How To Retain Customers Via Email Marketing?

How To Retain Customers Via Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

The advent of Internet has paved way for many marketing strategies, but still email stand out as one of the most effective types of marketing. According to campaign monitor, “89% of the marketers consider that their email marketing strategy is a success.”& report by Chief Marketer shows “email marketing outperforms other marketing tactics when it comes to lead generation.”

Thumb rule for any marketing strategy is never get stagnant, as it is dynamic & ever changing. We need to stay connected with trends & technology. In fact, 59% of B2B marketers believe email marketing is considered as one of the main revenue generating sources.

Have you ever wondered why email is the main source of revenue generating models for most the companies? This is because it is personal, targeted & mean to be consistent. You may have a question, email is old school, but a report from HubSpot says it helps in improving sales & margins.Hence email marketing can be used to increase engagement & deepening of customer connection.

If you close a huge deal for your product& improve sales of your company then it is cloud nine moment right!! Apart from trust you’ve established with customer & improved revenue, wondering what else can make sure maintaining effective customer relationship? Here we discuss about numerous strategies that can be used to retain customers.  Though there are many such strategies we’ll be discussing about the most important aspect of retaining customer via email marketing.

What is Customer Retention?

What Is Customer Retention | Data Marketers Group

A company’s ability to retain its customer over time is often referred as customer retention. Ideally, it is percentage based metric which can give count of customers retained at the end of a given time period. This time period is varying from company to company & service they offer.

Customer retention is impacted by a number of new customers acquired, and number of existing customer churn by cancelling their subscriptions or business contract.

How Customer Retention Is Calculated?

Gone are the days when company or sales person thought having one common channel to target your audience is important. But now the scenario has been changed and especially with the panademic everything is new normal. As the report by Oberla there are 3.5 billion social media users & on average users spend 3 hours per day on social media.

How Customer Retention Is Calculated | Data Marketers Group

{(Customers at the end of a period-Customers Acquired during period)/Customers at start period)]*100}

Why Customer Retention is important?

Why Customer Retention Is Important | Data Marketers Group

Now you would have aware customer retention, how a company can be successful in acquiring new customers & how successful they are at satisfying existing customers.

A report by HubSpot shows 5% increase in the customer retention improves revenue by 25- 90%. Customer retention brings the company a ton of ROI.

Here are few critical reasons why customer retention is important to company’s growth.

  • Affordability
  • ROI
  • Loyalty
  • Referrals
  • Reduces promotional expenses
  • Improves Brand image
  • Improves Revenue
  • Improved employee Satisfaction
  • Better Customer Experience

Audit Your Automated Emails:

Audit Your Automated Emails | Data Marketers Group

Take a look of tone of your automated messaging sent to customers. As a B2B marketer, it is important to make sure new & existing customers matches with the tone of the current times which helps to connect with customers. Always evaluate the current customer journey & outgoing campaign to provide extra support & thoughtful touch via email. Hope you have heard about customer first examples of email which could nurture your relationship with customers.

Thank you & Appreciation Emails:

In the internet era, our inboxes are cluttered with tones of emails. A well-timed executed thank you note can create a huge impact on customers. Along with the thank you note you can share the highlight of support offered by business, deals & discounts.

Thank You And Appreciation Email List | Data Marketers Group

Simple & elegance note can do wonders when it comes to customer retention.  And more importantly, today’s audience is highly connected with a visual oriented messaging platform such as Instagram, YouTube, Snap chat & more. Try new formats & keep the standard high, to make sure content is engaging & connect with customers in real time.

Produce Good Quality Content & be a voice:

Quality of content should never be compromised. Developing engaging & high quality content can be brand voice. Being brand voice pushes you to produce a significant portion of engaging & high quality content.  Here you must act a thought provoking leader from everything you say starting from subject line. This is slow &a steady process by building consistency through voice which makes you recognizable & memorable. Alternatively polish content builds unique brand for your voice.

Adhere to the practice of sending personalized messages:

Everyone loved to be special right? Same goes for your customers too. Make them special by addressing their needs through emails.

Collaborate with Data Marketers Group for discovering everything you need to know about customer retention, what it is, how it can be used, how it can be measured, why it is important & organization must be spend ample amount of marketing budget for improving revenue.

Personalization helps B2B marketers in sending messages based on their priority & engagement ratio. Email personalization gives a wonderful feel of receiving messages from the brand you trust & love. And if you want to build a high level of trust personalization is key.

How Email Personalization Can Be Achieved?

How Email Personalization Can Be Achieved | Data Marketers Group

There are many ways to roll out personalized campaign here are few tips:

Smart Subject Line:

Most common & best practice is to use email subject lines to address contacts by their name & other well-known factor. This idea can be leveraged to create smart subject lines for your marketing emails.Grab your client’s attention right away & entice to open your mail with a strong subject line.

For instance, if you’re sending an email promoting an upcoming webinar, you must two different list with customer, one who attended your past webinars & list of new customers who are yet to attend a webinar.

Include Smart CTA:

Another popular way is to add content to your email by including smart CTA. Smart Call To Action can be tailored to contacts from different lifecycle stages, countries, list, preferred languages & much more. Smart CTA’s helps your leads to progress further in their buyer’s journey with contextual offers.

Smart Text:

Finally an email is incomplete without short & crisp mail body. Research & build smart rules to target customers based on memberships & sales lifecycle. With the help of smart content, there are endless opportunities to connect with contacts based on their targeted group & provide contextual experience.

Benefits of personalized Email:

  • Helps you to understand highly targeted contacts
  • Improves sales
  • Improves engagement ratio
  • Strengthen customer experience
  • Build Trust

Keep them coming back for more:

The well-known fact is that the success rate of selling a product to a customer you already won is 60-70%. So wondering how to do this?  No worries!! You need to retain, upsell & cross sell your customer to get customer lifetime value. If a customer has good relationship & buys from you, remember they have a good relationship with your brand.

Friendly Reminder:

Friendly Reminder | Data Marketers Group

Based on the customer geographic location a friendly email must be sent whenever there is a major marketing event going on.  This type of email builds trust between you & customers, allowing them to take necessary actions if required.Reminders can be targeted or niche focusing a group of customers.

Market Research Survey, Feedback & Contest:

This method is one the most valuable input to gain insight about customer. Remember a simple survey would fetch you incredible results. Combining completed survey with a chance to win the contest will drive more responses.Collected feedbacks can be used to get information about existing customer on how their expectation & how they feel about your brand. Whenever a customer purchases your product request them for a simple feedback about services provided.

Advocacy Program:

Whenever a new customer comes on board, it is great to introduce them to your advocacy program with some fabulous rewards & providing new exposure to prospects. Send an email inviting new customers to program & explain how it works.  This email must be a key note on explaining offers, rewards & been valued customers.  And most importantly, every advocacy program must come with an expiry date so that you can keep your brand in the minds of the highly valued customers.


Email Marketing is clearly one of the best marketing channels worth investing in. But the key takeaway is ensuring customer retention is doesn’t stop with high email open rate & click through ratio.  From nurturing long term relationship building customer journey email is the primary component for any buyer’s journey.If you’re looking to collaborate with agencies for building customer retention strategies, we’re happy to help you. Being pioneers in building better customer retention programs, Data Marketers Group focus on relevancy &has good experience in handling clients from different industry.

Top 10 B2B Sales Trends | Data Marketers Group

Top 10 B2B Sales Trends That You Should Know In 2021

Top 10 B2B Sales Trends | Data Marketers Group

Marketing & sales world is huge, dynamic & ever changing.  We’re living in the digital era where trends, technology & tactics are most common. Developing strong sales trends with limited budget, channel decision & creative demands are tough. New products & processes are constantly up which enables companies to adopt the changing trends to stay top on the market. Let us also remember 2020 is one the year to which changed B2B selling & buying forever. Prioritizing agility & adapting to the changing customer needs highly recommended for any business.

Sales trends allow you to

  • Keep up good relationship with consumers
  • Stay up to date with changes in consumer behaviours
  • Listen & respond to changes in the market changes
  • To ensure you stay ahead of marketers in knowing your targets

Here are top few tactics which work well in the changing marketing industry:

Understanding Your Customers:

Understanding Your Customers | Data Marketers Group

Sales are no more selling products & services. It is all about establishing good relationship for further prospecting. So it is more important to understand your customer & their requirements effectively. Instead of sharing a recorded demo, interactive with client & look for an appropriate time to pitch your products. Customers know a lot about you & your products. Hence, they look for authenticity & genuine empathy & trust for any business.

Multi-Channel Strategy:

Gone are the days when company or sales person thought having one common channel to target your audience is important. But now the scenario has been changed and especially with the panademic everything is new normal. As the report by Oberla there are 3.5 billion social media users & on average users spend 3 hours per day on social media.

Multi Channel Strategies | Data Marketers Group

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube is most trending social media in recent days.  Hence it is important to prepare a strategy and segment your audience based on the region & engage them effectively through all channels.

Benefits of using Multi channel strategy:

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Reach wider audience
  • Connect with all types of consumers through their favourite channel
  • Improved customer engagement & conversion rate
  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Improved customer base
  • Lower customer acquisition cost


B2B buyers expect personalization even though if it is business related conversation. Building rapport comes with personalization. A small change in the attitude is more important when it comes to personalization. Everyone is feeling important if email or B2B campaign is set based on their requirement. Also good response rate is achieved for bulk emails or messages. The ultimate goal of any personalization is to leave the customer with a positive experience.

Personalization | Data Marketers Group

Personalization will improve your relationship & ensure your communication channel is consistent. Moreover collected data over other marketing activities can be used to analyze & enhance the experience of customer as well as salesperson. It helps sales person to develop virtual persona of prospects & how is it behavior pattern changes with technological advancement.

Benefits of Personalization:

  • Improved customer Loyalty
  • Better understanding of customers
  • Fewer follow ups
  • Better Calls to Action
  • Follow up emails
  • Drive Revenue
  • Targeted Emails
  • Turns visitors into hot leads
  • Personalize sales follow ups
  • Create Cross channel consistency
  • Solve customer complaints instantly
  • Marketing Personalization

AI Automation:

AI is one of the buzz words in marketing & sales world. Infusion of artificial intelligence into email marketing or sales nurturing can bring huge impact in sales & conversion. With the AI you can predict the current trends & stay informed about the upcoming trends to roll out B2B sales campaign accordingly. With the advent of AI enabled tools B2B marketing or sales person can personalize each & every mail effectively.

AI Automation | Data Marketers Group

Predictive analysis is one the core concept of AI which monitors & provides the accurate behaviour of prospects. With the improved flexibility for automation, every company started to adopt AI tools for sales conversion.

AI plays a powerful role in determining which request are highest priority to analyzing which is most preferred communication channel for understanding customer needs.

So how AI & predictive analysis help B2B sales:

  • In generating new leads
  • Personalizing email messages
  • Guiding sales representative in calls
  • Building accurate sales pipelines
  • Smart decision making
  • Improved efficiency
  • Drive more sales
  • Identify current trends & choices

AI helps salesperson by serving up valuable prospect with various information flows.

Digital Revolution:

Technological advancement always helped business in creating new opportunities for collaborating with customers. Though we are living in a digital world, maximum utilization happened in the last two years because of covid 19. Corporates have started using the digital platform from marketing, brand promotion to sales.  And more importantly, when it comes to B2B sales, the digital revolution has brought tremendous changes in our business.

CRM software:

Customer Relationship Management software is one of the leading solution providers of B2B sales. It helps sales to organize leads & sales cycle effectively. One of the greatest benefits of CRM tools is its integration with other business applications & data migration. With the growing need of business increasing day by day CRM plays a huge role in accommodating those requirements.

Above all CRM comes with powerful analytics which enhances the data stored in CRM to drive improved sales outcomes. It also provides the pattern & behavior to enhance & understand the growing sales needs.

Benefits of Using CRM | Data Marketers Group

Mobile Optimization:

Mobile Optimization | Data Marketers Group

A report by Cisco research indicates 60% of the smartphone users can’t imagine anything without mobile. And with growing panademic, there is huge responsibility using mobiles from education to basic shopping.  Hence if you’re pioneer in sales then you would have opted of business optimization for your business. Mobile turned out to be one the greatest gadgets that helps everyone to stay connected & multi task. 2021 have massively improved the use of mobile phones which can be used as one the greatest mainstream channel to stay connected with your prospects or customers.

Social Media:

From creating brand awareness, educating audiences to building credibility & trust, social media can be used effectively. Everything is possible with a customer centric B2B social media strategy. No matter how technical or niche your product might be. A quick response can immediately connect your brand personally with customers effectively.

Twitter can be used as best staple for customer services when it comes to SaaS marketing. With positive & proactive customer service you can connect with buyer’s persona smartly.

This is one of the examples, likewise valuable content can be created & insights can be shared in social media to promote brand & stay ahead of your competitors.

Team Merger – Marketing & Sales Team working together:

Working together with marketing & sales team can be a tremendous change in the way the entire B2B campaign can be executed for better ROI. It is the myth that 80% of the lead generated doesn’t reach sales, hence establishing a proper channel for the both the teams can help them to collaborate & work together. Hence it is important to stay connected through any software application & tracking of leads can improve sales ROI effectively.

Introducing Chatbots

Introducing Chatbots | Data Marketers Group

Chatbots are one of the greatest platforms which pave smart recommendations for products & services.  According to studies, 50% of the customers expect a business to be available 24*7.  Waiting of next available person to solve the simple query is highly challenging, hence chatbot is always coolest candidates is connecting with website visitors anytime.  It helps seller & customer to maintain 24*7 responses always.  Similarly Chabot has ability to answer thousands questions.

Benefits of Using Chatbots | Data Marketers Group

With chatbot you can also redefine your content marketing strategy which can be future centric.

Wrapping Up

With the ever growing technology & tools, it is important for every business to accommodate them in the competitive market world. Creativity in marketing, sales and new approach of selling products & services with ongoing B2B sales trends is highly recommended during tough times like Covid 19. Providing convenient tools for business & upgrading at regular interval of time can avoid the manual work & repetitive work. With proven productive strategies, sales team can stay connected with the digital world by incorporating current trends in sales.