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Who is Investor?

A person or organization that puts money into financial schemes, property, etc. The ultimate expectation of any investment is achieving a profit. Generally, investors utilize investments to grow their money & provide income during retirements. There are wide of variety of investment vehicle exist such as stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, foreign exchange, gold & real estate. Investors perform both technical & fundamental analysis to identify favorable investment opportunities.

Different types of investor Database:

There are different types of investors list & each can be used for different purpose. They are Angel investor database, venture investors database, investor trust database, Hedge fund investor, wealth fund investors & property investors.

Angle investors database list has business angels who aid funding to yield better returns. Venture investor database has list of individuals, companies & pension funds collectives. Hedge trust database consist of mutual funds for reinvesting but not enclosed publicly. Property investor has list of investors who invest in purchase of real estate & capital risk involved.

Investor Mailing list:

DMG investor mailing database consist of traders & analyst in the fast-growing investment industry. We offer various marketing data for email, direct & telemarketing & other multi-channel campaign. So it’s right time to identify the right investors & target niche audience with your marketing sales & campaign. Now with the help of our investor mailing list it is easy & simple to run campaign.

Our database includes detail like Name of the investor or organization, primary contact, second contact, address which includes complete details like state, zip code & country, phone number, email address, URL link if any & fund description. Our investor database is unique & offers most up to date & validated information. We also understand company information changes or companies re brand their names. So, it is important to constantly update investor database since investors are present in every part of the world & they can operate internationally.

Benefits of our investor list:

  • Updated on a regular basis
  • 100% tele verified & email Verified
  • Our email database is ideal for promoting all types of products & services.
  • High reach on the target audience
  • Saves your time & resource
  • High return on your investment

Identifying the right investors to target all your marketing sales or campaign just got easier with our investor email list. Hence create your customized mailing list by choosing the best from our mailing database.

Our investor database is perfect for all business new opportunities. With our investor mailing list, you are free to choose target audience & can get customized list. Our database is segmented based on geographic information, zip code, country & etc. Hence it saves your time & research efforts to reach potential audience. We provide most recent & up to date information to increase high campaign success rate & reduce bounce rates.

At DMG we offer perfect & accurate insight which helps to identify the new investor base. Interested in knowing more about our investors email list?? Feel free to reach us anytime.

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