Boost Your Business ROI With Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas [Infographics]

Christmas is near, and you most likely want to conclude the year on a high note! It’s high time to improve your annual sales revenue as your customers/clients prepare for X-Mas. Let’s look at some ways to cash in and differentiate your business this holiday season.

Boost Your Business ROI With Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas | Data Marketers Group
  1. Give Your Website a Christmas Theme
  • Use a lot of red and white on your landing page
  • Include images of snowflakes, festive bows, Christmas trees, and adorable Santas throughout!
  • Product descriptions, pop-up messages, and pictures based on a theme
  • Christmas-themed newsletter signup boxes can help you generate more leads.
  • Start getting ready your site early because 62 percent of Americans buy gifts the week before Christmas.
  1. Offer Gifts and Rewards
  • Provide customers with Christmas gift cards so they can buy gifts for their loved ones.
  • Offer free subscriptions for a week and special deals when they sign up.
  • Offer discount coupons and referral bonuses.
  • Arrange flash sales and flat discounts on the most popular products/services till the end of the year.
  • Offer free shipping until the end of the year.
  1. Revamp Your Social Media Strategies
  • Create engaging videos and social media postings that gently emphasize your products.
  • Include Christmas-themed images and cover photos on all of your social profiles.
  • Promote user-generated content by holding contests and offering discounts.
  • Collaborate with influencers to sell your items by holding lucky draws or giving away prizes.
  1. Launch Christmas Email Marketing
  • For better personalization, include email with catchy topic lines with your customers’ names.
  • Use eye-catching graphics, emojis, and designs in your communications.
  • Redirect users to your product page by include discounts and gift cards in your emails.
  • Seek out other brands to collaborate with and provide better products/services.
  • In the email copy, don’t forget to include “Merry Christmas” wishes.

Note: Don’t forget to include compelling call-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of your contests to direct visitors to your landing page!

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