What Are The Best Ways To Do Responsible Marketing During This Pandemic?[Infographics]

Covid-19 introduced the whole world with new challenges. It allowed marketers to rethink how they communicate with consumers. It’s no longer just about selling or promoting goods to customers; it’s also about impressing them with your responsible marketing abilities.

This type of marketing involves empathizing with customers and making them feel like they’re a part of the business. You can execute a responsible marketing strategy by applying more emotional intelligence in your marketing strategies.

Here are the best ways to execute responsible marketing during Covid-19 crisis

Customer Retention

  • Getting a new customer could cost 5 times as much as retaining an old customer.
  • Consumers who are loyal are 5 times more likely to forgive.
  • They’re 7 times more likely to try a new product.
  • A 5% rise in customer retention will result in a 25-95 percent increase in profit.

Revamp Your Marketing Strategies

  • Examine the marketing strategy you’ve implemented.
  • Identify the schedule of content.
  • Make your content informative and useful.
  • Choose the right time for your marketing campaign.
  • Organize your campaign around your marketing objectives.

Gathering Resources for Loyal Customers

  • During this crisis, loyal customers assist you in running your business.
  • Gather the appropriate channels to reach out to these customers.
  • Don’t cut corners on product or service efficiency.
  • Don’t overprice the commodity in the hopes of profiting from their loyalty.
  • It will strengthen the relationship by maintaining it.

Design Responsive Email Campaigns

  • Always stick to a single-column layout.
  • Build a logical content in hierarchy manner.
  • Choose the appropriate font size that appears clearly.
  • Make a Call To Action (CTA) button easy to tap.
  • Use mobile-responsive images.

Pay Attention to the Language Used in the Campaign

  • Make sure to use the correct language based on the prospect’s location.
  • Also, ensure whether it is conversational and engaging or not.
  • Always use the appropriate images in the marketing campaign.
  • Make sure to use the right business words in the content.

Put Focus on Social Media Marketing

  • Focus on driving more conversations
  • Connect emotionally with your customers
  • Share interactive posts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
  • Run exclusive deals and offers
  • Implement brand story telling

Informed Marketing

  • Make informed marketing as a part of strategy.
  • Don’t include content which is not highly relevant to your brand.
  • Inform customers about your latest products and services.
  • Improve your customer relationship.
  • Listen to your client requirements during this crisis.


Although it’s important to be aware of the concerns and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, don’t be paralyzed by the situation. Enabling your team to really understand your customers and act on timely feedback is vital to navigate your marketing team and your business through this crisis.


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