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Psychologist Database & Mailing List

Psychologist is one of the growing field in healthcare industry. If you are a healthcare marketer like to help psychologist in their treatment process, then we can help you with our Psychologist Mailing list. Mailing list from DMG holds all the primary information for multi-channel campaign targeting psychologist. Primary information includes email, postal, NPI (National Providers Identifier) & zip code. Our data is regularly validated & verified to ensure high quality services is provided for clients.

Who is psychologist?

A psychologist is someone who studies human mind & human emotions & behavior & how different situations have an effect on people. Generally psychologist treatment methods differ from other treatment process. Unlike other physician (specialty based), psychologist needs to take extra care of the patients. We source our contacts from all the available sources & other trusted sources. They include trade shows, healthcare directories & seminar invite and webinars. We also gather data through state licensing records available for physician.

Our healthcare database design differs for different specialty. Since psychologist treatment process differs our psychologist database also compiled in a different way. This shows the potential market available for psychologist hence we love to help your business with our psychologist mailing list. We design database with the available information like name, NPI (National Providers Identifier), state license & zip code. We collate collected information as per the business requirement of our clients. Additionally we also design layout as you wish (with your business input). We provide business insights for our existing clients thus enhancing their marketing strategy for psychologist. We have psychologist mailing list which target new audience & for promoting your healthcare products & services. We always believe “there is better way of doing things”. We strive hard to fulfil our client’s expectation.

Benefits of DMG’s Psychologist Database:

  • Regular validation & clean-up process
  • Duplicate & inaccurate data can be removed
  • Marketing email reaches targeted physician
  • Product, Services & brand promotion is offered with accurate information
  • Tele verification & email verification done regularly to validate data
  • Email Append, data append & Data enhancement can increase the sales opportunities.

We love to create user customized layouts such as practices, hospitals, health systems, hospital management, medical billing software, specialty and health insurance for your projects. To know more information about psychologist database, reach us at

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