Why Email Marketing Is Considered As The Best B2B Option For Medical Marketers

The Best B2B Option For Medical Marketers | Data Marketers Group

Email is one of the fastest & most preferred modes of communication between B2B marketers & physicians. Business opportunity for healthcare email marketing is real & never goes out of style. As per MailerLite Survey Report, the average open rate of healthcare emails is 21.59% with super high click through rate of 3.31%. This metric is one among the highest campaign performance among all segments. This depicts why email marketing is one of the most trusted & reliable sources of communication in healthcare industry.

In fact, the number of emails sent per day is projected to reach 347 billion by the year 2023 as per the Statista report, and this below figure conveys a clear message that email is here to stay and presents a perfect opening for healthcare and medical marketers.

Email Marketing Graph | Data Marketers Group

Image Source: Statista

If you’re a B2B healthcare marketer & want to connect with the healthcare professionals by specialty across specific target areas, then healthcare email lists can help you to meet your campaign requirements.

Reliable & Effective Communication Mode

Reliable and Effective Communication mode | Data Marketers Group

Email Marketing is one of the quickest & easiest messaging techniques which set email marketing as the best choice over other marketing communication channel. It is smart choice & works well for B2B healthcare marketers who want to pitch recent products & services to the medical professionals.  This pandemic has made us to move online irrespective of the industry & business as it helps customers to stay connected digitally to their favourite products and services. Hence it is well known fact that emails remain alive it acts as the digital workhouse for building awareness, acquisition & conversion.  Email is one of the fastest & reliable modes of communication for marketers to personalize the content according to the welfare or interest of medical professionals.

Are you a B2B healthcare marketer targeting dermatologist professionals for launching new skin care products? Then get your verified Dermatologist Email List by collaborating with the Data Marketers Group for the best-in-class email database services.

Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

With the advent of the internet, smart phone plays a crucial role in modern marketing. And, it is constantly changing & evolved over the period. With the well-established tactics, here are a few tips for smart & effective marketing mail marketing.

If your email campaign isn’t mobile friendly, definitely you will be missing out an opportunity to engage with your subscribers & drive data driven results.

Quick Heads up for launching Mobile Email marketing campaign:

  • Concise Subject line (Max 5 to 6 words)
  • Engaging Pre-header Text
  • Call to Action
  • Content Personalization
  • High responsive design
  • Test your emails across multiple devices
  • Some free space to click

As a marketer, you should have clear thoughts how your email must be. It should not have heavy handed sales pitch. On the other hand, when a prospect open & read your personalized message it must help reader to solve their problem & should show genuine interest in responding.

Personalize Your Email

The Ultimate goal of any healthcare email marketing is to narrow down the focus on the target audience. Always refine your list to address the growing needs & interest of individual healthcare professionals. To have good start you can use physician’s first name to personalize your email marketing based on specialty, location, hospital name, age, gender & more.

Personalize Your Email | Data Marketers Group

In general, most of the individual’s email inboxes are bombarded with thousands of emails every day. So creating a personalized email helps you to stand out & deliver the best. Email segmentation via automation tool helps marketers to deliver relevant content in a personalized manner. And more importantly this approach helps you to build a long lasting bond with customers & improve click through rates. Thus establishing a customer centric email campaign strategy will help to evaluate & act as per customer needs.

Key benefits of Email personalization:

  • Increased Email open rate
  • High email click through rate
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Improved sales
  • Opt- in verified contacts
  • Enabling Call To Action to increase website traffic

Segment your prospects:

Segmenting email list based on business requirement improves revenue &generatea better engagement rate with the audience. Audience can be grouped based on age, location, speciality, hospital affiliated, Association or groups & etc. List segmentation helps medical marketers to send tailored emails containing offers, healthcare product recommendation & more.  Segmentation of contacts increases open rates to drive more revenue by limiting unsubscribes.

Design Responsive Email:

In the fast moving internet era, physician or other healthcare professionals started using mobile & tablet for comfort. Generally they use these gadgets to capture patient details, history & patient history.  Hence, as a B2B marketer your email must be responsive & content must be easily viewable on devices of various screen sizes.

Know your Customers & Track Campaign Success

To reap all benefits of effective email marketing you need to understand the target audience. Tracking an email campaign success in terms of open rate & click through rates will determine the marketing efforts made in converting lead to a customer. This strategy works well if prospects are verified & validated for opt in email services.  Moreover, such prospects are higher chances of getting response as they are interested in trying out promotional medical offers.

Know Your Customers and Track Campaign Success | Data Marketers Group

Having a healthcare email list with all relevant information which can be segmented based on B2B campaign requirement is highly recommended as marketers can set basic metrics to track campaign performance. Always email marketing will be a low cost option for nurturing healthcare leads. Create your own set of standards & build specific benchmark to evaluate campaign performance.

Why monitoring your metrics is important?

It gives crystal clear idea of what works & what not. It helps to calculate average customer lifetime value which paves road to acquire more customers. With high conversion rate B2B marketers can determine who are interested in your healthcare brand & services.

What are the metrics can be monitored in healthcare campaign?

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Conversion Rate
  • Campaign Return on Investment
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Monthly Sales revenue

Healhcare Email Automation

It becomes tough to reach each subscriber manually as your email list is built over period of time. This entire problem can be solved by enabling email automation. By enabling automation emails can be sent to prospect based on triggers, from welcome mail to patient reminder. Everything can be automated & tracked by various business metrics. With automated campaigns, direct mails can be scheduled out well in advance with any last minute rush.  

Healthcare Email Automation | Data Marketers Group
What are the benefits of implementing healthcare email automation?
  • Improved marketing efficiency
  • Better alignment with sales & marketing goals
  • Improved lead conversion
  • Generate better qualified leads
  • Get multichannel view of prospect behaviour
Improve Online Interaction: Email marketing is considered as one the most effective way to bridge the gap between your audience & business. And if it is healthcare marketing strategy then email marketing should be strong option to strengthen your position in healthcare industry. It is preferred mode for any healthcare business to build a strong relationship with patient or prospects & get their trust. Another important factor is email marketing as it is extremely cost effective & affordable. Different types of B2B Campaigns: Email can take different forms. As a B2B marketer you can come up with your campaign based on business requirement. Be educational or tips messaging, promotional message, seasonal greetings or monthly newsletter.  Serving up different types of content will help healthcare marketers to stay informed about their target audience interest. Benefits of Email Marketing:
  • Perfect for delivering target messages
  • Drive high revenue
  • Easy to start & affordable cost
  • Monitor the metrics
  • Reach global audience
  • High ROI
  • Enables fast communication
  • Establish personalized communication
  • Improve online interaction


Email marketing allows you to reach a great deal of internet users to strengthen your brand relationship with customers. Since already you’re targeting ideal prospects based on their opt in permission ROI will be relatively high compared to other marketing channels.  Staying on trend never goes out of style, healthcare email marketing is one of such trend which helps you to stay ahead of competitor in connecting with a global audience. Looking for effective B2B healthcare email database? Please get in touch with us today. Being pioneer in email & marketing database services,partner with the Data Marketers Group to grow your business beyond the limits.

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