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“Stroke is ranked as the third leading cause of death in the United States & by 2020 neurologist will fall 20 percent below demand.” – American Academy of Neurology

According to American Academy of Neurology, demand for neurologic care is increasing. Global study by WHO (World Health Organization) states, “8 out of 10 disorders in the 3 highest disability classes are neurologic problems”. While the developed countries investing huge money and time for research & development of improved drugs. American Academy of Neurology published a shocking report saying that “We face shortage of neurologist to treat an increasing number of neurologic patients. “

A physician who diagnose & treat all the disorders of nervous system is referred as Neurologist. We Data Marketer group understand the potential market available for neurologist in the present healthcare industry. We believe in smart way of doing business. Thus leveraging business in right time will make huge impact on its profit. Neuro Physician is prospect for medical equipment & device suppliers.

How we work?

We acquire data from various sources such as seminars, webinars, healthcare magazines & etc. collected information goes through various screening process. Database is customized in a way to help provide broader physician world to sales & marketers.

DMG’s Neurology Database Layout includes

  • Physician Name
  • NPI & licensed state
  • Gender
  • Specialty
  • Physical Address
  • Phone No
  • Email

Analyzing your potential market & examining insights of sales can help you in identifying the key aspects of business. At DMG we offer client insights & smart marketing solutions so that they can follow well planned B2B campaign process. With our mailing list sales, revenue or ROI can be increased by high quality business leads. Follow systematic & focused approach in business campaigns by segmenting categories like specialty, location, hospital affiliation for your business growth. At DMG B2B, we have expertise who analyses & provide insights to expand your business with our neurology mailing list. With our neurology database it becomes easy for the marketers to promote their medical services, medical devices & equipment, so that physician can offer quality treatment for the patients. Interested in knowing more about mailing list & healthcare data reach us immediately. We are happy to help you.

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