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Depression is a prison where you are both suffering prisoner & the cruel jailer- Dorothy Rowe

Loneliness & depression are the two important buzz words in the 21 st century. With the growing technology which connects us to the people all over the world, we become isolated. Be it personal or professional life if anyone is affected psychologically then counselling in the best way to recover lost confidence in them. People who access counselling or therapy believe they are emotionally weak. It is observed that if a person comes out of counselling, they are fully developed & adopted new skills to survive in this world.

We Data Marketers understand the potential markets available for therapist & counseling service providers. We have a team of experts who work on building the counselor database. We try to understand our clients marketing insights and offer smart marketing solutions for their business. Our database consist of fresh, up to date information for different campaigns. We establish path to get connected with global healthcare professionals & leaders. We explore all business opportunities through our extensive market research experts.

Build your database in a customized layout for all business requirements. We acquire data from various trusted sources. We collect data & process data both in manual & automated way.

Benefits of our Counselor database:

  • We have established partnership with various powerful data partners who effectively contribute for building quality database for your business needs.
  • We have geo specialty based emailing list with information like name, specialty, NPI (National Provider Identifier) & etc
  • Regular phone calls to ensure email is verified & validated
  • Additionally we offer email append, data append & data enhancement services

Counselor database is completely different from other niche based physician campaign list. We align our promises with your business needs so as to offer best services. So interested in expanding your business? We can help you. Connect with your targeted mailing list prospect with our database. Our database includes licensed clinical social workers and licensed addition counselor. Increase your campaign ROI with our database. Our mission is to offer best services for healthcare industry, we assure that our information is comprehensive, fresh & up to date. To know more reach us at

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