How To Reach IT Buyers Across Industries | Data Marketers Group

How To Reach IT Buyers Across Industries?

How To Reach IT Buyers Across Industries | Data Marketers Group

It’s no secret that decision-makers in the technology industry are under pressure to accomplish more with less. They want relevant, impactful content to help them make the best decision possible, especially since 8 out of 10 tech buyers say finding enough high-quality, trusted information on major enterprise IT products and services to make an informed purchase decision is “somewhat challenging” (45 percent) or “extremely challenging” (36 percent) according to a recent survey. This is a real concern.

So, how and when should tech companies distribute that content, and how can you inform?

Traditional lead generation methods (such as cold calling or buying leads) are in the rear view as the roadmap for identifying, nurturing, and converting prospective technology buyers evolves so quickly. Targeting today’s tech decision-makers with the appropriate content at the right time to accelerate the sales cycle and help them arrive at their destination more rapidly is the new route to success for tech marketers.

Lead generation is the top marketing goal for 86 percent of tech marketers. When they come upon a gated piece of content, however, not all technological decision-makers are ready to communicate. Many people abandon the form or even fill it out incorrectly. This necessitates the development of buyer relationships.

To effectively nurture buyers, you must reach them at the right time with targeted, timed marketing that engages, informs, and persuades them. When you market to tech consumers, you’re also helping to support the educational process and earning the right to put a gated piece of content in front of them when they’re ready. It’s crucial to be able to show and adjust content to a client’s activities. It allows IT marketers to meet customers where they are and adjust the marketing stream in real time to their activities.

One approach to do this is to use smart content, which is information that is intelligently adapted to your customers’ needs. It’s simple: a new visitor wants different information than a lead who has already downloaded some of your offers, and a returning customer doesn’t want to be sold to again. You can use smart or dynamic content to prevent giving the same offer to a lead who has already downloaded it, to present industry-specific product information, to elevate content that is more likely to engage a reader, and to delete form queries that the visitor has already completed. Why is this necessary? Because no one, including your customers, enjoys being asked to fill out the same information over and over or being forced to read an offer they’ve previously read.

Marketers may get a good idea of where they stand with customers by looking at KPIs like click-through and conversion rates, web traffic, time on page, downloads, impressions, retweets, shares, followers, likes, and so on. However, the only way to show the full impact of marketing spending is to integrate multiple indicators that correspond to stages in the sales funnel holistically. This is where the emphasis moves from quantity to quality, with a focus on value-adding next-generation KPIs. These are some of them:

What are the best methods to keep ahead of the curve once you have a solid digital foundation in place? We’ll go through four easy — yet highly successful — techniques to boost your internet marketing presence below.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness on LinkedIn

You’re on the correct track if you’ve gained some followers and created some useful contacts. Taking the effort to communicate with fellow industry professionals on a personal level, on the other hand, can be the difference between a follower and a buyer.

Enhance Your Brand Awareness On LinkedIn | Data Marketers Group

Make it a point to participate in important industry discussions, and when you can, take the time to answer questions and offer advice. If you are unable to provide direct assistance but know someone who can, suggest them. Even if these users don’t become leads right away, they’ll remember your readiness to help and be more inclined to come to you in the future with their company. Don’t limit yourself to connecting with optimistic leads; broaden out and connect with the thought leaders, influencers, and journalists you turn to for insight or assistance.

Hone Your PPC Efforts

It’s now easier than ever to develop a successful PPC strategy. It’s not only simple to get started, but it’s also simple to see real results thanks to Google Adwords. However, ensuring that your PPC campaign is continually bringing in new site visits requires ongoing effort; examine your keywords on a regular basis to see what can be improved. Following PPC best practices will improve your chances of getting found by the correct people and ensuring that your money is spent wisely.

Hone Your PPC Efforts | Data Marketers Group

Is it possible to make your keywords more specific? Is it possible to include meaningful negative keywords? Paying for clicks is only useful if you’re appealing to people who will eventually buy from you; including negative keywords would not only help you better attract the right buyers, but it will also save you money, because users will only click on your ads if they’re clearly useful for the company’s needs.

Modernize Your Website

Is your website a true reflection of your brand? Would you be able to discover the information you need quickly and easily if you were a potential buyer looking through your products? Are you providing the finest possible experience for your visitors and, as a result, placing yourself in the best position to convert them into customers?

Modernize Your Website | Data Marketers Group

Fortunately, updating your website does not have to be a time-consuming and inconvenient procedure. Growth Driven Design focuses on gathering data and applying that information to create quick, incremental adjustments that produce measurable outcomes.

Offer Valuable Content

Customers you want to do business with are most likely at different phases of the buying process, and they’re all searching for relevant, immediately actionable information to aid them in their decision-making and purchasing process. Providing educational content in the form of eBooks, blogs, checklists, whitepapers, and other formats demonstrates that you’re a trustworthy, informed industry leader. You may also build up basic forms for customers to fill up with their contact information for content that requires downloading, allowing you to target different consumers at different phases of the buying process.

Offer Valuable Content | Data Marketers Group

In today’s changing IT market, providing meaningful, high-quality content about your software or application is more crucial than ever, as buying managers and designers demand to be able to quickly obtain the information they need. People no longer want to waste any time calling multiple companies; instead, they look for information online — and often on their mobile devices — to self-educate and move through the buyer journey quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

If you want to stay relevant to IT customers, creating a diverse digital marketing plan is more crucial than ever. It may appear difficult at first, but starting with a few simple measures — such as the ones outlined above — may go a long way toward increasing the number of users and purchases. Need some assistance or just want to expand out your marketing strategy a little more? Contact the Data Marketers Group team, and we’ll work with you to develop a customized marketing strategy that’s tailored to you and your objectives.

Why Data Verification Matters In The Business World | Data Marketers Group

Why Data Verification Matters in the Business World?

Why Data Verification Matters In The Business World | Data Marketers Group

No data is clean, but most is useful- Dean Abbott

One of the common business goals of any business is to maintain a clean database. For companies that look to grow, this is success mantra. Having a reliable customer database can be one of the most valuable assets to a business. It guarantees business growth & success. Validating & growing your data with right strategy plays crucial role in business.

A report from Experian’s Global Data Management shows 95% of the C-level executives believe data is an integral part of their business. Data is a significant asset of every company. But if you think all data is valuable then you’re wrong.  Collecting data seem to be a tough job, but actually maintaining high standards of data quality helps to grow your business.

In this blog we will be discussing the importance of verification & validation of data. We will be covering why data quality plays a key role in the marketing world.

Data Quality:

Data Quality | Data Marketers Group

From a layman’s point of view, data quality measures how well data serve its intended purpose with its accuracy & relevancy. For all high quality data, we are referring to the data & its result which will be empowered, informed to make data driven decision for running the business smoothly. Data helps to understand & improve business by effective utilization of time & money.

Importance of data verification has been realized more in the global panademic.  When 35% of the lead data submitted via forms are defective, data validation services have become one of the important tools for every business. This ensures data is always clean, accurate & reliable.

Data Validation:

Data Validation | Data Marketers Group

Data handling includes collecting information, analyzing data or presenting details to stockholders. It is considered as one of the essential part of data handling task. Though data validation is a critical step in any data workflow, it is skipped in most the cases. It is a common myth that data validation slows down the pace of work, but actually its outcome is commendable.  With the advent of various automated validation processes, proper validation workflow can be implemented.

Have you ever wondered why data verification?

Data verification is integral part of any project. And it is one of the key activity why companies dependent on outsourcing. Based on budget and business partner’s data verification services comes in. Generally, data verification service providers let you to be assured of documents. They examine the data consistently over a regular interval of time. While validating data inputs, the team should validate corresponding values as well. Along with data & values, the data model must be evaluated.

Data Verification:

Data Verification | Data Marketers Group

The process of checking various categories of data for its completeness, accuracy & consistency against a trusted source is referred as Data Verification. As global pandemic hit us hard, the biggest challenges for IT, sales & the marketing department of the organization is providing the best better customer experience & service. With verified customer contact data, any organization can do better in analyzing customer behaviour to offer personalize offerings. Along with data verification process data enrichment can also enhance its usefulness. A customer database is one of the valuable assets a business possesses. There are two types of data verification. They are full & sample verification. In first one all data checked for its accuracy while in the latter one small sample of data. When data are verified we can review everything from spelling errors to inappropriate numbers. Every business must understand small percentages of outdated or erroneous data can negative effect on marketing & sales campaign. On the other hand, if data are verified accurately it can provide you the following benefits.

  • Reduces time spent on prospecting
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Can segment customers
  • Reduces time spent on time & resources
  • Improved campaign engagement
  • Improved Campaign ROI
  • Increases employee morale

Steps in Data Verification:

Identify the data Sample:

When you‘ve large amount of data you must check the sample of data rather than investing time on the entire data set. You need check the amount of data sample and allowed the error rate to ensure success.

Verify the database:

Before migrating or moving data, you must ensure all necessary data exist in the provided database. First & foremost, we must determine unique number of records for source & destination data fields.

Determine data format:

Analyze & determine the overall state of the data & what changes must be done on the source & target scheme. This ensures the data you use is correct, consistent & most valuable assets for the business.

Here are top benefits of data verification services:

Boosts Profits:  

If a company strives to verify data internally, lots of efforts, time & money should be invested. Core function can be affected if lots of time spent on data verification. Delegating this task to a third party can help to improve your profits drastically. If a large amount of information is managed & well organized data verification is a quite easy job.

Reduces TCO:

Hiring or outsourcing call centre services ensure huge cost reduction for an organization. All saved money can be used for the betterment of the organizations products, services & core business function. By doing this you can stay assured of the credibility of the business process & it directly reduces the total cost of ownership.

Satisfied customers:  

Satisfying different segment of customer is a tough & tedious process. Hence it is better to avail the best services from the reputed organization. Hiring best outsources services or establishing best business collaboration can be effective & productive.

Quick Turn around Time: outsourcing enables to use dedication resources for verification & validation. Though in-house resources can be used, having additional responsibilities may delay the process. With the third party services you can expect an accurate result for your business.

Better Business decision:

With more accurate, reliable & trustworthy data you can make meaningful decisions for business which leads to better customer acquisition. In any business everyone from c-level executives to customer facing employees should make a decision on a day to day basis. And these decisions play a key role in taking the business to next level.

Importance of data driven decision making in business:

Importance Of Data Driven Decision | Data Marketers Group

The process of using data to make an informed decision is often referred as Data Driven Decision Making. In the internet era with modern analytics tools & interactive dashboards best strategies can be rolled out with collected data. Data based decision making provides real time insights & predication to optimize different business strategies for the business.

Benefits of data validation in business:

  • Defines business objective clearly
  • Helps to find trends and patterns
  • Presents data in a smart way
  • Improves your data driven business decision
  • Increases profit
  • Reduces cost
  • High level of customer satisfaction
  • Increased productivity

Wrapping up:

Making business effective in the internet era is tough & challenging. With right data verification process, you can investigate the business to idea areas to be improved & improve sales. Data Marketers Group being pioneer in the email database service offers high quality data verification services.

Top Marketing Trends You Need To Aware In 2022 | Data Marketers Group

Top Marketing Trends You Need To Aware in 2022

Top Marketing Trends You Need To Aware In 2022 | Data Marketers Group

If there’s anything that COVID-19 outbreak has taught marketers in past 2 years, it’s that having a strong internet presence is crucial. A website is no longer a choice, but rather a must. Your marketing strategy must adapt to the digital shift in order to be relevant in 2022. This post will look at the ten most prominent marketing trends to consider in order to future-proof your company in 2022.

Video Marketing

Short-form content is on the rise, and it shows no evidence of sign of slowing down. Some of the most popular video-based content channels today include Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. They are more effective at capturing attention and generating engagement than other types of content.

Video Marketing | Data Marketers Group

In 2022, we’ll see more videos employed in a variety of marketing campaigns. In addition, video content will be included in more email marketing campaigns, websites, and advertising formats. The data analytics that are utilized to track video performance will improve. More companies will spend in video advertising as a result of improved tracking technologies.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two marketing trends that will be seen not only in 2022, but for years to come (AR). These technologies will start to be employed to advertise items and services, forever altering marketing. To begin, what is the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality? VR is a computer-generated reality that generates a three-dimensional fantasy world. VR glasses immerse users in a new universe, allowing them to interact with objects with their hands.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality | Data Marketers Group

AR, on the other hand, is based on the current real-world context but overlays elements from another universe. Users connect through phone or tablet to interact with the added on dimension in augmented reality. 360-degree marketing is another term for virtual reality and augmented reality. This sort of marketing is used by businesses to boost buyer awareness and purchase decisions. TOMS Shoes, TopShop, Oreo, Sephora, and IKEA are just a few of the many brands available who have already successfully using these technologies for marketing purposes.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a strategy for improving customer experience and sales by interacting with your audience one-on-one. Live chat, chatbots, voice assistants, and other methods can be used to have these conversations. Personalization will be a crucial component in successfully implementing this marketing trend. More AI-powered automation will result in conversions depending on a user’s previous interactions with a company.

Conversational Marketing | Data Marketers Group

We’ll witness more conversational marketing in 2022 as digital marketing trends grow, owing to its positive business impact. With better customer communication, your company may shorten the sales cycle and boost the marketing funnel dramatically.

Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing’s major purpose is to connect customers by engaging with them and treating them as individuals.’ Product recommendations, targeted emails, and tailored video messaging are all examples of personalized marketing.

Personalized Marketing | Data Marketers Group

Marketers may now dig into data with the help of data science and artificial intelligence to uncover what customers actually desire. Personalized marketing creates a genuine bond between a company and its clients. Artificial Intelligence combined with data and insights gathered from social media and other sources can help marketers give their campaigns a hyper-personalized feel.

AI-Based Automation

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in the last few years, and we’ve all seen a big increase in the number of organizations that use AI-powered solutions.

AI Based Automation | Data Marketers Group

AI is assisting brands in a whole new way in terms of marketing and client targeting. AI plays a significant part in marketing, assisting marketers in automating 99 percent of the process, from sending automatic sequenced emails to connecting one platform to another. Furthermore, data collecting and analysis using technologies like as data science and AI has been a boon, allowing for hyper-personalization of client experiences.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization | Data Marketers Group

Because the majority of your clients use mobile phones to explore, it goes without saying that you should optimize your apps and websites for them. In any case, here are some mobile-friendly website tips:

  • Remove redundant scripts and reduce page elements that take too long to load.
  • Stay away from flash animation. It slows things down and may not be compatible with all devices.
  • Use pop-ups selectively and compress all media before publishing.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was unknown a few years ago, but it is now one of the most popular marketing strategies. Influencer marketing entails gaining the assistance of persons who have the ability to influence their users’ purchasing decisions.

Influencer Marketing | Data Marketers Group

Micro-influencer marketing is a relatively new notion on the market. Micro-influencer marketing is a very different technique that is usually more successful in reaching those folks. In micro-influencer marketing, we target influencers with a small audience but a high interaction rate, making it easier to locate people who will be interested in purchasing your products or services.

Omni channel Marketing

Although omni channel marketing may appear outdated these days, it will still be vital in 2022. Marketing your product, services, and information across numerous platforms (such as social media, emails, and blogs) allows you to interact with your audience on a more personal level. You can provide a better user experience and a consistent brand message with Omni channel marketing, which encourages customers to take action.

Omni Channel Marketing | Data Marketers Group

According to studies, firms that use three or more channels can get fantastic benefits such as an increase of up to 18.96 percent in engagement, a 250 percent increase in purchase frequency, and a stunning 90 percent increase in customer retention.

Social Media Marketing

Recently, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of firms using video and content marketing, particularly on social media. We even witnessed a slew of amusing trends that proved to be really advantageous to brands in terms of attracting attention. All of this was accomplished through the use of social media marketing. It’s relatively simple to go viral on social media.

Social Media Marketing | Data Marketers Group

But it’s not about going viral for the sake of it; it’s about cultivating a community of engaged and committed fans and followers. Social media marketing may be quite beneficial in terms of establishing and growing your brand among Millenials. In addition, your fans will be able to directly contact with you and express their thoughts on your businesses.

Final Thoughts!

Every year, new technology and trends emerge in the industry, and marketers must stay current in order to execute our marketing strategies effectively. Algorithms and technologies like machine learning aided this. Digital marketing is a dynamic industry that evolves with the needs of its clients. Your marketing strategy should be original and inventive in light of the changes in the digital marketing sector.

Creating An Effective Customer Journey Map From Scratch | Data Marketers Group

Creating An Effective Customer Journey Map From Scratch

Creating An Effective Customer Journey Map From Scratch | Data Marketers Group

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them preferably in unexpected and helpful ways- Richard Branson

With increasing digital transformation in the past decade, customers have gone a big step from receiving information to empowered decision makers. Customers are heart & soul of any business. Mapping their requirements & preferences can help B2B marketers to promote their products & services. This proportionally improves customer loyalty along with brand visibility. Promoting more customers is a centric way of doing way of business. In the recent covid 19 pandemic has brought tremendous change in the way we do business, thus getting into the minds of business can be little challenging. But once you figured out what they want, buying for trends & preferences can be easily sorted out.

Having ever wondered why customers just close the tab after spending a long time in browsing or adding certain products to their cart. In other words, the customer takes several steps to get from point A to point B when it should take only one. Root analysis will conclude you don’t have a clear understanding of the customer’s journey to purchase your products & services.

What is Customer Journey?

What Is Customer Journey | Data Marketers Group

The customer interaction in order to achieve a goal is often referred as customer journey. With the advent of internet & other social media apps today’s customers has a high probability to connect with brands that tricky business. And most importantly, there are many steps involved in gaining awareness via social media platform to receiving thank you mail for the purchase. Though there are many perspectives, the best way to understand the journey of your customers is by asking them what exactly they need.

This blog is all about creating an efficient & a smooth transition of customer journey & how to build an everlasting business relationship.   

What is Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Map | Data Marketers Group

A visual representation of the process when a prospect or customer undergoes to achieve company goal is referred as Customer Journey Map. The ultimate aim of the customer journey map may differ from company to company. It may be making purchases, signing up for a newsletter, loyalty program or all.  With this detailed customer journey map you’ll get a better understanding of what factors can be motivating for customers to achieve the your business goals.

Here key take away is not understanding of customer journey along. The best way is to visualize this entire complicated journey through the diagram. This paves way to design an efficient customer journey map.

Understanding Customer Journey Mapping:

Visualizing & mapping out the actions taken by customers while interacting with a business in order to achieve business goal is termed as customer journey mapping. In simple term combining comprehensive visual treat that describes a typical customer experience with your business. By understanding this relationship, you can create a more effective process for customer journey.

Customer journey is not always linear journey, it may be a multi-channel journey. This makes customer journey mapping difficult to accurately predict & visualize. Hence savvy business leaders use varieties of methods to represent the customer journey from excel spreadsheet to PowerPoint. For any customer journey mapping, you need to collect data from your customer & prospects as a first & foremost step. This process may be expensive, but it is worth investing.

A customer journey mapping is a significant milestone in the customer journey. With well research path draft your business intends for a customer to reach your goals. This is the blog we will be discussing about factors that are included in the customer journey map. They are

  • The Buying process
  • User Actions
  • Emotions
  • Pain Points
  • Solutions

These are the elements of customer journey that describes each stage in the buying process. These elements provide various potential ways to achieve the goal. If a customer can form an opinion of your business then it is often referred as touchpoint in the customer journey.  Touch point comes into place when business, then comes in direct contact with potential or existing customers. There are different kinds of touch points that help to uncover the journey of opportunities revolve around the buying journey.

Steps Involved In Creating A Customer Journey Map | Data Marketers Group

Steps involved in creating a Customer Journey Map:

  • Set Clear Objectives
  • Profile Your Buyer Persona
  • Define Your Goals
  • Highlight Your Target Customers
  • List Out All Touchpoints
  • Connect The Elements You Want To Show
  • Determine The Resources
  • Make Changes According To The Customer Journey

Setting Up Clear Objectives:

Setting Up Clear Objectives | Data Marketers Group

Before you conclude into creating a map, you need make yourself in first place. Ask yourself what are the goals that directing customer Journey map. What goals can be directly mapped & specifically about? And entire conversation about based on experience. By answering all the questions, you can create a buyer persona. Customers with all demographics & psychographics gives complete details about your average customers.

Buyer Persona:

Learning about buyer persona is all about conducting good research. Get complete feedback about customers based on questionnaires & user testing. Here the most important thing is to connect with actual customers & prospects.

Buyer Persona | Data Marketers Group

Here are few samples of questions to check with customers to understand buyer persona.

  • How did you hear about a company?
  • What attracted you the most in the company?
  • List the problems you would like to solve?
  • List out the goals you want to achieve with our company?
  • Have you ever made purchases with our company?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how easy it is to navigate your website?
  • How was our customer support? Rate on the scale of 1 to 10
  • Conduct Interviews
  • Conduct email service
  • Monitor or track user reviews all over social media
  • Leverage web analytics

Highlight Your Target Customers

Highlight Your Target Customers | Data Marketers Group

From the above step once you learn about different customer persona, you need to narrow down the focus on one or two of them. With marketing dashboard compare list of customer persona that is engaging for your business for the first time. From the list of research customer personas find out the best fit for your journey map.

List Out The Touchpoint:

Touch points are common medium or place through with all your customers interact with you. Based on the research you should list out the list of all touch points your customers or prospects currently using. This gives clear actions of what actions your customers are performing. Understanding the touchpoint is a tool that helps you to understand the objective of business & customer journey. There are many ways in which customers can cross you online apart from the website. They include social channels, paid ads, email marketing & third party review.

Determine The Resources:

Any customer journey would touch every part of your business. Highlight all the resources that create customer experience. It is important to make use of all resources you have that improves customer journey. With the help of many customer service tools accurately predict & manage every customer demand.

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping:

Benefits OF Customer Journey Mapping | Data Marketers Group
  • Proper channel optimization
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Eliminates ineffective touch points
  • Improves customer focus
  • Target customer persona based on a marketing campaign
  • Target customers based on relevancy
  • Improves employee accountability
  • Helps to achieve realistic goals

Why Customer Journey Mapping Is Important?

Customer Journey mapping is one of the strategic approach to understand better customer expectation & crucial for optimizing & providing a better customer experience. With the growing trends in sales & marketing it is important for small & mid-sized business to have a customer journey as for large companies. An important aspect of the customer experience is buyer’s journey personalization. With the strong subject matter expertise, it is possible to create personalized experience across all the touchpoint.

  • Optimize customer on boarding process
  • Understanding of better customer persona & move persona from prospect to the buying stage
  • Connecting dots & creating a logical order for buyers journey


The better you understand customer expectation, more tailor the customer experience.

Importance of customer mapping journey to enable Omni channel marketing:

With improved tools in marketing & customer service efforts highly personalized experience can be delivered to customers. This kind of combined approach is called as omnichannel marketing & customer service. Customer journey mapping plays a critical role in marketing & helps marketers to target prospects across different touch points. Omni channel marketing is often supported by omni channel customer service, where a customer can receive support across any channel to offer the best experience & resolve issues instantly.


With the growing demand to collect customer data, you have all the right information for customer journey mapping. Hope with the help of this blog now you exactly know how to start arranging information in a visually appealing manner. Without an essential understanding of your customer & needs it is impossible to improve the customer journey. Hence, make sure you reach out the target audience to understand how they make decision & improve the business customer experience. Reach out to Data Marketers Group for effective customer journey mapping strategy.

What are The Best Practices for Effective B2B Data Management in 2021?

What Are The Best Practices for Effective B2B Data Management in 2021 | Data Marketers Group

With the growing technology & its evolution, it is mandatory for all data driven leaders to reassess their data management strategies.  Any organization will try to prioritize their investment & budget effectively to secure, govern & analyze core business. This is because every business must have great control on data in order to gain valuable insights & make better business decisions. Also there has been drastic difference in digital strategies which was created in 2020 & for sure it will differ in 2021. Hence main strategy of any business is having a well-organized, accessible database which gives complete 360 degree of customers & essentials for the B2B campaign success.

“B2B database helps sales & marketing professionals to understand prospects in depth & convert more leads.”

Customer data is considered as the one of the most valuable asset of any organization. Collecting, capturing, research & outreach of customer data plays a crucial role in capturing customer buying patterns.  Generally customer data encompasses information on leads interested in your products & services collected in marketing activities. Here basic information includes details such as contact, demographics, purchase history & more. Capturing business needs, target audience & their needs can help marketers to roll out best sales & marketing campaign.

What is B2B Data Management?

What is B2B Data Management | Data Marketers Group

In general, many people misunderstand that B2B data management is software which is actually not. It is widely agreed that we use some tools to support & simplify efforts of having a perfect database management.  Digital marketing evolved over the period which is why it is considered as backbone of any online marketing strategy. So managing ever growing data & keeping it clean is one of the biggest challenges for marketers. Thus B2B Data Management comes into play generating positive ROI & providing predictable results.

What are benefits of B2B Data Management?

  • Reliable source of prospect data
  • Proper segmentation of contacts & accounts
  • Boost customer support service
  • Improved focus on Target audience
  • Building Brand identity
  • Improved efficiency of B2B marketing
  • Efficient nurturing of sales pipeline
  • Personalized services for better customer experience

Best practices to be followed when it comes to Effective B2B Data Management:

Here are few tips which you may feel helpful to begin your journey towards better data quality & data management.

Improve your contact data:

Are you one among the B2B marketers who look ways to improve the quality of database? Then it better to start small & grow gradually. First & foremost proceed with data cleansing. It includes

  • Standardizing the format of key business data elements such as phone, Job title & more
  • Appending missing information to get complete record
  • De-duplication of records
  • Removing records that are not within your sales target

 Manual efforts to correct such incomplete data can be complex, challenging & time consuming. But failing to address can result in lack of sales growth & affects major revenue generating stream.

Align with your business goals:

Your complete database must be in aligning with your business goals. Having crystal clear plan of what you need to do with your company’s data can help you to progress more towards future. Generally companies continue to store too much of data which are collected through various leads generation stream.  This makes B2B data management unorganized & has major business impact on decision making.  Planning & organizing of data is essential part of any business & it must be aligned with your company’s vision & goals. Make this as a part of your data management process in order to eliminate records which are completely irrelevant to your business goals.

Identify & choose your Most Valuable Prospects:

Identity Prospects | Data Marketers Group

Plan & roll out B2B campaign programs that are directly targeting your most valuable prospects who would like to buy from you. Most valuable prospects for any business can be identified based on purchase data, trends, demographic data & firmographic data based on key attributes such as title, industries, company size & more. Review your data frequently to identify key business owners & leverage your target campaign accordingly. This helps B2B marketers to develop target programs & engage them frequently.

Enrich your data:

Progressive profiling is one the proven technique to engage with prospects interested in your products & services. Plan & identify multiple ways to engage with the prospects by providing multiple offers & collect new information about them. Conduct surveys & collect consistent feedback to understand pain points to get detailed insights to score your leads appropriately.

Remove Duplicate data:  

Remove Duplicate Data | Data Marketers Group

In today’s fast moving world, there are many chances for company to get receive duplicate data. This can be from a lead, customer & many other sources, having a well-planned strategy to handle potential redundancies can drastically remove duplicate data. Purchasing third party lead sources must be processed well before adding in your B2B data management system.

Go for quality data management software:

Finding best database management software is crucial stage of any business that wants to follow effective B2B data management strategy. Issues can be drastically reduced if you invest on right data management software as it must provide you clear & accurate insights of the customer buying pattern.  Engage your audience in a precise & timely manner with the most accurate & complete 360 degree of insights.

Automate mundane Task:

Every business must understand data is one of the crucial commodities of 21st century & it is changing continuously.  Hence, establishing data stewardship is most critical success factor for any data driven strategy.  And for obvious reasons companies should opt for best data quality practices for sustainable & scalable growth. Incomplete or duplicate data must be waste of time & effort across all stages of sales cycle. So identify the most pain point or shows topper issue in tackling & improving campaign performance to bring back momentum & overall performance of sales cycle. And Data Marketers Group assures you with your best practices in maintaining data hygiene of marketing database.

Obtain data from Trusted & Quality sources:

Getting regular & consistent new leads for business is not an easy task. Thinking of available resources it becomes tough analyze & get third party lead sources. And similarly you must not comprise on deliverables & quality of the deliverables from third party sources. Data Marketers Group follows best practices in identifying & segmenting actionable leads which can be win-win scenario for your business.

Gather various types of data:

There are different types of data when it comes to data collection & maintenance process. It includes identity data, quantitative data & descriptive data.  So what differentiates all is key attributes which defines each element of prospects or customer. Data Marketers Group understands your business goals & helps you to gather data & build list accordingly.

  • Identity Data:

Identity data gives virtual identity to the prospects or leads in the database. It includes key attributes such as name, date of birth, phone, fax, social profiles & more. By collecting identity data B2B marketers can establish customized communication through the specific niche.

  • Quantitative Data:

Quantitative data is set of information collected against customer journey. It may include various attributes that help B2B marketers in decision making process of prospects or customers. There are many ready to use tools to track the insights of customer effectively.

  • Descriptive Data:

Descriptive data refers to demographics information which gives comprehensive picture of your prospects or customers. This is done through various activities such as surveys, feedbacks, brainstorming discussion & more.

Implement Data Protection & Security:

Implement Data Protection & Security | Data Marketers Group

Data breach is one of the threats to modern business owners. Hence data protection & security is top priority when it comes to business data management. Having proper data management software can ensure safety & maintain GDPR regulations effectively. Plan & execute proper strategy to handle potential breach & ensure privacy of yours prospects & leads.


Empower your sales team to close more opportunity as Data Marketers Group can give you a practical outline of how B2B data management should be maintained in 2021 & helps you identify best strategy which works best for your business goals. With the detailed concepts & best practices of B2B database management we at DMG guide B2B marketers to connect with ideal customers & increase profitability.

How Small Businesses Can Effectively Launch Email Marketing Strategies

How Small Businesses Can Effectively Launch Email Marketing Strategies | Data Marketers Group

In today’s modern era, most of the technological advancements have changed the world of marketing. Although there are tons of digital marketing options available to choose from, most of the businesses prefer email to gain a lot from their marketing efforts. Regardless of industry and business size, email marketing can help you foster better customer relationships.

For small businesses, email marketing is a great channel to create more brand awareness, build trust, and, ultimately, drive revenue. But most of the small businesses considering social media as their primary source for communicating with their targeted audience. Despite the growth in the use of social media apps, over 90% of adults in the U.S. use email. According to the recent surveys, the number of email users are growing yearly as shown in the following figure.

Email Users | Data Marketers Group

Whether you run a small business website, an ecommerce store, or a blog, email is a powerful digital marketing tool for attracting and converting new customers, as well as retaining existing ones. Here are few small business email marketing strategies you need to employ to make your campaigns stand out:

Set Email Marketing Goals | Data Marketers Group

Each and every business has its own email marketing goals. Factors such as size of the business, industry, budget and email marketing experience will influence your goals. For example, if you’ve just recently launched your product or service, your target might be to raise awareness and get as many sign-ups as possible. If you’re an experienced email marketer associated with a well-known business, your goal may be to maximize your return on investment.

Hence, it is highly recommended for small businesses to set goals before you start with email marketing as this will influence all future steps. It is also the only way you can truly track success of your email marketing campaigns in terms of ROI and conversions.

Define Your Target Audience

The next step is to build a buyer profile and narrow down the characteristics of the people you’re trying to reach. Later you need to get to know more about your ideal audience to roll out email marketing campaigns at the people who are most likely to buy your products and services.

Build A Quality Email List

Build A Quality Email List | Data Marketers Group

Before sending out emails, you must gather contact data. For that you need to build a list of targeted contacts. Building a quality email list is the primary step in developing a successful email marketing campaign. However, building email list may takes some time but quality is always more important than quantity.

Here are the few steps to follow when you start building your email list:

  • Keep email signup forms on your website
  • Add signup forms to various social media pages
  • Include a call to action (CTAs) in your email signatures
  • Also, ask your website visitors to subscribe for your newsletters

Make sure to have compelling text that explains what users will get in return for signing up. Make the signup process as simple as possible by offering attractive rewards.

Decide Which Emails To Send               

After growing your list of contacts, you can start planning the types of emails to send to your subscribers. The emails you choose will depend on the type of business you’re running. Although there are several types of emails you can send to your contact list, but promotional emails are a great way to alert your readers about current sales and special offers.

In addition to that, sending email newsletters is a safe method of establishing a connection with your targeted prospects. Newsletter provide valuable information to your prospects and they find it useful. Here are few types of emails – you can send to your targeted prospects:

  • Promotional emails for special offers
  • Seasonal messages (for holidays and for special events)
  • Loyalty programs for dedicated customers
  • Transactional emails  such as eCommerce receipts and appointment notifications

Create Valuable Content

It’s important to provide content that’s relevant to your audience. Do some initial research to assess what your target audience wants and what you can offer. Respond to queries and provide useful information that people would really want to learn. There are many resources available to assist you in drafting an effective email, ranging from templates to writing tools.

Consider segmenting your audience into specific groups. Use various attributes like demographics, engagement, and past purchase behavior. With this information, you can customize content and increase email open rates. Also, be sure to include a clear CTA that relates to applies to the subject of your email.

Create The Design For Your Emails

While launching email marketing campaigns, you need to think about email design that aligns with your product and services. It is highly recommended to use pre-built templates that are tailored for different types of emails and industries.

When thinking about your email design, make sure to add a very clear call-to-action (CTA) button that aligns to your offer in the email and describes readers what you want them to do. Whatever you’re promoting, make sure you have a clear CTA for the readers. If you’re not sure about what are the best practices for CTAs, look for some call to action examples to get inspiration.

Track Results                    

Once you’ve started sending emails, you’ll need to keep track of them, evaluate the data, and tweak your strategy to get better results. It’s important to analyze email marketing data to gain success. It’s the only way to figure out what works and what doesn’t, so you can stop spending time on strategies that don’t work and instead put your efforts where they’ll have the most impact.

Track Result | Data Marketers Group

Your email marketing service will provide you with this information, which will help you take advantage of a variety of email marketing opportunities in your industry. Only make sure you’re tracking and acting on the right email metrics.

Bottom Line

For today’s marketers, email marketing is still the preferred channel. It enables small businesses to reach a broad target audience at a low cost and with ease. Follow the above-mentioned small business email marketing strategies to create an effective marketing campaign. Follow best practices like testing your messages, sending only to people on your list, and offering options for customers to join and unsubscribe with ease.

We at Data Marketers Group can help your small business to develop a beneficial email marketing strategy by providing an accurate b2b email list. For more information, contact our sales team today.


10 Proven Ways To Generate More Sales Leads

10 Proven Ways To Generate More Sales Leads | Data Marketers Group

Leads are playing a crucial role in any business. It helps in making more profitable business & expands your audience base. There are many ways to generate quality leads, but in order to do the same, company should generate good sources of leads. And a lead can become your prospects when the sales person identifies their level of interest they have for your products & services.

Although, there are different methods involved in generating leads including advertising & marketing, cold calling, social media & more, but it is essential to know more about Lead Generation.

What is Lead Generation?

What Is Lead Generation? | Data Marketers Group

In general, lead generation is the process of processing or converting strangers & prospects into someone who are interested in your company’s product & service. And acquiring leads are one the main objective of any business.  So business must use different strategies to market their products & services. Such leads can be generated from both online & offline sources. Hence, using different combinations of relevant methods can be used to generate leads for your business.

What are the strategies involved in generating leads?

There are two types of lead generation strategies that business may follow:

  • Inbound lead generation
  • Outbound lead generation

Inbound lead generation is a process where visitors are brought to the company’s website, blog, social media page & converted into leads. Here marketers must have good content for website, social media pages to close more deals in promoting products & services.

Outbound lead generation is generally recommended when a company deals with very low online search volume or yet to establish its online presence.

Here are proven methods which can be followed to generate more sales leads:

Increase your Engagement with customers:

Increase Your Engagement With Customers | Data Marketers Group

Reaching out to the right people can establish good business relationships and improve your sales. This helps prospects to reach out to you with specific product or services related queries. Attract your audience with regular product updates & take them into direct calls to figure out everything they need to know. This creates a good relationship with clients & increases your engagement ratio.

Roll out personalized emails:

Roll Out Personalized Emails | Data Marketers Group

Email is one the most trusted & relevant sources of lead generation. And moreover 65% of marketers prefer email as their most effective channel for generating B2B leads. Personalizing emails are most likely to be clicked as it tries to address specific needs of clients & their business.

Use of Chabot on your website:

Customers are always curious to get resolved their business queries within a small span of time. Since there are multiple options for customers to look for next one when you’re not available, make sure you engage your customer instantly with their queries.  Chatbots are the answer to your problem if you want to convert your online leads to clients.  Chatbot can engage with your visitors & collect their key information & make your life easier.

Use of Chatbot On Your Website | Data Marketers Group

Have proper Email signature to generate leads:

Business mail always has lots of thoughts on it. So having proper email signature can help you in fetching quality leads for your business.  Here are a few tips to turn your email signature into lead management tool:

  • Add a website or lead management URL
  • Show up your promos & products offers
  • Include small banner promoting your upcoming events or webinars
  • Include social media buttons with call to action

Participate in forum activities:

Forums are the perfect place to get to know more about your customers. The better you know your customer, the easier it becomes to connect with them promoting products & services. Sharing your thoughts & ideas for the prospect queries will be much easier & helps you to connect with them without any third party intervention.

Use optimized landing page:

Having landing page for your B2B campaigns makes it easy for the B2B marketers to stay focused on the specific action with respect the landing page you’ve planned in accordance with the business. Whenever a customer clicks on campaign, it will be redirected to the landing page where you can get details about your prospects.

Boost your content marketing:

Content is king for any digital marketing strategy. It improves brand visibility for brand & social media. It is one the greatest way to stay in touch with current customers & ensure loyalty is valued. Hence improve your lead generation efforts with your blog or monthly newsletters on regular interval of time.

Boost Your Content Marketing | Data Marketers Group
Influencer Marketing: Influencer marketing one the famous & most important strategy followed these days to attract new users. The bond established between brands & personalities where it is done through a person who can influence a large group of people. This can be one the smartest methods to
  • Build your social media followers
  • Drive high website traffic
  • Improve the sale of newly improved products
Press Releases: When combining social media & content marketing along with traditional press releases, it can propel your lead generation efforts to new heights. What items are worth issuing a press release?
  • New product launches
  • Awards
  • Mergers or acquisition
  • New publication
  • Partnerships
Conclusion: Generating a targeted list of B2B sales leads is an essential aspect of any business. But, in general Lead generation is a long term and continuous process. The constant flow of fresh and high-quality sales leads can increase your opportunities for business growth. Implement the above mentioned strategies to streamline the lead generation process and give your sales team plenty of leads to work with.

Here at Data Marketers Group, we pride ourselves in building a B2B Email List for companies of all sizes to target right audience. No matter how sophisticated your strategy, our data can help you get the most out of your budget and drive the leads that matter to your business.

Top Most Effective Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Your B2B Strategy

Top Most Effective Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Your B2B Strategy | Data Marketers Group

“We are changing the world with technology”. Internet has brought tremendous change in the way we think, we learn & act – so is B2B marketing & strategy. By embracing the digital transformation of every business in the 21st century you can’t afford boring or outdated marketing strategy to stay ahead of competitors.

Let us change the way we frame marketing strategies to connect with business audience & gain benefit out of it. Developing right marketing strategy is can be challenging considering several factors such as budget limits, key decision & approvals. However, opting B2B digital transformation with effective B2B strategies helps you to stand out of crowd with flying colours. The Ultimate marketing goal is to make audience responds & engage with your products & services. Hence it is very critical to analyze how marketing to a business varies from individual consumers. This article gives crystal idea of effective B2B marketing strategies work & converts your business audience.

What is B2B marketing?

From a layman’s point of view, any company that sells products or services to other business or organization highly uses B2B marketing strategies & the marketing content is geared towards particular business or organization is often referred as B2B marketing.

B2B marketing targets the needs, likes, interest & challenges of individuals who purchase on behalf of or for their customer. Here we discuss about various B2B marketing tactics what will boost your B2B strategies.

B2B Email Marketing

Email communication is the best & proven methods of connecting with individuals & customers. Email is a most powerful & effective way for engaging your target audience & turns your subscribers into leads & then customers. B2B customers always look for logic & drive positive ROI. It mainly focuses on your business, customers & connects the thing which matters to them such as time, money, resources.

As research from Hubspot, shows 83% of B2B companies use email newsletters as a part of their content marketing strategy. And 40% of the B2B marketers agree newsletters plays a crucial role in their content marketing success.

Here are few best practices of email marketing best practices:

• Send emails with strong subject line
Hook your audience with an enticing subject line & connect with them.
• Include CTA (Call To Action)
Having one CTA per mail allows consumers on one email content & one action
• Responsive Email Design
In the Internet era, 80% of the email users access their inbox on mobile. So high responsive design shows up & engages customers.
• Segment your email to reach most relevant audience
Buyers can look for different solutions; hence having email list segmentation helps you to relate with target audience in a better way & feel connected.

Creating Digital Presence

Every company started to invest in their digital presence & 5% of their revenue will be invested for digital presence & branding which comprises of paid ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website & more. Here are a few tips to build effective B2B marketing for digital presence.

  • Build Website

Any small or large scale business should have their own website which defines your target audience & helps your B2B marketers to understand different buyer persona. This helps to ensure right demographic information to connect with right audience through content & new marketing initiatives.

  • Create your own digital space

With proper on Page SEO & Technical SEO tactics your website must be well optimized & informative.

  • Run PPC campaign

Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows your brand to connect with new audiences via search engines. By understanding buyer’s persona & incorporating content highly recommended for them you can generate ROI to promote your products & services across the globe.

Enforcing Niche Driven Strategy

One of the most critical business considerations is specializing & targetinga particular niche. We’re in the era to understand the fast growing firms & be the undisputable leader. Specialization makes you to understand what is required & how you can define yourself.

Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the most popular & important strategy to stay connected with customer 24*7. Facebook & LinkedIn rated as one of the most popular platforms to deliver better ROI in an organic way.

Social media curates a positive impact on your brand & stays as one of the best distribution channels to share your original content. Highlight your activities & spot light your employees, which allow your audiences to personalize & develop a distinguished brand voice.

Different Social Media Channels That We Can Use For B2B Marketing

Well planned strategy is a key ingredient for any social media marketing. It includes Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing & more. Having a relevant & realistic social media marketing goals paves way to understand your target audience. Social media goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable,Attainable,Relevant & Time Bound).

Facebook Marketing:

It is well known fact that Facebook is one the biggest social media platform with a huge fan base.(Approx. 2.4 billion people use it every day). A report from Hootsuite says two third of Facebook users visit their local business Facebook page at least once a week. A clear & focused Facebook marketing is the smart way to tap into existing customer & gain new followers easily.  Here are few steps to start with Facebook marketing:

  • Set up your own Facebook account

Head to Facebook & create your personal account for your business. Choose the page type such as business, brand, community or public figure.

  • Include brand images

Have a profile & cover photos to make sure the optimum images size as prescribed by Facebook.

  • Complete your page information

Describe about yourself in 255 characters about what you want to do & who you are. Make sure all your contact details are updated & customer can reach you through any communication medium

  • Create your Facebook URL(Vanity URL @Username)

Choose a search friendly page name, which can be 50 characters long. Having a consistent name across all social media networks creates a brand identity.

  • Review your Facebook Setting

Understand your Facebook privacy & security setting to know about custom control available on your page.

  • Facebook Post

There are different ways of promoting your brand such as text post, video post, image post, live video post, FB poll post, Facebook stories, Pined post & more. Social media platform has huge & targeted audience base, hence post must be chosen accordingly. It should engage all kinds of users & keep them updated about your business or brand over regular interval of time.

Twitter Marketing:

Ultimate goal of the twitter marketing strategy is to attract new followers & leads to boost your conversion with improved brand recognition & sales.

Twitter Marketing Tactics include:

  • Research your target audience
  • Create unique & engaging content within 140 characters
  • Have a organized schedule for your post
  • Analyze your impact & focus of gaining trust among followers

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one the important social media channel which gained more attraction among marketers in recent days. Undeniably, we can 90% of the Instagram users follow at least one business. Here are key tactics for using Instagram for business

  • Story Telling

People love stories. And creating & posting regular stories about business is a great way to connect with your audience.

  • Visual content

As well love most engaging content on our feed. Instagram is full of images & videos which make a great success when it comes to marketing. It is proven fact that visual post produces 650% high engagement hat text only post.

  • Community Engagement

Instagram has a huge community base, hence B2B marketers got a millions of opportunities to connect with a targeted audience without any geographical barriers.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube gives us more entertaining content & B2B marketers claim that it is one the essential tool for marketers to stay connected in the marketing race. YouTube content is recognised & preferred as second largest search engine.

  • Create your own YouTube Channel for brand or business
  • Learn about your audience
  • Learn from your Favourite channels
  • Optimize your videos to get good views
  • Optimize your title & keywords with proper hashtags
  • Create a strong thumbnail
  • Always have keyword rich description
  • Schedule & upload your videos


Integrated Channels

There are several effective channels to maximize your lead database. It includes content marketing, email marketing, social medical marketing, SEO& paid ads, webinars & corporate events.

It is understood that best strategies work well if it is integrated & strengthen your relationship. These types of integration channel marketing fuels powerful interaction between your audience & brand. 

Marketing Automation with CRM

Replace your mundane task with high touch automated one with a technology solution. Having a centralized system for creating, managing & measuring campaigns are essential for any B2B marketing campaign. CRM is helps any firms to track & organize right opportunities in a sophisticated way. Similarly CRM database acts a repository to collect & all relevant prospect information & help you to develop effective business communication with key decision makers.Advent of marketing automation tools helps B2B marketers to establish personalized communication with prospect & reduce repetitive & mundane task.

Let’s see how Marketing Automation Tools Can Boost Your B2B Marketing Strategy

In recent times, Automation tool helps B2B marketer in accessing all enterprise level data in one place and enable marketers can launch multi-channel campaigns in an effective manner. Tools such as Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot can automate mundane tasks such as email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns & etc.  This marketing automation makes the task easier & provides personalized experience for the customer. If you are generating a steady flow of new & quality leads then investing in a marketing automation tool generates better ROI.

  • Marketo

Marketo manages end to end customer experience from a marketing point of perspective.  From digital advertising to account based marketing Marketo tool is really useful & well suited for larger marketing operation. With integrated sales applications Marketo aligns sales & marketing your efforts with high priority accounts by tapping into better visibility & customer insights.

  • Eloqua

Want to create dynamic B2B campaigns that to understand buyer persona & track real time activities at every stage from prospect to customer journey, then Oracle Eloqua is well suited for your marketing activities.  Eloqua gives the historical data which help marketers to schedule email at an optimal time & day for a preferred prospects.

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most popular and widely used Customer Relationship Management software. It helps user in expediting sales and marketing flow on the go without making many changes to the existing structures. Aligning your marketing efforts with HubSpot CRM can increase your web traffic while improving sales conversions.

Lead Nurturing& Lead Scoring

With targeted & analytics driven email marketing campaign understand the buyers persona & send offer to required set of targeted audience. This helps any B2B marketers in building closure engagement, relevant content & drive sales out of it.

Lead Scoring is one of the methodologies used to rank prospect based on a value that particular lead represents to the organization. It depends on various numeric value assigned to user behavior, conversion events or social media interactions. Any lead nurturing strategies are successful if sales & marketing are aligned together.

Visual Content

“A Picture speaks a thousand words”-   Visual contents from images to video will help promote your brand & adds value to your marketing efforts.  Internet has helped marketers to build trust & engage with the audience more often compared to traditional modes marketing strategies.  All credits to visual content makers as they suggest using compelling images for brands across all platforms. 

Online communities

Identify online communities or create a space for your customers to make their conversation. There are multiple options ranging from LinkedIn Groups, Quora & Facebook. Provoke with your questions & try to understand your customers in a better way.  Create your own online forum where customers can share their feedback & opinions. This helps to create trusted database of information which has complete details of potential customers.

Mobile Marketing

mobile marketing

It is well fact that mobile drives the 80% of global internet usage. This statistics show how mobile marketing has become of the must have or trusted marketing strategy for B2B business. As a part of mobile marketing makes sure your website is well optimized for mobile. Before thinking of any mobile marketing ask yourself if you’ve answer for below question.

  • Is my content is friendly for all mobile/tablet devices
  • Is buttons & navigations are easy to tap
  • Does infographics, images, videos are easy to ready or view

Interactive Newsletters

Although email marketing is one of the best strategies for business, most of the professionals still prefer to use interactive newsletters. Brand should hook their customers with content in the form of monthly newsletters, blog newsletters & more. Interactive newsletters can include video downloads, surveys, Feedback requests, white paper downloads & more.

Referral Programs

Happy customers always spread the word about your brand. Initiate a discount program & allow your customers to know the benefits of spreading a word to fellow business owners about your products or services.

Paid Ads

There are wide marketing options to establish a brand name for your business.  Paid advertisement & campaigns are one of the important aspects of B2B marketing strategies. There are most popular ads linked with search engines such as Google, Facebook, Twitter & more. All these platforms, make sure your message reach right audience without any geographical barriers. And more importantly paid ads helps to drive highly engaged prospects interested in your products or services.

Niche Targeting

No More general audience. Improve your engagement rate with a more specific message to right audience & drill down to the specific niche you want to reach. It creates messages focused on your segment & ultimately you can connect with loyal customers interested in your products or services.

Live chat Conversion

Almost 95% of the customers are satisfied with their live chat experience & addressing the customer issues through their preferred mode of communication channel. With very little efforts live chat function can be one of the most productive sales channels. And it is one the very friendly medium where you can connect with customers & sell your products in a hassle free manner.

Influencer marketing or Guest posting

Though they belong to different discipline the common motto is to leverage the authority of a third party to promote your brand or product. With the help of external platform you grow your business with website, events or social account. And is it proved that ROI generated through influencer marketing is high when compared to other channels.

Event Marketing

Event marketing focuses on forming relationship & offering values with business owners & prospects who can be potentially your customer. Many business owners started event marketing as a part of promotional efforts to deliver greater ROI.  Event marketing includes one day conferences, one day seminars, product training sessions, leadership workshops &more.

Bottom Line

Partner with Data Marketers Group to have a formal b2b marketing plan & create your own brand identity.  We have a team of experts to make strategic & proactive approach to tactics. For small to medium sized business, we offer entire marketing plans with market research analysis to create your own brand identity in the fast moving internet era. Also, we can help you to align & build your market presence with current trends &stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Significance of Lead Nurturing in B2B Marketing

Significance of Lead Nurturing in B2B Marketing | Data Marketers Group

Companies that excel at lead nurturing process generate 50% more sales-ready leads. Many companies are widely familiar with lead generation activities, identifying new business prospects and kick-starting their buyer journey. But, to achieve the ultimate results, your sales and marketing teams need to understand and embrace the continued process of lead nurturing.

For B2B marketing success, this lead nurturing has become extremely significant as it allows your brand to stand out as one of the significant market leaders while converting your prospects into loyal customers. Hence, if you’re not using lead nurturing in your b2b marketing campaigns currently, then it’s the time to consider it. In this blog, you can discover what lead nurture means to business, and why it matters most in b2b marketing!

What is Lead Nurturing?

In simple words, lead nurturing is all about developing and maintaining trustworthy business relationships with the customers at every stage of the sales funnel. It mainly focuses on listening to the needs of prospects and providing them with the information that they need at different stages of their buyer journey.

The ultimate goal of lead nurturing is to improve the probability of closing a deal and to shorten the time taken to secure new customers. This process strengthens the bond with the leads who are currently unwilling to buy from you but could be an ideal customer in the longer run. The process of nurturing sales leads can spread your brand message to the prospects, educate them about your products and services, and build trust to spend on it.

Why Lead Nurturing is Important?

According to recent surveys, only 2% of the customers purchase at the initial meeting. The remaining 98% of the prospects need some appropriate information through the sales funnel before they turn into your clients. This is the reason why it is important to nurture the lead. It will help you turn more leads into sales and expand those sales’ reach.

For most of the b2b companies, lead nurturing provides the ideal solution to transform your current lead quality. In addition to that, it helps prospects to understand how your product is relevant to their business while ensuring they meet all required criteria to effectively use your services. Furthermore, lead nurturing fuels your pipeline with the highest quality leads while helping your marketing and sales teams quickly identify new opportunities and build a strong relationship with the potential buyers.

Let’s look at the Most Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

The key to effective lead nurturing is to identify people who are interested in your products and services. Hence, communicating with your customers and prospects can help you to understand their needs and requirements. Here are some of the best ways to do this.

Create Targeted Content

Nurturing leads with the targeted content can produce increased sales opportunities with more than 20% of the actual sales. Hence, targeting your leads with the relevant content can accelerate their buyer journey.

However, most of the B2B marketers struggle with producing relevant content. According to the Forrester Research report – 33% of B2B marketers finding it as a challenge to produce the relevant and targeted content while nurturing the leads. Hence, to produce the right content to the right audience at the right time, first, you need to understand your target audience. After identifying this audience, you need to create content that engages the audience based on their interests and needs.

Do Follow Up On-Time

Follow up is one of the most effective lead nurturing tactics to convert your leads into loyal customers. If you do follow up to a lead, once they entered into sales funnel rather than contacting them after 30 minutes, then there will be more chances to convert them into a qualified lead. The benefits of responding quickly to your clients are obvious, but this can take a bit of manual effort along with human intervention.

Although automated lead nurturing can rapidly and easily help you meet large numbers of prospects, the most effective way to turn your leads into sales-qualified leads is via a follow-up phone call or personal email. Moreover, a prompt, well-researched warm lead call is far more valuable than spending your time on outbound telemarketing. To make most out of the sales opportunity, make sure to know about the interests of your prospects and how they have connected with your business online.

Don’t Limit Lead Nurturing to Email

Most of the B2B marketers say email is their most effective marketing channel to generate maximum ROI. Although email is undeniably a powerful channel for B2B marketers, it is necessary to ensure that your campaign is integrated with more than just email. Many lead nurturing approaches consist of setting up an email drip campaign that sends emails to prospects regularly.

The most successful lead nurturing tactics include a combination of channels with wide-variety of marketing automation techniques, email marketing, social networking, remarketing and sales outreach. Setting up the campaign require a bit more effort as the both sales and marketing teams need to collaborate to execute it effectively.

Utilize Multiple Touchpoints

On an average, prospects must get twelve marketing touches from the moment they are introduced to the top of the funnel before they are converted. As such, there really should be 12 or more touchpoints in every lead nurturing campaign.

Ideally, to nurture your prospects into consumers, you can engage with your prospects across a variety of different types of content, such as email, social media posts, blog articles, whitepapers, interactive surveys and even direct mail. In the buyer journey, the content you send should be matched to their point while answering common questions and concerns at that particular level.

Align Sales & Marketing Teams

Whenever sales and marketing teams align with each other and share the responsibility of lead nurturing, then businesses can see a significant increase in terms of conversion rates. The most important thing to consider is that both the sales and marketing teams should be on the same page when it comes to the identification of a sales qualified lead.

Ideally, both the sales and marketing teams should work together when it comes to opening an email or interacting with a social post, and assign a score to each. By ensuring both teams working together in this way, you can close more deals for the campaign.


Personalization is an essential tool to run an efficient programme of lead nurturing. It’s also not too hard to implement, particularly in the campaign’s email portion. Personalized emails can produce up to six times of income when it comes to non-personalized emails.

Emails can be customised in a variety of ways. For example, when a visitor clicks a connection in your inbox, visits a certain page on your site, or installs a piece of gated content, you can set up triggers to send emails. Sending a customized email when a prospect is deeply active with your brand may also be useful.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of how you choose to roll out your lead nurturing campaign, one thing is must be consider: it’s not an option, it is essential for your business. Furthermore, it can help you to close even more sales and generates maximum revenue for your business.

A good customer data platform like Data Marketers Group can help you with your lead nurturing strategies in a hassle-free way. By providing high-quality and cleansed data, Data Marketers Group helps you to identify customer trends and behaviours, and make the most of the data available to you.

How Data Enrichment Service Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s competitive world, data has become the most valuable asset in every organization. Most of the business leaders across the world use data to empower their decision-making process and promote the growth and profitability of their companies. When it comes to b2b marketing, data plays a crucial role to formulate marketing, sales and customer service strategies.

As a b2b marketer, it is vital to know about your exact target audience to roll out more effective and modern marketing strategies. Having accurate data about your targeted audience can make your job easier. But it’s not always easy to come across the right sets of data about your customers due to data decaying. And this is where data enrichment service comes into picture.

What is Data Enrichment?

Data Enrichment is nothing but enhancing data with everything that you need to frame a successful marketing strategy including verified email address, telephone number, company size & type, postal address, annual revenue and more. This Data Enrichment helps you to drive leads and generate actionable insights for your sales and marketing success. Here, in the below image – you can see how data enrichment can update your existing contact data with new contact records while fighting against data decaying.

Fight Against Data Decay | Data Marketers Group

Types of Data Enrichment

No individual dataset can provide a complete and holistic overview of your ideal customers. Hence, you would need to merge multiple datasets into a single enriched source to correctly understand the customer base. When organizations around the world aim to introduce higher levels of personalization, the ability to integrate various data sources meaningfully gives them a powerful tool to enhance their services.

Although, there are innumerable types of data enrichment and data collection techniques, but there are two types of data enrichment services that are far more prominent than the others. Below mentioned are the two types of data enrichment services that you really need to know about.

• Demographic Data Enrichment

This involves any type of data that enables you to identify your users more accurately. For instance, income level and marital status are both examples of demographic data. Combining demographic data with your customers’ current data will allow you to take a clear picture of exactly who they are.

• Geographic Data Enrichment

This includes adding details about the geographical position of your users. It could be things like ZIP codes and other postal records, coordinates of longitude and latitude, and home addresses. It is easy to come across geographic data since there are many companies that exist to provide such information. Geographic data enrichment allows companies to offer a more personalized service.

Transform Your Marketing Strategy with Data Enrichment Service

In general, data enrichment is highly beneficial for your whole marketing and sales funnel as it enhances targeting, improves conversions, and much more. If you are thinking about improving your marketing strategy, here are some of the ways that data enrichment can supercharge your marketing campaigns:

• Enhanced and accurate data

As discussed above, enhancing the data would open up new opportunities for your marketing campaigns, open new lines of communication, and enhance your targeting. Using data enrichment in combination with email verification can keep your enriched list clean, correct and accessible.

• Improved lead scoring and segmentation

The more you know about your lead, the more accurate your lead scoring and segmentation would be. This process involves analyzing data such as location, demographics, business data, behavioral trends, etc., which is exactly what can be provided by lead enrichment.

• Improved personalization and targeting

With data enrichment it’s possible to gain deeper insight about your customers including their demographic and behavioral data. This enables you to offer personalized offers and shopping recommendations that aligns perfectly with the needs of your audience. Data enrichment can give you all the necessary ingredients to can achieve higher open, click-through, and conversion rates while improve personalization and targeting.

• Better nurturing

Having more data on your customer’s needs and pain points enables you to craft an effective lead nurturing strategy for each audience segment to convert faster and gain more loyal customers.

• Increased Business Sales

Enriching the data helps businesses to identify prospective customers and use the data of current customers to find new markets that complement their customers and make marketing more successful. Furthermore, it guarantees ongoing consumer engagement and nurturing, which might open up new market opportunities.

How to Choose The Best Data Enrichment Service Provider?

There are several important questions you need to ask when you are opting for data enrichment services, including:

  • Is the data enrichment service is compatible with your business needs? It’s always recommended to check whether the enriched data is accessible within your existing CRM system.
  • How does the data enrichment service provider source new information? It’s crucial to know about the sources that they use for compiling data as data enrichment service is only useful if the information is accurate.
  • How often is data updated? Some agencies offer real-time data enrichment, but others do not. Hence, it is important to choose the right data enrichment service provider that’s right for your business.

Bottom Line

The majority of B2B marketing and sales strategies depend on customers’ data. Yet, data is frequently inaccurate due to data decay. Collaborating with our data enrichment services enables you to get rid of incomplete, duplicated and outdated data that lies in your existing database. By combining state-of-the-art technologies and human intelligence, we provide you with comprehensive data enrichment services without compromising on data quality.

At Data Marketers Group, we have clearly understood that Data Enrichment Services is one of the most important steps in improving the value of your business data. Hence, our team first validate the contact data such as name, phone numbers, email and mailing addresses that you already have in your existing database. Once it is cleaned, we append missing or incomplete contact information and enhance your records with available data including financial data, geographic data, buyer inclination, and much more.