How Does Segmentation Help in Improving the Process of Email Marketing?

Frustration as we all know does lead us with some or the other kind of change. Studies have shown that spam emails turned out to constitute more than 93% of the total global email volume. In short, the average user’sworld-widewas not even able to find out even one single legitimate email for every ten that was in their inbox. Now this is something that is really very frustrating. But since the year 2017, the global rate for this turned out to consistently drop down. And the average as of 2015 was down by 39%.

The segmentation of the emails can be attributed to the users demand for better filtering. The email service providers have turned out to battle with spammers using better filters. In fact, most of the organizations even today have joined together to develop strict sending policies by making use of the initiatives like the DMARC.

Most organizations have also joined the fight of email segmentation by passing some laws that ban blatant spam like the CANSPAM and CASL in USA and Canada. Here are some of the steps that you need to consider: The email marketers have reported that they have found an increase of 7000 percent when used segmentation. This is one of the major reasonswhy you should begin using it. Given here are a few examples of email campaigns who used email segmentation improving engagement and the ROI.Let’s have a look at them below.

Segmentation of testing: When you use and track out your email segmentation, you will then gain a clear insight on the whole sales and the marketing spectrum. One of the best ways you can improve your segmentation approach is the A/B testing or split testing. A/B testing is one of the ways of measuring the effectiveness of your email campaigns, by running two parallel different campaignsto viewers with similar graphics. You can then measure the conversion as well. Once done you can then use results to understand how the design, copy time of the day and the other elements can perform.

Psychographic Segmentation: The Psychographic Segmentation is actually a bit different from the demographic segmentation, as this is something that answers the question why more than the question who. Say for example you might not be able to discern the reason for the interest in AC maintenancefrom the gender point of view, but the reason that why people are looking for the AC maintenance because they are forward thinking, careful budgeting and the ones who wish to avoid the short-term emergency repair. And when you understand why they need help it will then be really very easy for you to target them with an email copy.

Demographics Segmentation: Demographics are the facts that will help you identify the gender, age, occupation etc. Certain demographics turn out to respond really very well when compared to the others. Say for example you are running an air conditioning machine that turns out to target industrial properties, and you will know the business owners between the ages of 35 – 50. So, you might here wish to segment your email campaigns for that demographic and then including some relevant content.

Segmenting by the pain point: As a business owner its only you who can understand better the pain points that draws your customer toward their business.After all the sales conversation is something that should be evolving around how your products and services can solve their problems. Let me tell you not every customer will have the same paint point. And if you know which is the one, they have identified you can then easily target them through your email content.

So if you have not been segmenting your lists in any manner, then there is no shame. After all there are many businesses who even today fail to segment, and they are missing out one of the most powerful strategy for their business. So if you wish to see your business campaign get more number of leads and drive in more number of ROI then this is the right time for you to make a change.

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