Buy a list or create one? Which is more profitable

Nothing is much more important than the success of your email list than the list of your subscribers. The success of your campaign depends on the on having an integrated and engaged lists. Like all the others I am sure that you might be tempted to accelerate your building efforts by buying an email an email list, but buying an email list will actually lead you with poor results and possibly even damage your reputation for a long time. Buying an email list leads is something like breaking the golden rule. And I am sure that you hate it when an isolated email comes into your box, as this just leads to clutter and distracts you from the other emails that you wish to read. In short when you don’t like it how can you expect the subscribers to do so. Given here are some reasons why purchasing an email lists are a big no to email marketing. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Invading the inboxes of the strangers: Remember that you are sending email campaign to people. And you design your campaigns in such a way that the person is able to read, and adds a call to action button encouraging your readers to click and convert. If you have someone who wishes not to hear from you and still receive an email from your side into their inbox, they will then just delete it and mark it as a spam especially when they don’t know who you are. Forcing your way into someone inbox without their permission is like showing up to a dinner part that is hosted by someone else and your uninvited. This is in no manner the best way of beginning any relationship with your customer.

Too many bounces: Since most of the email addresses on the purchased lists are old, many of these contacts will not be active and anything that is sent to them will bounce back as undeliverable. Typically, a bounce rate between 2% is optimal but if over goes more than 5% then there is definetly some problem with the list that you have been using. Even if there are any active emails on the list, they are very likely to delete the emails without even having a look at them. Even worse they will just mark your email as a spam and you will be on your way to bad reputation.

Email Service Providers Won’t allow Purchased Lists: First of all, as long as you are a reputable email service provider, let me tell you that you will not be able to purchase an email list. Most email service providers even do ask whether or not your email list has been opted in, in short, the ones who are on the list have opted into specifically receive emails from your company. Some of the Email Service providers will ask their list members to opt in as well as doubt in.

Bad Addresses Bad Delivery Date: A purchased list is likely to have contacts that have poor quality. And of all the addresses that are still active, most turn out to be on hold as its unlikely that they are being used much if at all. When you send an email from the purchased list having full of unused contacts, you will see high bounce rates and the over all campaign statistics will turn out to be underwhelming since the majority of the list is undeliverable. Also, one of the things that can turn out to happen with the old addresses is that they turn out to become spam traps or honey spots. And these are email addresses used specifically to find people who are using questionable lists and cause a serious damage to your sending reputation.

There are many other reasons as to why you should never ever buy an email list. Instead you can always invest time and grow your email list rather than buying one. Though buying a list may seem to be a quick fix but in long run you may lose money and damage your entire reputation. If you wish that your email should be read then make sure that your lists are opted in and have been growing in the right away. Remember the time spent in creating an email list will pay you off when a high performing list of people who actually can’t wait to read your emails.

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