7 Expert Tips For Successful Medical Device Marketing 

7 Expert Tips for Successful Medical Device Marketing | Data Marketers Group

In recent days, there is a huge demand for effective medical devices. Advancement inhealthcare sector gave us confidence to explore the new range of products & find the best for treating patients.  When it comes to marketing medical devices, this scenario is completed different as healthcare marketers face unique challenges to promote their products at global space. Medical devices must be completely tested & approved before the devices made available for commercial use.  Above all, this panademic made us to realize effective marketing can be crucial at tough times.

Thus, medical devices marketing must follow effective strategies in order to reach global audience while satisfying compliance. With effective marketing strategy, medical device manufacturers must use modern marketing tools & techniques to leverage traditional best practices in the healthcare industry to boost brand recognition.

Let’s See Seven Expert Tips For Successful Medical Device Marketing:

Target Ideal Customers:

Target Ideal Customers | Data Marketers Group

To target ideal customers & deliver best results, every B2B campaign should be aware of their customer traits. It can be achieved by brainstorming features & usage of medical devices which will be used by your potential clients. Alternatively, this saves time & efforts taken to reach global audience who looks for such medical devices or equipment. Try to understand the perspective of the customer who will be using these devices & by answering certain set of questions.

Here are a few examples of questions which will help you to understand them better.

  • Who will be ideal users of medical device?
  • Specify their details such as career, interest, geographical location, income level, communication preferences, email, phone & etc.
  • What are the challenges they are facing right now?
  • How this medical device can help them in reducing time & efforts of doing same work manually?
  • Create a virtual persona of prospects to understand these needs& roll out marketing campaigns accordingly.

Understanding & targeting audience is often misunderstood when it comes to effective marketing tactics. Understanding & building prospect persona is highly valued than rushing to get in front of an audience for product sales.

The information you are looking for to reach your prospects is already collated from various trusted & analysed by your core marketing team. They will have crystal idea of to whom this product should be marketed or who will be ideal users of your medical devices. As a B2B marketer, your medical device should solve the pain points prospects are doing through.  With all this information it becomes easy to target the most critical person or key decision makers of the organization.

Similarly, understanding the core problem faced by target users adds value to your medical device marketing. This helps you to address the core challenges clearly without any assumption.

Analyze Your Competitor:

Analyze Your Competitor | Data Marketers Group

Competitor in any industry keeps you active & dynamic. Hence it is smart choice to learn from competitors, howto build a comprehensive marketing strategy that grows sales in relevant industry. Analysing your competitors helps you to find out the best marketing activities that work well for them in promoting healthcare medical devices. Competitor analysis helps you to summarize the major problems & opportunities available in the healthcare industry while planning medical device marketing strategy.

Build A Website:

Build A Website | Data Marketers Group

We’re in the era of internet, thus establishing an online presence is more important for any business. Online presence ensures you can be communicated through any mode of communication& helps users to connect with healthcare brand directly.

If you’re building a website from scratch then, it should contain clear information & pages to cater the varying needs of your potential customers. Hook your customer by sharing brand stories in a personalized way. Similarly, use strong words to emote your mission & vision.

So here are few tips on how your website should like:

  • Simple design:

Any visitor would like to navigate through your website easily & find relevant content. This can be achieved by building website with simple layout & navigation bars.

  • SEO & SMO

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization

In the 21st century it is important to stay ahead of your competitors in promoting your products or services. Hence search engine optimization refers to targeting specific keywords & optimizing your webpages so that ideal prospects who are looking for your products can reach you in a hassle free manner.  

  • Social Media Marketing:

Go for targeted content on social media pages which will improve brand recognition & boost your reputation. According to kiss metrics report, brands with high engagement on social media supposed to be approached by a brand new prospect. Simple & yet powerful right! Grab your opportunities without any delay. There are many platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more which can help small & medium level business to reach target clients in marketing their products.

  • Mobile Friendly Website:

In the digital world, everything revolves around mobile. Making your website mobile responsive is highly recommended as the prospect may find it easy to use & get clear about your products before approaching you.

  • Sign up & Subscriptions Forms:

Drive your email marketing campaign by collecting details about website visitors in an efficient manner. Collect primary contact details such as name, email, phone at the first level of interaction as through this business rapport can be built gradually.

Event Promotion, Webinars & Networking:

Event Promotion Webinars And Networking | Data Marketers Group

Product launch is something that must be planned strategically, especially in the healthcare industry.  As we discussed earlier, social media can be an ideal platform to promote your upcoming events while keeping users engaged with thepost, gifs, and questioners. This helps users to stay hooked with brand and also engagement rate will improve which in turn improves sales.

Rather than interacting with potential clients directly, connect with key stakeholders who can influence prospects in decision making.  With webinars at least 20% of your webinar participants can be transformed to qualified leads.  Alternatively host a dinner party or join them mergers or acquisition events or other success party. Any medical marketing requires both online & offline marketing to be successful. Online promotion activities can be executed within budget with effective planning for content creation & posts.Focus on making strategies & leverage your content creation activities to third party services that can do an exceptional job according to your need. This saves lots of time & efforts in promotional activities.Above all engage your audience with Q& A session, which paves way for B2B marketers to grow as a specialist in particular products.

Get Listed In Local Directories:

Get Listed In Local Directories | Data Marketers Group

Though internet has brought tremendous change in our marketing tactics, using traditional methods never goes out of style. Getting listed in local directories will enhance your brand name within city or state. These kind of listing is free & allows you to include generic information about companies such as name, email, company hours, sort of payment business accepts, address & more. This is essential for any prospects who are interested in approaching you first, rather than you initiating the first business proposal.

Align With Medical Device Marketing Regulations & Compliance:

Align With Medical Device Marketing Regulations and Compliance | Data Marketers Group

As you develop content marketing strategy, make sure it is aligned with your medical device marketing regulations & in compliance with standards like HIPAA. Each & every country, even from state to state standards & compliance rules differs. Hence, as a B2B healthcare marketer, in order to target global audience you must be aware of privacy rules & other major factors or stringent rules to leverage marketing activities across the globe.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

In today’s digitally dominated world, many opportunities can be explored if you’re accessible over email. Email is proven to be one of the trusted & beneficial communication channels for healthcare professionals. A survey from MailerLite survey reports shows email marketing is one the best performing campaign among all especially in the healthcare sector. It creates awareness among potential prospects in marketing new devices which save their time & efforts to serve their purpose without any interruption.  

With the advent of automation tools & techniques, personalized email content can be shared across prospects based on their interest & need. Also, with the help of email lists, you can market your medical devices to right physicians, nurses, dentists, hospitals and more via email. Moreover, measuring the success of this strategy is quick, while allowing you to see if your efforts are okay or it needs to be changed with the growing needs of healthcare industry.


Scaling up business and revenue is the ultimate goal of any B2B marketing. Hence it is important to stand out from crowd to boost the brand recognition.  Collaborate with the Data Marketers Group to tailor your marketing methods & boost your medical device marketing efforts.

If you’re in need of healthcare email lists that help in promoting your medical devices, products or services, we are here to provide. Contact us today at 914 – 288 – 5888 and email at [email protected]

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