Everything You Need To Know About B2B Data Cleansing

Everything You Need To Know About B2B Data Cleansing | Data Marketers Group

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In today’s data-driven world, data is a valuable asset for most of the businesses, especially when they are rolling out multi-channel marketing campaigns. But, have you ever wondered what happens when you leave your entire customer database idle for longer run? As most of the people continue to change their phone numbers, postal, and email addresses quite often, the customers’ data you have become old and redundant.

Keeping data records of potential leads for future reference and immediate use is top priority for most of the organizations.  However, what happens if the collected data isn’t accurate? Just collecting a huge stacks of data isn’t going to be of much help to your business. Instead, businesses need accurate data for successful CRM initiatives and this is where Data Cleansing comes into the spotlight!

What is Data Cleansing?

Simply put, data cleansing is the process of eliminating, upgrading, and editing information within a database in order to maintain top-notch data quality. This approach gives access to the segmented and accurate data, which you can leverage for your multi-channel marketing initiatives and business operations.

By availing data cleansing services, businesses can address many challenges they face on a daily basis like manual data correction, troubleshooting, error rectification, and incorrect invoice data. All these add up to high costs – which can be reduced if businesses keep their database clean and competent.

“The True Potential Of Customer Data Can Be Explored And Leveraged In A Meaningful Manner Only When The Data Is Correct, Complete, And Relevant.”

Why is it Important to Cleanse Customers Data?

According to researches, over the span of one year, 30% of B2B data is projected to be out of date. That means you might waste a significant amount of your direct marketing budget because the data is no longer up-to – date.  Having accurate customers’ data is more crucial for most of the businesses. By using irrelevant and outdated customers’ data, you’ll not only lose existing clients but also fail in implementing effective marketing strategies. There are several reasons that support the need for getting data cleansed. Here are few:

  • Cleansed customer data helps reach the right people for maximum responses.
  • With clean data, your database remains accurate and GDPR & CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Saves resources and time incurred in campaigning with irrelevant data.
  • Helps identify unresponsive and inactive contacts in the existing customers’ database.

With most industries relying on data for their business growth – it is important to manage error-free data particularly in data-intensive industries such as banking, insurance, retail, telecoms, and more. What if you leave your data for longer-run? Here are some adverse effects which can occur when you ignore cleansing your customers’ data:

What Happens With Out Data Cleansing | Data Marketers Group

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Why Should B2B Businesses Leverage Data Cleansing Services?

At the heart of all b2b marketing and lead-generation activities, data is notably the most important resource to increase the likelihood of ongoing campaign success. Hence, every modern business needs accurate data to drive offline and online customer engagement for their products and services. However, cleansing your entire database can be a massive project. While many businesses opt for the various data cleansing tools available, it can still take up precious time and resources.

Instead of facing the problems pertaining to DIY data cleansing operations or spend countless man-hours, you can procure professional b2b data hygiene services for fresh and updated information. Such services can take away the burden of database management completely, which in turn allows you to concentrate on key business operations.

Benefits of Data Cleansing Services

The following are some of the benefits B2B business can get by leveraging CRM data cleansing services:

  • Enhanced Sales Performance

One of the primary benefits of data cleansing is improved sales performance. As a B2B marketer, having access to quality data will allow you to generate high-quality leads and minimize the costs incurred on inaccurate data. In addition to that, cleansed customer data helps in identifying the most valuable clients and also provide personalized communication to maximize conversion and engagement.

  • Improved Decision Making

Having accurate and correct data allows better business intelligence and analytics, which helps in facilitating better decision making as well as campaign execution. This leads to an increase in the overall productivity of the company – in terms of sales and revenue.

  • Optimize Costs

Since maintaining data servers, data centres, or databases is expensive, you will be able to cut storage costs when you have access to appropriate, reliable, and modified data. Consequently, it would enable the company in reducing costs.

Can We Outsource Data Cleansing Services?

Of Course Yes! There are many companies that offer data cleansing services based on business requirements. They provide Professional data cleansing service -which results in higher-quality lead information and a higher return on your marketing investment. So, whatever field your company operates in, it is important to maintain reliable, compliant and up-to – date information on your current and potential leads to ensure a profitable campaign after a profitable campaign.

As a data-driven marketing agency, we are specialized in providing various database services including data appending, email appending, phone appending, custom data and more. Here are few benefits of outsourcing data cleansing services to us:
  • Expertise That Matter

When you outsource your data cleansing job to us, the results will be much more rewarding. It’s not that your in-house data management team is incompetent or incapable. But the experience and knowledge possessed by our team of data professionals while working across various industries are unmatchable. Hence, taking the help from qualified data experts will definitely pump up the quality of your B2B marketing list.

  • Outsourcing is Cost-effective

Investing in offshore data cleansing for your customers database is no longer expensive and also beyond the budgets. Outsourcing is cost effective and also saves you the resources incurred in hiring and training an in-house data team. 

  • Saves Time

The process of manually validating, verifying, and updating every record in your customers database can be a tedious and time-consuming too. Instead of that, outsourcing data cleansing help you to focus on core business activities while maintaining data hygiene.

With our b2b data cleansing services, you can enhance quality of your b2b mailing lists related to technology, international, healthcare and retail.

Final Thoughts

Every B2B organization is unique in its own way. Regardless of business type, you may have experienced issues pertaining to the inaccurate data. Hence, it is time to convert your data into more actionable.

At Data Marketers Group, our goal is to grow and prosper as a company, while fulfilling the data requirements of other businesses. Being experts in data hygiene best practices, our team of skilled professionals will facilitate you with more actionable data insights that can maximize your revenue opportunities.

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