Data-Driven Marketing Strategies For Accounting Firms in 2021

Data Driven Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms | Data Marketers Group

With the unprecedented changes in the working style, many industries started to explore the unexplored part of the data driven marketing strategies. Accounting firms are one of such industries which started to adapt the new normal norms of Covid 19. From cancelling webinars, conferences & closed office to setting up a virtual work environment we all have grown up.  Accounting firms are trying their best to stay connected with the clients.  Here in this blog we have discussed few data driven marketing initiatives that can be used by accounting firms during such tough times like covid 19.

Want to know how accounting industry changing? This change is rapid & when you check on recent changes in the CPA exams, it emphasis more on understanding business process, automation, data analytics – which is completely digital & data driven mindset.

With the advent of technology everyone is online & heavily influenced by technology. So if you’re not taking digital footprints, then you will regret it later as potential clients my find it tough to find you. When you want to establish yourself as brand grow, make sure your idea & marketing trends to be on top priority.  The more you win, the more visibility you get. From creative asset to campaign, a data driven marketing decision are made.

With the right data driven marketing strategies, you can craft & release marketing campaign that can directly connect with the audience.

So start your firm’s digital footprint at earliest & expand your brand visibility.

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience | Data Marketers Group

As we all know, the success of any data driven marketing highly dependent on the accuracy of the customer data. Seamless consumer data with your customer & target marketing details is useless. Before you work for data driven strategies you make B2B marketers are aware of ideal customers & their buying personas. Reach out to existing clients & understand their needs. More importantly, focus on groups that ask live questions & show genuine interest on your product.

A Well Optimized Website

Well Optimized Website | Data Marketers Group

 A well optimized website is the face of your company & it is a small step towards taking digital foot prints. As every industry is progressing towards online, having clear content, usability, and graphics on your website can attract your prospects to stay connected with you in all stages of your business. However to be a picture perfect online transition is a little tough but, now it is quite important to stay top of your business.

Your website is the best places to showcase your prospective client & experts in accounting fields. High quality content & insights can make you an expert. Incorporate a blog which speaks directly about the target audience & share knowledgeable content along with expert opinion.

So what are things to be taken care while planning for accounting firms website:

  • Well optimized website to access details across all platform
  • List down the all types of services
  • Key contact person & information
  • Keep your website & blog up to date

Manage Your Consumer Data

Data management is a critical aspect of any data driven marketing efforts. This process is iterative, constantly evolve & expanding. Data management helps any customer to understand, analyze customer data which is highly useful marketing & new acquisition. All data must be designed to protect consumer data & stay compliant.

Segment Your Audience

Segment Your Audience | Data Marketers Group

Not every audience in your database is equal & must be given equal importance. Different customer group exists within the target audience. Hence as a B2B marketer it is important to target & send personalized message to connect with the right people at the right time. Your target audience differ by demographics, gender, age & location which accurately segment your audience base & automate your marketing efforts.

Use of Social Media

Social selling is the New Norm. Social media is strong platform which goes a long way in building your online presence & you never know when & what can convert your followers into customers.

Embracing social media in any business is important for their growth. Internet paved way to collaborate with a wider range of audience in a great way. With the social media B2B marketers can choose ideal prospect that can fit into your business strategy & reach the voices of a larger audience. Social media is digital assets for any brand. It ranges from logo, color, bio, header image, name& etc. up on your brand & business; you can design your own identity in the virtual world.

Content Marketing

Content is king any day.  As a part of marketing strategy, you must be clear on what the current potential clients want to see or read.  Prospect always look for educational, informative & engaging content for streamlining their business process.

Automation & scheduling

Automation and Scheduling | Data Marketers Group

With the automation & scheduling options, plan out your post well in advance & use scheduling tools to take advantage. When it comes to targeting accounting firms or pioneer leaders, social media is the best place to improve brand visibility.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters | Data Marketers Group

Emails are a great way of lead nurturing & lead engagement.  This is the first step in converting prospects into client. Emails are one the most preferable & convenient way to connect with prospects.  As a first step you can build email lists of subscribers comprising your clients.  If such email newsletters forwarded across various subscribers & circulated among a wider audience, it is a win-to-win situation for you to build a high quality customer database.

Align with your Teams

Consumer data are not only used by marketing team, it can be leveraged among sales & support team also.  The versatility of the big data combines sales & marketing teams together to ensure combined strategy can be implemented in creating customer data platform.

Retarget Your Advertising

Retargeting is one of the critical strategies for all marketers, especially for cross channel marketers. Retargeting allows B2B marketers to promote your accounting products & services among the top users who’ve expressed interest.


If you need assistance in implementing a website or social media marketing strategy, then we here to help out you in the digital journey. With the data stewards & key marketing strategist, you can implement the best marketing practices & reap full benefits out of it. With the rapid phase organization started transforming the way how they do business with the aid of digital technology, and we are being pioneered this service, we’re ready to help you.

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