How We Build An Opt-In Contact List [Infographics]

At Data Marketers Group, we follow a step-by-step procedure to build an opt-in email list. Whenever a client requested for data, we perform following process to deliver data based on the client’s requirements.

How We Build An Opt In Contact List | Data Marketers Group

Step 1

Initially, we collect data manually from various online and offline global resources like e-books, tradeshows, news agencies, directories, web journals and more for relevant information.

Step 2

Later, the missing fields in the collected data are appended and verified with the help of our skilled data experts and analysts.

Step 3

Then we validate the contact records by scanning them thoroughly. Later, we perform manual checks and cross-verifications on the data to ensure authenticity.

Step 4

Once we are done with manual checks, we perform statistical and analytical techniques to check for data anomalies. Later we perform data cleansing to create high quality data.

Step 5

After completing data cleansing, we perform data inspection to ensure accuracy. During this phase, our data analysts look for records that require manual repair, validation and verification.

Step 6

Finally, we run A/B tested opt-in email campaigns to legalize and legitimize consent based information while ensuring with global data policies including GDPR, CCPA and CAN-SPAM.

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