Physicians Email List

Physician Data Counts

Total Physicians Contact Records: 2,564,300

Physicians Mailing Records: 2,120,520

Physicians Email Addresses: 2,224,300

Physicians Telephone Numbers: 2,021,650

Physicians Email Database Overview

Reaching out to right physicians has become simpler and easy with our Physicians Mailing List. Get all the required data that you need to market your products and services to physicians that are working across hospitals, clinics, healthcare organizations, medical schools, universities and more. From email and mailing address to medical specialty and NPI/DEA code, our Physicians Email List comprises everything that helps you to connect physicians with minimum hassle.

The Physicians Email Lists from Data Marketers Group is built and maintained through a unique verification process that ensures the highest data integrity and accuracy. This file allows you to target physicians who are concerned with promoting, maintaining, or restoring health through diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments. With our highly-responsive Physician Mailing Database, you can expect greater response and improved ROI for your multi-channel marketing campaigns. 

How We Compiled our Physicians Mailing List?

To maintain relevant and fresh data, we compiled our Physicians Email List from following authentic sources:

  • American Physicians Association (APHA)

  • American Medical Association (AMA) Membership Data

  • American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

  • Medical Seminars Registrations

  • Hospital Directories

  • Government Records

  • And More

Physicians Email Lists By Specialty

Addiction Medicine Specialist Email List

Internal Medicine Physicians Email List

Addiction Psychiatrist Email List

Addiction Specialist Email List

Adult Health Specialist Email List

Aerospace Medicine Physicians Email List

Allergist-Immunologist Email List

Allergists Email List

AMA Physicians Email List

Anatomical Clinical Pathologist Email List

Anesthesiology Email List

Asthma Specialist Email List

Athletic Trainers Email List

Bariatric Physician Email List

Bariatricians Mailing List

Chemical Pathologist Email List

Cardiologist Email List

Chiropractor Email List

Chiropodist Email List

Clinical Lipidologist Email List

Clinical Neuropsychologist Email List

Clinical Pathologist Email List

Critical Care Specialist Email List

Cytopathologist Email List

Dermatology Physicians Email List

Dermatopathologists Email List

Diabetes Specialists Email List

Emergency Medicine Physicians Email List

Emergency Medicine Specialist Email List

Epidemiologist Email List

Family Medicine Specialist Email List

Family Practice Physicians Email List

Family Practitioners Email List

Gastroenterologists Mailing List

Gastroenterology Physicians Email List

Geneticist Email List

Gynecologists Email List

Hand Specialists Email List

Hematology Physicians Email List

Hepatologists Email List

Holistic Medicine Specialist Email List

Holistic Practitioners Email List

Hospital Affiliated Physicians Email List

Hypnotherapist Email List

Hypnotists Email List

Immunologist Email List

Infectious Disease Specialist Email List

Informatics Specialist Email List

Interventional Cardiologists Email List

Medical Oncologist Email List

Medical Practitioners Mailing List

naturopathic Physicians Email List

Neurology Physicians Email List

Neuropathologists Email List

Neuroradiology Specialist Email List

Nutritionists Email List

Nutritionist Medicine Physician Email List

Orthopedic Physician Email List

Orthotics Specialist Email List

Osteopathic Doctors Email List

Otolaryngologists Email List

Otorhinolaryngologists Email List

Pain Management Specialist Email List

Pain Medicine Specialists Email List

Pediatric Allergists Email List

Pediatric Cardiologist Email List

Pediatric Critical Care Email List

Pediatric Endocrinologist Email List

Pediatric Gastroenterologist Email List

Pediatric Hematologists Email List

Pediatric Nephrologist Email List

Pediatric Neurologist Email List

Pediatric Ophthalmologist Email List

Pediatric Otolaryngologists Email List

Pediatric Physicians Email List

Pediatric Pulmonologist Email List

Pediatric Radiologist Email List

Pediatrics Specialists Email List

Perinatal Specialists Email List

Physiatrist Email List

Physiotherapist Email List

Prosthetists Email List

Reflexologists Email List

Registered Dieticians Email List

Rehabilitation practitioner Email List

Rehabilitation Specialists Email List

Reproductive Endocrinologists Email List

Respiratory Therapist Email List

Sports Medicine Physician Email List

Surgical Oncologist Email List

Transplant Surgeons Email List

Urologist Mailing List

Audiologist Email List

Emergency Medicine Email List

Endocrinologist Email List

General Practitioners Email List

Geriatrician Email List

Nephrologist Email List

Neurologist Email List

Neurosurgeons Email List

Pediatrician Mailing List

Pulmonologist Email List

Radiologist Email List

Rheumatologist Email List

Customize Your Physicians Email List Using Below Selects:

  • First Name & Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Board certification

  • Year of Graduation

  • Specialization Degree

  • Preferred Mailing Address

  • State/Province

  • Country

  • ZIP/Postal Code

  • Telephone Number

  • Fax Number

  • Email Address

  • Education

  • Gender

  • EHR and PMS

  • Primary and Secondary Specialties

  • Group practice name

  • Hospital affiliation

  • Average patient volume

  • Geographic Locations

  • Practice history

  • DEA/NPI Code

Who Can Use our Physicians Mailing List?

Trusted by healthcare industry leaders and businesses, our Physicians Mailing Lists provide great support for:

  • Physician recruiters

  • Market researchers

  • Medical publishers

  • Continuing medical education providers

  • Medical equipment manufacturers

  • Pharmaceutical companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I opt for DMG’s Physician Email list?

Get the most comprehensive Physician Email List from the Data Marketers Group, which will connect you with top notch medical professionals & executives in the healthcare industry.

How vast and accurate is your Physician Email List?

Get access to more than lakhs contact details of various medical professionals, physician, Nurse practitioners & more. Our contact database undergoes various validation &  verification process to ensure all details are most recent & helps B2B marketers in connecting with medical professionals without geographical barriers.

Do you have any subscription plan for Physician Email list?

Yes. We offer various subscription plan for clients based on their business goals & campaign requirements. Call us over 914 – 288 – 5888 or send your queries to [email protected] to get complete details.

What are the benefits of Physician Email list from the Data Marketers Group?

  • Improve ROI for B2B Campaigns.
  • Access to verified contact details of prospect for active & immediate communication.
  • High & improved conversation rate.
  • Stay connected with a target audience globally.
  • Expand your customer database

Can this Physician Email List used to target prospects across the globe?

Yes Of course. Connect with prospects across the world using our Physician email list. You can connect with prospects across various regions such as UK, USA, Canada, Europe & more to promote your products & services.

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