How Email Appending Can Upgrade Your Contacts List

How Email Appending Can Upgrade Your Contacts List | Data Marketers Group

Although email marketing is considered as a traditional approach of marketing, but still it continues as one of the most effective marketing channels when it comes to high return on investment. As an email marketer, it is necessary to have right set of email addresses of your targeted audience to send b2b email marketing campaigns with zero bounce rate.

In recent researches, it was found that an average of over 30% of subscribers changes their email addresses every year due to job changes, security and other reasons. Due to this, most of the emails won’t deliver successfully. Hence, the success of your email marketing campaign completely depends on the contacts list that you’re using currently. And the best way to ensure 100% accuracy in your customers’ database is via email appending.

Before going further, first we should understand the basic concept of Email Appending.

What is Email Appending and Why You Need Email Appending?

Email appending is the process of adding or updating a missing email address into a customer record within your existing contact database. This practice involves retrieving customer data like name and location and matching it with a vendor’s database to collect the missing data.  According to the experts, you can see an average increase of 30% in your ROI when you use email append service to upgrade your contact lists.

In the below mentioned picture, you can check the necessity of email append services.

Let’s See How Email Appending Process Can Upgrade Your Contact Database!

If you discover that your email marketing campaign doesn’t get the desired results, then you can opt Email Appending service to provide a massive boost to the sales figure and also generate higher traffic to the website. With Email appending process, you will get fresh and authentic information about your target audience including their name, contact number, email addresses, and other required data fields. This will ultimately help you engage with your audience in a much more efficient way.

An email append is simply the process of adding a valid email address to a contact in your existing database which falls under the following categories.

  • You can apply email appending to the contacts for which you have no email address but you have their first and last name and physical address.

  • You can apply email appending to the contacts which are having old or outdated email addresses.

  • You can apply email appending to the contacts that have become dormant and you are not sure if their email address is valid.

Here, in this below mentioned picture – you can check the whole process involved in the Email Appending from uploading the database to upgrading the contact list.

Whenever you upload your database that need to be email append, the following process takes place on your contact database.

  • Initially, the whole contact list will match against the proprietary and master datasets.

  • Later, the data experts will identify and remove the incorrect and invalid email addresses which are inactive.

  • Then they will add up-to-date, opt-in, correct email addresses of clients in case of missing, redundant and incorrect b2b e-mail addresses.

  • After adding accurate email addresses to the contact list, they will optimize the database by taking consent from the customers.

  • Later data experts will perform AI and manual verification for quality checks.

  • Finally, a newly appended file will forward to the client in a downloadable format.

How To Choose Best Email Appending Service Provider?

When it comes to choosing the email appending service that address your data needs, here are a few things – you need to make sure before going further.

  • Firstly, you need to shortlist exactly what you need.

  • Later, choose a company that can meet all of the requirements you have defined.

  • Make sure that email append provider supplies the authentic information.

  • Also, check which type of data sources they are using to compile database

  • Check how much time it takes for them to append emails.

  • Check- How often are they upgrading the master file.

  • Ask about the success rate of their email appending services.

  • Also, check will they be able to connect you to the old clients.

Benefits of Choosing Email Appending Service

In order to achieve huge success rate through email marketing, one must have a verified email database of their existing customers as well as the potential customers. Absence of such email database could make it harder for any business to start off an effective email marketing campaign. Email appending is one of the many techniques that could help you boost your sales, generate website traffic and retain your customers through email marketing. Here are some benefits of Email Appending Service:

Boost Response Rate

Undeliverable emails will always lead to a huge waste of time and resources. Thus, reducing the number of such aspects will be an important task for you when it comes to email marketing. The process of email appending will help you in reducing wastage of your resources and provides you with updated emails that will ultimately help you to get a better response from the recipients.

Data Cleansing

The process of email appending will not only help you to add missing information about your target audience but also enable you to correct errors like miss-spelt localities, names, invalid email ids, inauthentic identities, and other crucial data fields.

Database integrity

An email appending service can allow you to access a full and detailed database. The process will also help you to get your target audience’s demographic data including their age, name, salary, and other demographic details. In the process of research, email appending will help you to build successful marketing strategies that match with your business needs.

Affordable Pricing

Email Appending will help you deliver your messages to the right inboxes and at the right time. The cost of buying a database consisting of a list of potential customers is much higher than updating your current one and retaining it. Thus through email appending, explore the potential of your existing contacts at affordable pricing.

Wrapping Up

If your leads lists or CRM data comprises missing email addresses of your prospects, then you are losing on the best engagement channel which generates the highest ROI for your marketing efforts. We at Data Marketers Group, provide best-in-class Email Appending services which completely focus on maximizing online and offline customer engagement for your products and services.

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