How Does Social Media Influence Purchasing Decisions In The B2B Industry

Social Media Influence On Purchasing Decisions In B2B Industry | Data Marketers Group

Social Media tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate, contribute & connect- Unknown

Due to recent development in the modern technology, Social media emerged as one of the most powerful tools to reach people locally, regionally, nationally & even internationally.This pace of change is accelerating &so quick that it goes by a wink of the eyes. And we must agree mobilization plays crucial role in shaping the essential role in shaping the social media.

There is a saying social media is about sociology & psychology more than technology- Brain solis. One must agree this before planning their sales & marketing campaigns. In this blog we will be discussing about the importance of social media & it can influence the purchasing decision in the B2B industry. Social media paves way to highlight the best aspects of your business just with a single click.

When your social pages become hub for users to easily find more about your business & connect with them globally than it can be used as a big platform. Social media provides a great opportunity to standardize your brand value & improve business relationships with your prospect overs the period. Having a strong familiarity allows you to have a better idea of social media platform especially while interacting with clients.

Thanks to smartphone evolution,this helped many businesses to access social media from anywhere & anytime.Gone are the days where people used to share personal updates, thoughts with family or friends, but advent of social media has taken a more personal role in influencing & engaging with people effectively.

Social media is a key point is establishing a hub for mass consumption,selling & buying. When it comes to purchasing journey, social networks plays a key role in establishing business relationship.

Why Is Important To Have A Social Media Strategy?

Why It Is So Important To Have Social Media Strategy | Data Marketers Group

Most social media platforms supportan organic way of reaching out to buyers using social media channels.  With strong, comprehensive B2B social media strategy industries like financial services, healthcare can reach out to the people across the globe to amplify & achieve your overall marketing & sales targets. It is one of the virtual space for establishing good relationship & advertising of your products & services.

Bringing & promoting your business online might help you to create some major leads & improve your potential customer base.

According to GlobalWebIndex, 71% of the people more likely to purchase products & services based on social media referrals & research. We must admit at social media changed the way we promote our products & services without spending huge amount of marketing budget. This is seems cool, isn’t?Wondering how social media influence consumer buying journey? Come, let us deep drive in to blog post to understand more how social media influences consumer buying journey.

Customer Journey:

Gone are the days where you see a product on TV or banner before going for shopping. And finally, when you buy or plan to buy to desired product it takes n number of days.  Now the entire process takes only a few minutes. As per Deloitte report, about 29% of the social media users more likely to do purchase on the same day they read good reviews about products.

Customer Journey | Data Marketers Group

It is not that customer buying journey shortens but it is complicated now. Now it is extremely important to keep an eye on your online reputation & make contact efforts to stay top always.

Get Strong Reviews From Social Influencers:

The term social influencers are one of the modern day buzz word represent specific individual having significant followers on social media.Having large audience base interaction for each post can be leveraged to promote products. Regardless of influencers post or large influence on purchasing decisions, it can contribute to bandwagon effect.

A report from PWC total retail survey 2016 shows 45% of global respondents said reading good reviews & comments can influence shopping behaviour.  Social influencers are pretty well versed in establishing good relationship with brands & tag them in promotion post.  The best way of marketing yourself is reach out to influencers in your industry who would be interested in trying your products and services.

Reviews From Friends & Family:

Reviews From Friends & Family | Data Marketers Group

Have you ever a tried new product up on your friends review or suggestion in social media? If so,join the club. You already made purchasing decision based on your friends & families suggestion. Do you remember how you made your decision? The answer is simple 80% of the consumer want to try out products suggested by their close circle.

Advertising On Social Media:

Advertising On Social Media | Data Marketers Group

Placing a sponsored ad on social media has become simple & yet targeting became much detailed oriented. You can advertise various types of ads aligned with your business goals which drives your goals & builds brand awareness. This can target a large group of audience in an effective way to drive sales.

Stay On Top With Trends & Algorithm Update:

If you are using social media over the last few years, obviously you know what means to stay in with current trends. Based on the social media channel, you can choose your               own media you want to trend. Every medium has its own advantages & disadvantages. Always encourage your audience with like, comments, share. This keeps your post engaging & influencing.

Roll Out Social Media Campaign:

Generating & rolling out a good contest has several benefits for the business & customers. Depending on the terms of contest business can improve & build good online reputation. Never take your competitors advantages of your competitors. Run contest in a smart way to attract existing & new customer in a hassle free manner.

Build A Reliable B2B Telemarketing Database

Build A Reliable Telemarketing Database | Data Marketers Group

Make an investment of time and resources to create a robust database for your sales reps. Your sales staff will have a better lead selection, allowing them to distinguish between leads who are ready to buy and those that require more time. The usefulness of your data to your sales agents will be determined by having a solid database.

Improved Online Presence:

Improved Online Presence | Data Marketers Group

Internet & smartphone, started to rule our business in a most effective way of improving business visibility. By applying good social media strategy you can improve your brand recognition & provide good user experience for the new people on your social media page.

Content Development:

Content Development | Data Marketers Group

Content is one of the crucial parts of any social media strategy.  You can incorporate a variety of content types depending on the platform you want to promote your products. Consider the best way of narrating your story & stay ahead of your competitors by sharing creative insights.

Lead Nurturing:

Lead Nurturing | Data Marketers Group

Lead nurturing is one of the biggest assets of building your social media platforms. Build a relationship through shared interest & learn about all aspects of your leads.  Linkedin is one of the best ways to connect with key decision makers & promote important elements of your business.

Great Platform To Analyze Buying Pattern:

As we all know social media network is open to all & provides deep insights about consumer activities or potential buyers. This can be win win situation for marketers to stay informed about target audience & roll out better marketing strategy. Hence create a more engaging content & improve the engagement ratio of the customers. Social media gives access to different kindsof demographics people & helps B2B marketers in understanding their buying pattern.

Here are few things to be taken care if you want to have favourable decision for your brand:

  • A responsive Website
  • Online reviews
  • Circulate targeted message
  • Be active
  • User friendly content
  • Try to be modest
  • Do repeat content
  • Review tags, Hashtags
  • Respond to DM’s


Social Media platform is smart & Powerful medium connecting with entrepreneurs, marketers or bloggers. Make sure you follow good strategies to connect with customers while building good relationship with existing customers. Though there are several social platforms available, identifying the best one for business will definitely take your brand to the next level. Need any help in assisting your social media profile for brand promotion? Collaborate with us right now. We believe that the effect of social media on consumer behaviour will have strong influence.

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