How the Trick of Resend Emails Can Work for Your Marketing Campaign?

How the Trick of Resend Emails Can Work for Your Marketing Campaign | Data Marketers Group

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: Creating valuable, personal touches at scale”-David Newman

There is a great saying “First Impression is best”. What if the second chance works much better than first? Think about it. It is similarly like creating a first impression twice right? You can do it email marketing. Sounds interesting!! This blog is all about how to start engaging with the prospects or leads that are not opened at first try.

As a B2B marketer, you must experience a situation where customers have ignored your email at first time.

What is Email Marketing?

What Is Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

The process of targeting your audience and customers through email is often referred as Email Marketing. This type of marketing helps you to boost conversion and revenue by providing valuable  information for the subscribers and customers with valuable information to achieve their business goals.

A report from Hubspot tells 40% of the B2B marketers say email newsletters plays a crucial part in their content marketing success and moreover 73% of the millennial prefer business communication via email.


Have you ever wondered where Email Marketing can be used?

There are many instance email marketing can be used. The most common are given below:

  • Building Relationship with prospects or customers for personal engagement
  • To improve brand awareness
  • For promoting content
  • For generating high quality leads
  • To promote your products and services
  • For effective nurturing of leads and succeed in marketing goals

Further to our discussion about email marketing and its success, there is a higher chance of possibility where, when you run an email list, there is higher possibility that your subscribers have unopened emails from you. There comes the next million dollar question, you might think they are not interested in the products or services you offer. But actually when you look closely, since they have signed up, they are more likely to miss or mail ended up in their spam folder.

So what would be the next big move you can make to engage with those unopened emails?  Answer is simple. A brilliant way to boost your engagement on your email list is to resend the unopened emails. It may sound weird at first, but it actually works.

What is Re-Sending of Same Email?

What is Re-Sending of Same Email | Data Marketers Group

The process of sender re-sending the same mail with a different subject line to contacts who haven’t opened the first email. And most importantly, this re-sending of email increases the higher chances of reading the email. It has high email rate and improves your ROI drastically.

Though there are many tools which help B2B marketers in re-sending unopened messages.  One must be careful in carrying out the entire process of re-sending the mail as it may lead to unsubscribe or get placed in the  spam folder.

In blog we’ll learn about the effective ways of creating an email marketing strategy. Our email strategy consists of five steps as an outline. We will dive deeper into while discussing.

  • Define your Target Audience
  • Establish your business goals
  • Build your email list
  • Choose an email campaign type
  • Make a Schedule
  • Monitor your result

Defining your Target Audience:

Defining Your Target Audience | Data Marketers Group

Understand your buyer persona and give what they need. Always tailor your email campaign based on audience  goals. This is the best example of an effective email.

Establish your goals:

Get to know about what’s happening around the industry before coming up with campaign goals. Know about average email stats for your target industry and set realistic benchmark goals.


Build Your Own Email List:

Build Your Own Email List | Data Marketers Group

At the end of clear understanding of business goals one must need people to email right? An email list is a group of users who have given permission to send relevant content without any barriers.

 So in order to build your own list, there are several opt-in prospects to receive your emails. Take some time and grow your audience base organically.


Identify The Email Campaign Type:

Identify The Email Campaign Type | Data Marketers Group

Advent of social media revolution has brought tremendous change in the way we do business. Hence the  email campaign vary so decide what can suit you best. Identifying the email campaign types varies from industry to industry and it is subjective too. Decide the campaign well suited for your needs by learning and experimenting with them. Make sure you have  a different set of audience email list and they sign up only for the emails they are interested or relevant to them.


Make a detailed plan to connect with your connect list and be consistent with the schedule. This builds trust and ensure you always stay top on the your target audience’s inbox.

Measure your result:

As a marketer, one must be meticulous about every key metric as it will help to make changes in your email list and gives the big result.

You may have a basic question, re-sending emails might oppose the basics of email etiquette right? We understand re-sending of email can be considered as taboo, but actually when it is used correctly, you can increase the life of your campaign and ROI.

Why Re-Sending of Email Is Important?

  • Easy to get targeted
  • Simple to get started
  • Easy to measure
  • Connect with global audience
  • Instant impact
  • High Return on Investment
  • Low cost

As a marketer, you must ask certain questions before re-sending email. They are mentioned below:

  1. What should I change? (If anything)
  2. Who should receive re-send email
  3. Should all email campaign must be resend?
  4. What  is ideal wait time to resend an email?
  5. What’s the next move if re-sending of the mail doesn’t work?

Things should be changed if you are planning to resend the Mail:

First and foremost thing is to change the email subject line and from name. As you’re sending the people who haven’t opened the email at first attempt, so you should consider changing your call to action and email buttons without fail.

If you’re re-sending the email, make sure you slightly make a tweak version of the original email. Believe it small incremental changes can drive big impact on the campaign. Along with this, there other things like subject line, “From” name, Body text, call to actions, images, layout can make great impact.

Who Will Be Receiving My Re-Send Emails?

Who Will Be Receiving My Re-Send Emails | Data Marketers Group

This is crucial factor while re-sending B2B campaign emails. Based on campaign type, this may vary. Here are a broad range of people whom you should consider before re-sending emails.

  • Non-Openers
  • Non-Clickers
  • Mobile openers who haven’t opened

Make sure you don’t repeat email, to the whole original email list. Also target content to specific group of audience to get better result. Be specific to whom you send email. There are two kinds of audience you will get to know here. People who opened but didn’t click and those who clicked, but failed to convert. Mass sending it not required it mark you as spam.

You should resend all your email campaign as it may lead to bad email etiquette. Re-sending email campaigns will dilute your efforts while you are trying hard to improve the email engagement. The ideal wait time will be 2-4 days before re-sending an email. Also, you can use some evergreen emails for re-sending throughout the year if they do well. This decision of ideal wait time depends on two things like how many other emails are already being sent as a part of regular campaign and how long you have been waiting between different campaigns.

Once you’ve sent the email, here are few things that you must keep track of in-order to get some clear clarity.

  • Click Through rate
  • Open rate
  • Deliverability
  • Return on Investment
  • Number of new subscribers
  • Web traffic trends


Email marketing is one of the best medium to promote your products and services without any geographical barriers. Believe it or not, with proper tracking, re-sending of unopened emails brings you new business opportunities and improves your brand visibility. Though there are many rules to send a marketing email, the most important one is to treat your subscribers like human. Yes you read it right!! Human. With more segmentation of email list and strong subject line along with change in  email content and new design template you can improve your ROI by re-sending unopened emails. Start identify what went wrong in your first email  and send make your next move and actionable insights.

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