SIC and NAICS Code and How It Will Boost Your Marketing Campaign | Data Marketers Group

What is SIC and NAICS Code and How It Will Boost Your Marketing Campaign?

SIC and NAICS Code and How It Will Boost Your Marketing Campaign | Data Marketers Group

Today’s B2B marketing professionals are under pressure to expand their business. As a result, in order to succeed, they must improve the ROI of their sales and marketing campaigns. Marketing has been one of the most significant resources for many firms to increase revenue by generating quality leads. At the same time, knowing the firmographics of your customer base is critical as an industrialist. By adding SIC and NAICS codes to your business database, you’ll be able to better answer those vital inquiries and boost your client-securing approach. Therefore, SIC and NAICS codes will eventually aid in increasing sales and expanding your customer base.

Before we get into the root of the topic, it’s important to understand what a SIC and NAICS codes are:

What is SIC Code?

What is SIC Code | Data Marketers Group

SIC is an acronym for Standard Industrial Classification. The United States government created the SIC codes in 1937 to classify and evaluate economic activity across industries and government agencies, as well as to improve uniformity in the presentation of statistical data collected by multiple government departments. The SIC system divides the economy into 11 primary categories, including:

  • Agriculture, forestry, and fishing
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale trade
  • Retail trade
  • Finance, insurance, real estate
  • Services
  • Public administration
  • Transportation and public utilities
  • Nonclassifiable establishments

These are further classified into 83 two-digit major groups, 416 three-digit industry groups, and over 1,000 four-digit industries. Every business has a primary SIC code that identifies its core business. The major industry group is identified by the first two digits of the SIC code, the third digit represents the industry group, and the fourth digit identifies the specific industry.

What is NAICS Code?

What is NAICS Code | Data Marketers Group

NAICS stands for the North American Industry Classification System, which includes the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It was supposed to replace the no longer sufficient SIC system. It allows for a high level of comparability in business statistics among the three countries.  The NAICS Code was developed to eliminate the inconsistent logic utilized in the SIC system and to increase specificity from the 4 digit SIC system by creating a 6 digit NAICS code.

In general, most of the marketers fail to understand the significance of these codes, despite the fact that they provide easy and a reliable way to identify a company. With that being said, let me take you through the benefits of SIC and NAICS codes and how it will boost your marketing campaign:

Determine Your Target Audience

Determine Your Target Audience | Data Marketers Group

Don’t know who to target to as a marketer? Marketers can use the SIC code business information to target their marketing to certain industries. The SIC and NAICS codes offer information about a company’s basic industry grouping as well as its vertical product/service applications. Furthermore, there are several broad categories that might contain a wide range of manufacturing enterprises.

Take, for example, the word “pumps.” Is your business focused on pump manufacturers or pumping equipment? While you can search each of your targets’ industry codes for basic contact information for companies in your verticals, you can also find basic contact information of your target audience much more quickly.

Collect Detailed Profile Data

Collect Detailed Profile Data | Data Marketers Group

Once you’ve determined who your ideal customers are, the SIC Code and NAICS Code will assist you in determining which industries will best suit them. While the industry categories identified in step one are extensive, marketers can use long tail keyword searches to narrow down their target buyer companies.

Manufacturing directories provide customer reviews, contact information, videos, blog articles, and recent news regarding an organization’s product offers. As a result, you will be able to obtain a better understanding of your target audience’s business needs, motivations, and level of enthusiasm for the products you send by using these tools. In addition to that, marketers can also create target client and prospect records and create campaigns with content that is relevant to the audiences they are trying to reach.

Target-Related Industries

After you’ve started with specific or targeted companies under a specific SIC Code and NAICS Code, you may look for different verticals linked with those companies to see if they’d be ideal targets for your content and campaign messages. While the first two digits of a SIC Code or NAICS Code represent an industry title, you can use this number to find related lines of business to the ones you’re already serving!

Refine Lead Qualification Criteria

Refine Lead Qualification Criteria | Data Marketers Group

After you’ve determined your marketing campaign’s proper goals, you can use the data to select the most qualified inbound leads for follow-up. You may also arrange your advertising, content development, and campaign budgets depending on which prospects are most likely to convert into customers.

Industry classification codes become a method of guiding clients and prospects to key material as your business website expands. On your landing page, potential customers can select their relevant industry vertical and receive product data that corresponds to their intriguing business difficulties right away.

Benefits of SIC and NAICS Codes:

  • SIC and NAICS codes provide precise information about the target market. Additionally, marketers would be able to simply segment their target industry.
  • SIC and NAICS codes make it easier to keep your b2b marketing information up to date.
  • Marketers learn about each industry’s potential, which allows them to better serve the high-potential market through budget allocation.
  • Marketers will have access to excellent customer databases with the proper SIC and NAICS codes, including their Name, Contact number, Sales volume, Number of employees, Revenue, and more.
  • Because SIC and NAICS codes deal with the relevant industry, it improves the relevance of existing data.
  • Marketers can acquire precise information from SIC and NAICS codes, which is crucial for generating sales leads.
  • These industry classification codes assist marketers in locating certain buyers or target audiences.
  • They serve as a reference for b2b marketing by assisting with budgeting for advertising and other expenses.

Wrapping Up

Despite the fact that the SIC and NAICS classification systems were developed at a time when there was minimal innovation, they provide a recognized framework for identifying the hundreds of company verticals that promotional advertisers deal with on a daily basis.

Marketers must remember to stay current with these codes as they evolve over time. If you have any concerns or would like to learn more about b2b databases or how to discover a target audience from a variety of industries, contact us at: [email protected] or call us at: 914 – 288 – 5888

Discover How SAP CRM Implementation Can Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

SAP CRM Implementation to Improve Comapny Customer Service | Data Marketers Group

People used to rely on their neighborhood stores to purchase things before the advent of online marketing, supermarkets, or shopping malls. Customers were known by their first names, and business owners were aware of their tastes and desires based on previous purchases. As a result of their relationship with the merchant, clients remained loyal and purchased from them again and again.

Later on, customers became more mobile as the market develops and the people moved to urban communities. This made the client and marketer’s relationship become faceless and nameless. As a result, buyers began to make decisions and chose a supplier or vendor that could offer a product at the lowest cost and with the maximum features.

In today’s competitive business world, most businesses recognize that the better their customer relationships are managed, the more successful they will be. This circumstance gave rise to CRM technology, which is now being used by a wide range of enterprises and industries. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software systems are essential tools for businesses to manage customer relationships. Although several CRM software systems have emerged, SAP CRM is one of the world’s major CRM sectors, with over 350,000+ clients across 180 countries, serving over 30 different industries in over 40 different languages.

Before diving into the root topic, let’s discuss briefly about CRM!

What is CRM?

What is CRM | Data Marketers Group

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a technology that helps you to manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers. The main objective of a CRM implementation is to improve business relationships. In general, CRM software helps companies to stay connected with their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

A CRM software implementation ensures that every step of the interaction between the marketer and the customer runs well while boosting overall profits. It contributes to the development of company relationships and increases client productivity, resulting in royalty and revenue in contact and sales management.

Let’s see how SAP CRM implementation can improve your company's customer service

As we all know, every business is different, and one size does not fit all. SAP offers unique installations for various enterprises based on their needs.

SAP CRM For Sales: It allows businesses to manage sales activities such as reducing sales cycles, enhancing team effectiveness, generating revenue, and ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty. It aids in the organization’s final sales cycle management across all channels.

SAP CRM For Service: Customers in today’s marketplace expect more from businesses in terms of services. SAP CRM is a comprehensive solution for the service industry that helps organizations boost client loyalty and profitability.

SAP CRM For Marketing: It is one of the most important aspects of customer relationship management, and it is used to plan and implement all marketing efforts across the firm. Market segment analysis and the identification of valuable clients are included in the Marketing module.

SAP CRM Interaction Center: It enables consultants to conduct service, sales, and marketing transactions successfully and efficiently. Interaction Center employees have access to all administrative, maintenance, and analytical reports in order to deliver highly efficient individual (B2C) and corporate (B2B) client assistance.

SAP CRM Analytics: It has capabilities for assessing individual clients and figuring out how to better serve them. It’s used to track progress, forecast client behavior, and value, and prepare for success.

Implementation of SAP CRM provides businesses with the following benefits:

Centralized Data Platform

Centralized Data Platform Using SAP CRM | Data Marketers Group

One of the most beneficial aspects of CRM software is that it allows you to access data at any time and from any location. SAP CRM enables marketers and salespeople to maintain data linked and organized, saving time and avoiding the need to export data from one platform to another. It also serves as a central repository for employees to save data and offer access to colleagues all over the organization

Enables You To Sell Faster And Better

SAP CRM automates and standardizes the sales process, providing a step-by-step roadmap for closing deals and shortening sales cycles. CRM sales process improves sales techniques, speeds up sales rep training, and improves customer experience.

Helps You To Increase Business Revenue

SAP CRM Helps You To Increase Business Revenue | Data Marketers Group

SAP’s CRM software increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and product promotions. While increasing the company’s revenues, it also assures that product promotions reach new potential customers and improves revenue.

Nurture The Lead Generation Process

The process of tracking leads and successfully converting them into sales-qualified leads is known as lead nurturing. The SAP CRM application is one of the most important tools for businesses of all sizes to simplify management and increase sales. A well-designed CRM may have a huge impact on any company since it aids in the development of stronger and longer relationships with prospects even before they interact with the company.

Easy Integration With ERP and Other Third-Party Software

SAP CRM Integrates Easily With ERP and Third Party Software | Data Marketers Group

While CRM and ERP are similar in many aspects, when they’re combined, they’re two very separate technologies. CRM is responsible for front-end systems, as well as marketing, upselling, social media management, community interaction, customer service, and the call center.

SAP’s ERP, on the other hand, is made to deal with financial data, account details, sales invoices, human resources, purchasing, manufacturing, project management, and customer relationship management. Implementation of SAP CRM enables an organization to integrate with third-party software and other in-house applications.

Wrapping Up

In the Internet age, customer relationships are more crucial than ever, as customers are continually bombarded with new products. However, making genuine connections – and nurturing them – can provide you and your company with long-term revenue. CRM software can assist you in automating this entire process while maintaining a human touch.

A well-functioning CRM can surely make or break a business. SAP CRM goes beyond functionality with hundreds of CRM solutions ranging in price from free to thousands of dollars. SAP CRM users are more likely to run a successful marketing campaign, improve brand awareness, provide customer insights, and track leads and sales.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategies For Accounting Firms in 2021

Data Driven Marketing Strategies for Accounting Firms | Data Marketers Group

With the unprecedented changes in the working style, many industries started to explore the unexplored part of the data driven marketing strategies. Accounting firms are one of such industries which started to adapt the new normal norms of Covid 19. From cancelling webinars, conferences & closed office to setting up a virtual work environment we all have grown up.  Accounting firms are trying their best to stay connected with the clients.  Here in this blog we have discussed few data driven marketing initiatives that can be used by accounting firms during such tough times like covid 19.

Want to know how accounting industry changing? This change is rapid & when you check on recent changes in the CPA exams, it emphasis more on understanding business process, automation, data analytics – which is completely digital & data driven mindset.

With the advent of technology everyone is online & heavily influenced by technology. So if you’re not taking digital footprints, then you will regret it later as potential clients my find it tough to find you. When you want to establish yourself as brand grow, make sure your idea & marketing trends to be on top priority.  The more you win, the more visibility you get. From creative asset to campaign, a data driven marketing decision are made.

With the right data driven marketing strategies, you can craft & release marketing campaign that can directly connect with the audience.

So start your firm’s digital footprint at earliest & expand your brand visibility.

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience | Data Marketers Group

As we all know, the success of any data driven marketing highly dependent on the accuracy of the customer data. Seamless consumer data with your customer & target marketing details is useless. Before you work for data driven strategies you make B2B marketers are aware of ideal customers & their buying personas. Reach out to existing clients & understand their needs. More importantly, focus on groups that ask live questions & show genuine interest on your product.

A Well Optimized Website

Well Optimized Website | Data Marketers Group

 A well optimized website is the face of your company & it is a small step towards taking digital foot prints. As every industry is progressing towards online, having clear content, usability, and graphics on your website can attract your prospects to stay connected with you in all stages of your business. However to be a picture perfect online transition is a little tough but, now it is quite important to stay top of your business.

Your website is the best places to showcase your prospective client & experts in accounting fields. High quality content & insights can make you an expert. Incorporate a blog which speaks directly about the target audience & share knowledgeable content along with expert opinion.

So what are things to be taken care while planning for accounting firms website:

  • Well optimized website to access details across all platform
  • List down the all types of services
  • Key contact person & information
  • Keep your website & blog up to date

Manage Your Consumer Data

Data management is a critical aspect of any data driven marketing efforts. This process is iterative, constantly evolve & expanding. Data management helps any customer to understand, analyze customer data which is highly useful marketing & new acquisition. All data must be designed to protect consumer data & stay compliant.

Segment Your Audience

Segment Your Audience | Data Marketers Group

Not every audience in your database is equal & must be given equal importance. Different customer group exists within the target audience. Hence as a B2B marketer it is important to target & send personalized message to connect with the right people at the right time. Your target audience differ by demographics, gender, age & location which accurately segment your audience base & automate your marketing efforts.

Use of Social Media

Social selling is the New Norm. Social media is strong platform which goes a long way in building your online presence & you never know when & what can convert your followers into customers.

Embracing social media in any business is important for their growth. Internet paved way to collaborate with a wider range of audience in a great way. With the social media B2B marketers can choose ideal prospect that can fit into your business strategy & reach the voices of a larger audience. Social media is digital assets for any brand. It ranges from logo, color, bio, header image, name& etc. up on your brand & business; you can design your own identity in the virtual world.

Content Marketing

Content is king any day.  As a part of marketing strategy, you must be clear on what the current potential clients want to see or read.  Prospect always look for educational, informative & engaging content for streamlining their business process.

Automation & scheduling

Automation and Scheduling | Data Marketers Group

With the automation & scheduling options, plan out your post well in advance & use scheduling tools to take advantage. When it comes to targeting accounting firms or pioneer leaders, social media is the best place to improve brand visibility.

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters | Data Marketers Group

Emails are a great way of lead nurturing & lead engagement.  This is the first step in converting prospects into client. Emails are one the most preferable & convenient way to connect with prospects.  As a first step you can build email lists of subscribers comprising your clients.  If such email newsletters forwarded across various subscribers & circulated among a wider audience, it is a win-to-win situation for you to build a high quality customer database.

Align with your Teams

Consumer data are not only used by marketing team, it can be leveraged among sales & support team also.  The versatility of the big data combines sales & marketing teams together to ensure combined strategy can be implemented in creating customer data platform.

Retarget Your Advertising

Retargeting is one of the critical strategies for all marketers, especially for cross channel marketers. Retargeting allows B2B marketers to promote your accounting products & services among the top users who’ve expressed interest.


If you need assistance in implementing a website or social media marketing strategy, then we here to help out you in the digital journey. With the data stewards & key marketing strategist, you can implement the best marketing practices & reap full benefits out of it. With the rapid phase organization started transforming the way how they do business with the aid of digital technology, and we are being pioneered this service, we’re ready to help you.

How To Generate Insurance Leads Effectively?

How To Generate Insurance Leads Effectively | Data Marketers Group

“Lead generation is a fairly core activity to marketing”- Chris Brogan

Leads are crucial fuel that keeps up your business.  Lead generation uplifts your business sales & improves revenue stream. With engaging website, the chance of turning lead into customer is an easy job. With qualified lead,time, money & efforts are saved.  Be it a small start-up business or big multi-million dollar business, well established process for lead generation is highly recommended.  Insurance is one of such industry which requires high quality leads in order to promote their products & services. And being life insurance agent is really really tough without leads. Though acquiring leads is not challenging, it is accepted widely that the insurance market is saturated. Competition for one quality lead in the insurance industry is more when compared other industry vertical.

What is a lead?

What is Lead | Data Marketers Group

A lead is any person who shows interest in a company’s product or service. A lead can fall into your sales cycle through various sources such as website, direct call, email or word of mouth. So leads are accepted to hear from any business or organization once they open up personal communication regarding their business needs. In a broader sales lifecycle leads plays a crucial role in the transition from visitor to customer.

Getting your prospects before your competitors find them is smart & strategic move for long term business growth. Though there are many methods, here are few best ideas that are used to find life insurance leads.

Third Party Leads:

Third Party Leads | Data Marketers Group

If you’re not convinced with the company provided leads, then you can go to third party sources whose main business sell leads for insurance agents. Usually this is win win approach for insurance agents and third party business as agents require quality leads & such sources love to do the same. It works in the way you provide basic requirements such as Zip Code & how far you are interested in travelling to meet those prospects. So you pay upfront to get those details completely aligned with your business. Similarly, there are many benefits of acquiring leads from third party leads, ability to specify lead attributes such as age, income & more is beneficial when compared to traditional methods used within companies to generate leads.

Some third party companies have exclusive & non-exclusive offers. As the name suggests exclusive offers are like leads sold only to you whilenon-exclusiveleads will be sold to other insurance agents too. One thing that differentiates exclusive from non-exclusive leads is less competition as exclusive leads are more expensive in today’s business world.

Benefits of using Third Party leads:

  • Increased sales
  • Improve profit ratio
  • Quality information
  • Well segmented attributes
  • Specific to target group of customers

Use LinkedIn To Know Your Prospects:

LinkedIn is one of the powerful platforms to generate leads & drive website effectively. You can target professionals based on job title, industry & more. Before all, you must be aware of how to use LinkedIn&its functionalities smartly to generate leads. Make your profile robust with professional pic & thoughtful summary. Your summary section should give sharp &a rich summary about your professional background. With these details professionals would able to know your accomplished details & niche you belong.

Use LinkedIn To Know Your Prospects | Data Marketers Group

Second most important thing is to network with professionals and groups in LinkedIn to get life insurance leads without any geographical barriers. LinkedIn has many networking groups where professionals from various industries and location meet weekly& monthly basis so socialize & trade marketing strategies. By joining the discussion & contributing the forum activities you can easily get the trust of group members& connect with industry experts.

Send Email Newsletters

“Email has an ability to create valuable personal touch with clients”

Email is one of the great ways to reach the people who are interested in your product & service. The whole purpose of the email ad is to get great attention on the action.With the regular changes & updates in the insurance industry, you need to keep going with the latest trends. Email newsletters are one of the excellent opportunities to connect with a prospect that shows interest in your products & services. 

Send Email Newsletters | Data Marketers Group

Similarly, you can personalize all email that needs to be sent to specific group & interest as it includes all essential information about your company & services. When you give worthy & useful information to website visitors they will be happy to provide you email id. Primary advantages are you are collecting opt –in permission from users to send product offers & discounts. As per Google Trends for 2021, nearly 105 billion emails are sent each day & expect to reach 246 billion.

Leverage Referrals Schemes:

Referralschemes are one of the every green strategy for lead generation process.Word of mouth plays key role in which enables people & companies all around the world to know more about it but most importantly without your involvement.Won’t you try it to understand how it works for your business? This scheme works well as it satisfies both the parties and considered to be one of the best in the marketing strategy for promoting products & services.

Leverage Referrals Schemes | Data Marketers Group

With proper lead management strategy, it is easy to accumulate details of referrals & follow up constantly until they turn into your customers. Reward the people who refer your products/ Brands & services with premiums, policies extension, and etc. word of mouth can easily connect with prospective buyers with less effort.

Partner with Dealers:

Partner With Dealers | Data Marketers Group

Insurance companies offer an array of products that covers various industries to meet their financial goals. Buying a vehicle is traditionally offline process though major of the dealers & distributors are the part of the online ecosystem.  So for sure people visiting nearest dealers, test drive & negotiate to take a decision though, they have done well research on the products. Hence it is important to establish a tie up with leading dealers of the local area when it comes to auto, car & two wheeler insurance. Similarly for healthcare insurance you must establish business relationship with a chain of hospitals & clinics which can be best source to produce quality leads on a regular basis.

Leverage Online Channels:

“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village for Tomorrow” – Bill Gates

Internet is boon for every business. As we all spend ample amount of time online. It can be used for lead generation as well.The Next big question is HOW? There are 4.66 billion internet users worldwide as of October 2020. Hence there are millions of ways to engage with them & create brand visibility.

Start with GoogleMyBusiness Account:

Google is a giant place where people resort to find out any piece of information. So it can be a great place to target local audience. Within seconds, you can create account & showcase your offerings. Build online credibility by collecting reviews for the insurance schemes you promote.

Social Listening

Social Listening | Data Marketers Group

Majority of people active on social media & connect in forums for QA sessions which can be utilized as a medium of prospecting.

For Ex: if a person asks questions like- Is XYZ is good choice car insurance or will it cover my Covid treatment if I choose  ABC medical scheme.

The respective user who requested such questions are considered as hot leads who must be engaged actively. By developing active conversation you can connect with them to know more about their requirements & showcase your marketing skills.

Use Social media for Advertisement:

Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram & more are considered to be active social media platforms popular in the 21st century. Hence it is most powerful platforms to advertise your schemes by targeting various audiences based their age groups. Based on location ads can be customized as it defines your audience persona.

Partner with influencers:

Social media has the power to influence your followers if you reach, though leader in your industries. Influencer marketing is one of the popular sources for finding qualified leads & promote your polices. People trust influencers & there is a good chance of finding highly qualified leads.

Tips for Lead generation campaigns:

  • Use right lead generation tools
  • Creating attractive offers at every stage of buying
  • Involve your sales team at an early stage to brainstorm with prospects
  • Set stages for building relationship
  • Increase sales & ROI

Wrapping Up:

With ever changing market, there are numerous methods for finding life insurance leads. And identifying the best depends on the individual agents, competitors & their market scope. By collaborating with a digital marketing partner it is possible to frame best lead marketing strategy & improve revenue channels.

Everything You Need To Know About B2B Market Segmentation

Everything You Need To Know About B2B Market Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

We all are in the era of 21st century where our requirements keep on growing & reflect the consumer markets & sales professionals. We must accept B2B landscape is continuously evolving over the time & it is important for the B2B marketers to adapt to the customer centric market any day. This could be achieved by Market Segmentation.

In earlier days, B2B marketers faced a lot of struggle in finding reliable target information about prospects & most importantly it was not freely available. But today, with comprehensive B2B database you can access detailed information, deliver personalized messages & plan B2B campaigns. Customer centric digital market is available to develop a buyer’s journey effective & engaging.             

“Market Segmentation is a natural result of the vast difference among the people.”- Donald A Norman

What is Market Segmentation?

What Is Market Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

Market segmentation is one of the strategies which involve the process of dividing your data into further sub groups based on shared characteristics, traits, facts or actions. In simple when you get a right customer, you show them content that they are excited about it. Here sub groups are classified based on the insights & highly focused on delivering personalized experience for prospects.

Why B2B Market Segmentation is important?

Without proper b2b market segmentation you’re missing the potential clients who should be given first priority. Here are the benefits of market segmentation:

Significance Of Marketing Segmentation | Data Marketers Group
  • Improves Overall Business Focus
  • Boosts Revenue
  • Helps To Achieve Annual Marketing Goals
  • Nurtures Product Development
  • Improves Campaign Performance
  • Expands Your Market Reach
  • Improves Brand Identity
  • Identifying New Market Streams
  • Understanding Current Customers

So here comes the big question what are types of Market Segmentation?

Below mentioned are widely used marketing segmentation which is accepted by huge audience base as well.

Type of Marketing Segmentation | Data Marketers Group
  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Firmographic Segmentation
  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Behavioural Segmentation
  • Psychographic Segmentation
  • Need based segmentation
  • Transactional Based Segmentation

Demographic Segmentation:

Demographic segmentation is the first & foremost step in creating customer profiles that helps marketers toproject top most products & close deals effectively. It is the process of dividing your market into a segment, based on factors like ethnicity, age, gender, income, religion, education & more as shown in the below figure. This is highly useful is targeting people who are likely to care about your products & services. And more importantly, brands can spend their advertising & market budget friendly.

Demographic Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

There are multiple demographic segmentation factors that can be picked as per the type of customers you have.

Ex A fashion brand would care about people gender & age, while a software company care about profit & income.

Demographic segmentation can be put to best use when your products or services are developed for different type’s market & itsatisfies the growing needs of the changing customers.

Benefits of Demographic Segmentation:

  • Better understanding of target audience
  • To group audience based on key factors
  • Business can determine the area to expand its functionality

Types of data used to determined demographic segmentation:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Marital Status
  • Religion
  • Experience
  • And more

Firmographic Segmentation:

Firmographic Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

Based on the shared company attributes business to business customers can be classified and it is often referred as Firmographic segmentation. Such prospects have same organizational attributes. They are generally used to guide marketing, advertising, & sales for deeper insights & effective campaign management activities.

There are key variable that constitutes to the Firmographic segmentation, they are

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Company size
  • Status
  • Performance
  • Executive Title
  • Sales cycle stage

Key Benefits:

  • Enhancing Sales & Marketing Efficiency
  • Improve the revenue with larger base
  • Campaign optimization with priority leads
  • Reveal actual business insights
  • Boost Marketing ROI

Geographic Segmentation:

Geographic Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

If business divides the market on the basis of their location or geography, then it is referred as geographic segmentation. In simple, when you have a broad range of target audience & they are targeted based on the area where they are located you can call it as geographic segmentation.

For ex: A Hot beverages goes well in cold regions or countries that highly prone snowfall for the most the years.

Key factors used to determine the geographic segmentation:

  • Continent
  • County
  • Region
  • City
  • District
  • SIC/NAICS Code

Psychographic Segmentation:

If a market segment divides customer based on psychological characteristic which includes conscious & subconscious beliefs, motivation, personality traits, predicted behaviour of customer then we can call it as Psychographic segmentation. This helps marketers to empower & understand more about unarticulated needs & expectation of the customer or prospect. This segmentation builds relationship with customers by understanding them more of individual with personal values.

Psychographic Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

Behavioral Segmentation:

Though Firmographic & psychographic segmentation is highly focused on customer, based on their behaviour you can segment prospect on how they react. For example, you can track the details of what they purchased, timing, customer loyalty, engagement, satisfaction & more as shown in the below figure. Based on B2B campaign, prospects can be segmented how they react.

Behavioral Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

Benefits of using Behaviour segmentation:

  • Improves targeting efficiency
  • Gives better personalized experience
  • Able to shift focus from uninterested to interested prospects
  • Able to track insights
  • Helps to build brand loyalty

Need Based Segmentation:

Need Based Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

When you want to address particular group of people & their request, then it can be classified as Needs based segmentation. Customer sophistication is one the key factor that groups your audience base. So this this provides opportunities to tailor your audience needs with specific goal instead of splitting customers based on Firmographic or demographic information. This segmentation must have clean & enriched data as they can be approached as and when required.

Need based segmentation can be done in four categories which includes functional needs, problem solving needs & emotional needs. It is highly useful for tailoring your upcoming needs & support for new business initiation & product developments. This model works pretty well & helps to target different sets of prospects. And more importantly as current B2B prefers need based segments than others.

Transactional Based Segmentation

Transactional Based Segmentation | Data Marketers Group

This is highly useful to study about a customer based on their past transactions. Here organization or customer should spend time in analyzing patterns& group them based on business goals. This mainly used for strategizing planning, prioritizing marketing activity, forecast sales & returns.

Segmenting by decision maker Type & their Organization:

If you are highly focused towards messaging & communication strategy, then opting for segmentation by decision maker type is highly recommended. As a B2B marketer your communication must start with individuals at organization. This is the main reason why sales & marketing team tend to focus on individual level data. This gives a crystal clear idea of how easily you can network with executive professionals.

How to segment & what are best practices available?

When it comes to segmentation there are few basic principles & best practices that need to be carried out.

  • Flexibility is the first & foremost feature to adapt the changing needs as customer base grows.
  • As the market segment is developed, internal stockholder must be ready to accept the change & feel good as a part of migration.
  • Make good use of existing data as they are considered to primary source even there may be a future plan to conduct quantitative & qualitative surveys.
  • Segmentation is not about customers, even leads & prospects can be segmented under the market they fall. Later this can be used to roll out niche based campaigns.
  • With the right mix of quantitative & qualitative research, deep understanding of customer needs can be figured out with robust validation.


With the growing competition in B2B market, it is important for business to remember not all prospects & customer in your database are equal. Segmentation helps to shift focus from low performing areas to high performing areas with right statistics & details to improve revenue stream which is crucial for business. Hence, your B2B marketing should be planned with a clear strategy that completely depends on your business objectives & industry you’re residing & industry you want to explore. Always market segmentation keeps you ahead of your competitors in collaborating with customer in the ever changing market.

Significance of Maintaining Accurate B2B Customers Database in 2021

Significance of Maintaining Accurate B2B Customers Database in 2021 | Data Marketers Group

In today’s global marketplace, the b2b customer database plays a crucial role. It serves as the backbone of all industries because of the huge competition in the modern digital world. Marketers can utilize the b2b customer database for email marketing and sharing the relevant information. It can be used by any type of business to promote new projects or products. According to Harvard Company Review research, 58 percent of enterprise organizations reported that effective utilization of their b2b customer databases resulted in an improvement in business retention.

Maintaining a database of b2b customers will be less expensive than placing advertisements in the media. Any industry that wants to expand their business in a systematic way needs a database. In today’s increasingly competitive industry, having an accurate and 100% comprehensive client database is essential to steer company ROI.

How To Maintain Accurate B2B Customers Database?

How To Maintain Accurate B2B Customers Database |Data Marketers Group

To maintain accurate b2b database you need to perform customer address validation. It is a process used to collect and cleanse customer address data in order to improve the accuracy of a b2b customer database. An effective address verification solution automates the verification, correction, and standardization of addresses. This method can be used to verify the accuracy of both personal and business information.

Address verification methods are being used by many companies to validate b2b email lists and other client data, resulting in accurate mailing addresses. In this blog post, we provide few tips which help you to keep the best data possible using verification tools. Let’s go through those recommendations which will help you to maintain an accurate customer database.

• Avoid Duplicate Contact Data

Matching the contact details manually or using partially automated ways is one way to avoid collecting duplicate contact data. However, this strategy would take a lot of time, resources, and effort.

Avoid Duplicate Contact Data | Data Marketers Group

Verifying addresses, on the other hand, will save you time and money by swiftly correcting any errors. It will clean up your databases by removing all duplicate addresses. This will save you money on marketing materials that would then have to be supplied many times. You’ll be able to lower your bounce rate, cut down on wasted mail, and improve your tracking results.

• Set A Standard Data Entry Format

It’s important to maintain consistency across all of your databases and maintain the accuracy of your consumer data. Set a pattern and standard of data entry format for your regular users to avoid data entry errors.

Standard Data Entry Format | Data Marketers Group

The use of benchmarked formats ensures consistency in customer database records and makes data conversions simple. You can get official postal details in a precise format by using address verification options. You can authenticate a large number of addresses fast, in fact, in seconds rather than days. As a result, this method may easily maintain standard data formats and even cut down the delivery time.

• Remove Wrong Customers Addresses

If you send mailers to inaccurate addresses, you may face serious consequences. These mailers are frequently not for promotions, and you may send letters containing confidential information. Sending such important reports to the wrong address could land you in serious trouble, and your consumers may leave and refuse to use your services again.

Remove Wrong Customer Addresses | Data Marketers Group

Data typically originates from a variety of sources, and it is not simple to keep a clean client database. However, you can do this by utilizing an address verification solution, which will help you maintain your brand’s image and reputation.

Here are a few benefits associated with incorporating a b2b customers’ database within your marketing plan.

B2B Marketing Database For Efficiency

Data is a great source that can only be unlocked with the correct tool. Managing your b2b customers’ database saves you time by avoiding wasting time on the wrong target audience, selling to targets with low profit margins, and wasting resources to maintain consumers in the purchase cycle.

All of this has the potential to reduce potential profits as well as the marketing database that could have been established. The executive can devote more time to the selling element of the business rather than searching for the proper crowd or product to sell.

Organized Data, At Your Fingertips

Organized Data | Data Marketers Group

Once assembled and segmented, a marketing database can be used in a variety of business areas, not only for marketing. Data segregation enables you to identify faults in your business process that are preventing you from attracting new customers or increasing revenue.

To optimize scoring options, you can then fine-tune your business for the numerous types of business personas. Customer segmentation is more cost-effective than a one-size-fits-all strategy to direct marketing.

Accurate B2B Customers Database Gets You Good Leads

The success of a potential sale is determined on how successfully you can present your product to a customer. However, if you can narrow down the client’s purchasing purpose, you can create a pitch that appeals to clients with comparable purchasing intents. This is where a b2b customers database can help you enhance sales by providing you with real-time data about possible leads or prospects.

Communicating Among Your Client-Base

Given the current global market’s diversity and range, determining which marketing approach to employ is a difficult task. A marketing database gives you a leg up on the competition when it comes to creating marketing campaigns that target the appropriate product to the right audience.

The marketing database may provide you with a variety of information about a customer’s demands, such as the time of need, the budget, product alternatives, and so on. This is preferable, particularly when sending emails, because you are not wasting money by sending catalogs or communications to those who are unlikely to respond. When you need to promote your goods in a market, a b2b customers database comes in handy.

Great Customer Experience

Great Customer Experience | Data Marketers Group

Because of the increasing complexity of traditional and digital marketing processes, nuances such as customer journey mapping for various personas are becoming increasingly important in order to help define the most relevant communications and experiences for various touchpoints in the customer journey, and a useful marketing database is required.

It is well accepted that consumers value and engage with brands that can provide them with a more personalized buying experience. You may communicate in a way that suits their interests and modify their online experience by using a marketing database for personalisation. For instance, evaluating their browsing data to alter website pages so that items, services, and information are suited to them.

Hassle-Free Market Research

With the proper implementation of a consumer marketing database, a company may collect frequent and up-to-date data that can be used during market research to determine where improvements can be made and where client needs are not being satisfied. This data can then be used to construct a product by incorporating details gleaned from the analysis into the product’s design.

Wrapping Up

As a result, your client database must be current, consistent, and complete. And now, thanks to this blog, you have access to guidelines for keeping your client database up to date. Maintaining a high-quality database and having correct client information may appear to be time-consuming. The finished result, on the other hand, is well worth the effort and time you put in from the beginning. And putting these suggestions into practice can help your company grow significantly in the future.


7 Expert Tips For Successful Medical Device Marketing 

7 Expert Tips for Successful Medical Device Marketing | Data Marketers Group

In recent days, there is a huge demand for effective medical devices. Advancement inhealthcare sector gave us confidence to explore the new range of products & find the best for treating patients.  When it comes to marketing medical devices, this scenario is completed different as healthcare marketers face unique challenges to promote their products at global space. Medical devices must be completely tested & approved before the devices made available for commercial use.  Above all, this panademic made us to realize effective marketing can be crucial at tough times.

Thus, medical devices marketing must follow effective strategies in order to reach global audience while satisfying compliance. With effective marketing strategy, medical device manufacturers must use modern marketing tools & techniques to leverage traditional best practices in the healthcare industry to boost brand recognition.

Let’s See Seven Expert Tips For Successful Medical Device Marketing:

Target Ideal Customers:

Target Ideal Customers | Data Marketers Group

To target ideal customers & deliver best results, every B2B campaign should be aware of their customer traits. It can be achieved by brainstorming features & usage of medical devices which will be used by your potential clients. Alternatively, this saves time & efforts taken to reach global audience who looks for such medical devices or equipment. Try to understand the perspective of the customer who will be using these devices & by answering certain set of questions.

Here are a few examples of questions which will help you to understand them better.

  • Who will be ideal users of medical device?
  • Specify their details such as career, interest, geographical location, income level, communication preferences, email, phone & etc.
  • What are the challenges they are facing right now?
  • How this medical device can help them in reducing time & efforts of doing same work manually?
  • Create a virtual persona of prospects to understand these needs& roll out marketing campaigns accordingly.

Understanding & targeting audience is often misunderstood when it comes to effective marketing tactics. Understanding & building prospect persona is highly valued than rushing to get in front of an audience for product sales.

The information you are looking for to reach your prospects is already collated from various trusted & analysed by your core marketing team. They will have crystal idea of to whom this product should be marketed or who will be ideal users of your medical devices. As a B2B marketer, your medical device should solve the pain points prospects are doing through.  With all this information it becomes easy to target the most critical person or key decision makers of the organization.

Similarly, understanding the core problem faced by target users adds value to your medical device marketing. This helps you to address the core challenges clearly without any assumption.

Analyze Your Competitor:

Analyze Your Competitor | Data Marketers Group

Competitor in any industry keeps you active & dynamic. Hence it is smart choice to learn from competitors, howto build a comprehensive marketing strategy that grows sales in relevant industry. Analysing your competitors helps you to find out the best marketing activities that work well for them in promoting healthcare medical devices. Competitor analysis helps you to summarize the major problems & opportunities available in the healthcare industry while planning medical device marketing strategy.

Build A Website:

Build A Website | Data Marketers Group

We’re in the era of internet, thus establishing an online presence is more important for any business. Online presence ensures you can be communicated through any mode of communication& helps users to connect with healthcare brand directly.

If you’re building a website from scratch then, it should contain clear information & pages to cater the varying needs of your potential customers. Hook your customer by sharing brand stories in a personalized way. Similarly, use strong words to emote your mission & vision.

So here are few tips on how your website should like:

  • Simple design:

Any visitor would like to navigate through your website easily & find relevant content. This can be achieved by building website with simple layout & navigation bars.

  • SEO & SMO

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization

In the 21st century it is important to stay ahead of your competitors in promoting your products or services. Hence search engine optimization refers to targeting specific keywords & optimizing your webpages so that ideal prospects who are looking for your products can reach you in a hassle free manner.  

  • Social Media Marketing:

Go for targeted content on social media pages which will improve brand recognition & boost your reputation. According to kiss metrics report, brands with high engagement on social media supposed to be approached by a brand new prospect. Simple & yet powerful right! Grab your opportunities without any delay. There are many platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more which can help small & medium level business to reach target clients in marketing their products.

  • Mobile Friendly Website:

In the digital world, everything revolves around mobile. Making your website mobile responsive is highly recommended as the prospect may find it easy to use & get clear about your products before approaching you.

  • Sign up & Subscriptions Forms:

Drive your email marketing campaign by collecting details about website visitors in an efficient manner. Collect primary contact details such as name, email, phone at the first level of interaction as through this business rapport can be built gradually.

Event Promotion, Webinars & Networking:

Event Promotion Webinars And Networking | Data Marketers Group

Product launch is something that must be planned strategically, especially in the healthcare industry.  As we discussed earlier, social media can be an ideal platform to promote your upcoming events while keeping users engaged with thepost, gifs, and questioners. This helps users to stay hooked with brand and also engagement rate will improve which in turn improves sales.

Rather than interacting with potential clients directly, connect with key stakeholders who can influence prospects in decision making.  With webinars at least 20% of your webinar participants can be transformed to qualified leads.  Alternatively host a dinner party or join them mergers or acquisition events or other success party. Any medical marketing requires both online & offline marketing to be successful. Online promotion activities can be executed within budget with effective planning for content creation & posts.Focus on making strategies & leverage your content creation activities to third party services that can do an exceptional job according to your need. This saves lots of time & efforts in promotional activities.Above all engage your audience with Q& A session, which paves way for B2B marketers to grow as a specialist in particular products.

Get Listed In Local Directories:

Get Listed In Local Directories | Data Marketers Group

Though internet has brought tremendous change in our marketing tactics, using traditional methods never goes out of style. Getting listed in local directories will enhance your brand name within city or state. These kind of listing is free & allows you to include generic information about companies such as name, email, company hours, sort of payment business accepts, address & more. This is essential for any prospects who are interested in approaching you first, rather than you initiating the first business proposal.

Align With Medical Device Marketing Regulations & Compliance:

Align With Medical Device Marketing Regulations and Compliance | Data Marketers Group

As you develop content marketing strategy, make sure it is aligned with your medical device marketing regulations & in compliance with standards like HIPAA. Each & every country, even from state to state standards & compliance rules differs. Hence, as a B2B healthcare marketer, in order to target global audience you must be aware of privacy rules & other major factors or stringent rules to leverage marketing activities across the globe.

Email Marketing:

Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

In today’s digitally dominated world, many opportunities can be explored if you’re accessible over email. Email is proven to be one of the trusted & beneficial communication channels for healthcare professionals. A survey from MailerLite survey reports shows email marketing is one the best performing campaign among all especially in the healthcare sector. It creates awareness among potential prospects in marketing new devices which save their time & efforts to serve their purpose without any interruption.  

With the advent of automation tools & techniques, personalized email content can be shared across prospects based on their interest & need. Also, with the help of email lists, you can market your medical devices to right physicians, nurses, dentists, hospitals and more via email. Moreover, measuring the success of this strategy is quick, while allowing you to see if your efforts are okay or it needs to be changed with the growing needs of healthcare industry.


Scaling up business and revenue is the ultimate goal of any B2B marketing. Hence it is important to stand out from crowd to boost the brand recognition.  Collaborate with the Data Marketers Group to tailor your marketing methods & boost your medical device marketing efforts.

If you’re in need of healthcare email lists that help in promoting your medical devices, products or services, we are here to provide. Contact us today at 914 – 288 – 5888 and email at [email protected]

Enhance Your B2B Marketing Efforts With C-Level Executives Email List

Enhance Your B2B Marketing Efforts With C-Level Executives Email List | Data Marketers Group

C-level executives are the highest-ranking executive personnel within an organization and are typically considered as the most powerful and influential members. These executives make high-stake decisions, set the company’s policy, and make sure that the day-to-day business operations align with fulfilling the company’s objectives. 

Hence, it is very important to have constructive interaction with these senior-most executives of those companies that are prospective clients for successful business development. Therefore, having data on these C-Level Executives help you to enhance your B2B marketing efforts. This blog explains how C-level executives Email List can be useful in rolling out targeted B2B marketing campaigns.

What is C-Level Executives Email List?

What is C-Level Executives Email List | Data Marketers Group

A C-Level Executives Email List is a collection of email addresses, mailing data and other contact information of various C-Suite professionals that are associated with companies of all sizes across the globe. Be it CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, CIOs and others, a c-level executives email list provides a single-channel communication route to connect with the all top C-level professionals.

In general, a C Level Executives Mailing List not only allows you to communicate easily with your targeted prospects, who are CEOs of leading organizations all over the world, but it also helps you to fetch guaranteed success for your b2b marketing campaigns.

What Are The Various Data Fields Included In C-Level Executives Database?

When you are trying to connect with C-level executives, either by email, mail or telephone, it is not enough to know just the name and email id. Most of the smart marketers collect huge amount of information about such executives before they are connecting with them. Let us look at three data points that a marketer might find useful with the help of c-level executives database:

Demographics – While age, gender, and job description can seem to be very basic information, they can be useful starting points for determining the content of C-level executive messaging.

Education – The educational history, as well as current academic interests, would be helpful in determining which marketing strategy would be most effective. This information can be obtained from LinkedIn profiles or news articles.

Other Interests – This is a factor which is often overlooked in terms of its ability to influence C-level executive decision-making. Such executives’ social media posts provide a good indication of their preferences and thinking outside of their line of work, which can aid in determining the best form of messaging.

Let’s See How C-Level Data Can Enhance Your B2B Marketing Efforts!

Most of the successful marketers spend a significant amount of time and effort in gathering C-level data. But, it’s more important, to figure out how to make most out of that data. Let’s look at how c-level data can enhance your b2b marketing efforts!

1. Start With Simple Requests

Start With Simple Requests​ | Data Marketers Group

A successful email to a CEO or COO can be considered as a small achievement in and of itself. However, if the mail involves anything that requires a significant amount of time, resources, or manpower, it may be difficult to get an answer. A small request for the right person to contact, or a message of thanks for attending one of the events would be good enough to start the conversation.

2. Target The C-Suite And Buying Committee

Target The C-Suite And Buying Committee | Data Marketers Group

When it comes to C-level data, most marketers concentrate on information about the executives. However, you should be mindful that, for the vast majority of these executives, their executive assistants manage their communications, travel plans, and appointments entirely on their behalf. They frequently serve as a gatekeeper, keeping unwanted intruders out, and they may be the reason why some or all of your communications go unanswered. That is why collecting valuable data on executive assistants and effectively using that data is crucial.

3. Connect the Network

Connect The Network | Data Marketers Group

You may have acquired a wealth of data that will enable your marketing efforts. However, you can’t afford to overlook another rich source of information: the executives’ technical and personal networks. College mates, ex-colleagues, and even housing societies of places where the executives reside can all provide useful access to connect with these C-Level Executives.

4. Develop A Multi-Channel Strategy

Develop A Multi Channel Strategy | Data Marketers Group

To meet your business goals, you’ll need to devise a plan that coordinates multiple channels in order to reach various people at the target accounts. You may contact the C-Level Executives and the buying committee in a variety of ways. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

  • Direct mails
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Online advertising
  • Events
  • Social Ads
  • Web personalisation

The Benefits Of Owning A C-Level Professionals Email List:

  • A comprehensive and result-driven targeted C-level Executives Mailing List enables marketers to communicate with and pitch their sales messages directly to the appropriate authority.
  • The C-level Executives email database provides complete contact information about B2B C-level professionals. The data repository contains the following details about your targeted decision-makers:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Gender
  • Email Address
  • SIC Code
  • Employee Size
  • NAICS Code
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Postal Address
  • State
  • Web Addresses
  • It enables you to take advantage of qualified leads from top executives who are most likely to make a purchase and increase your chances of closing.
  • With multichannel data, businesses can market their products and services to C-level professionals that are located across the globe.
  • With reach-targeted C-Level Executives Email List, you can reach out to top-ranking executives in the corporate ladder via email, mail and telephone.
  • A C-Level Executives email list provides detailed contact data of c-suite professionals within an organization such as CEO, CMO, CIO, CFO, and more.
  • It enables you to connect with C-Level executives who are responsible for implementing strategic business planning, determining budgets, deciding business policies and overseeing daily operations.
  • With C-Level Executives Mailing List, you can target professionals who are responsive to marketing offers that improves the profitability and productivity of the business.

The Bottom Line

In the United States, the professional sector of C-suite employees has been one of the most widespread. With over 2,100,000 top executives employed, there is a plethora of opportunities for marketers wishing to engage with high-end clients. However, you’ll need a highly relevant C-level executives email list to reach such a specialist group and establish a strong brand presence.

If you are a marketer looking for C-Level Executives Mailing List, then Data Marketers Group is the right platform for you. Our C-Level Executives database can be customized based on your requirements. Our team of data experts provides valuable information about the contact lists like name, address, email address, company, social media contacts, telephone number, mobile number, and many other required contact details.

To avail the most updated C-level executives Email list, reach us at Data Marketers Group.

Phone: 914 – 288 – 5888
Email ID: [email protected]

Why Email Marketing Is Considered As The Best B2B Option For Medical Marketers

The Best B2B Option For Medical Marketers | Data Marketers Group

Email is one of the fastest & most preferred modes of communication between B2B marketers & physicians. Business opportunity for healthcare email marketing is real & never goes out of style. As per MailerLite Survey Report, the average open rate of healthcare emails is 21.59% with super high click through rate of 3.31%. This metric is one among the highest campaign performance among all segments. This depicts why email marketing is one of the most trusted & reliable sources of communication in healthcare industry.

In fact, the number of emails sent per day is projected to reach 347 billion by the year 2023 as per the Statista report, and this below figure conveys a clear message that email is here to stay and presents a perfect opening for healthcare and medical marketers.

Email Marketing Graph | Data Marketers Group

Image Source: Statista

If you’re a B2B healthcare marketer & want to connect with the healthcare professionals by specialty across specific target areas, then healthcare email lists can help you to meet your campaign requirements.

Reliable & Effective Communication Mode

Reliable and Effective Communication mode | Data Marketers Group

Email Marketing is one of the quickest & easiest messaging techniques which set email marketing as the best choice over other marketing communication channel. It is smart choice & works well for B2B healthcare marketers who want to pitch recent products & services to the medical professionals.  This pandemic has made us to move online irrespective of the industry & business as it helps customers to stay connected digitally to their favourite products and services. Hence it is well known fact that emails remain alive it acts as the digital workhouse for building awareness, acquisition & conversion.  Email is one of the fastest & reliable modes of communication for marketers to personalize the content according to the welfare or interest of medical professionals.

Are you a B2B healthcare marketer targeting dermatologist professionals for launching new skin care products? Then get your verified Dermatologist Email List by collaborating with the Data Marketers Group for the best-in-class email database services.

Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile Email Marketing | Data Marketers Group

With the advent of the internet, smart phone plays a crucial role in modern marketing. And, it is constantly changing & evolved over the period. With the well-established tactics, here are a few tips for smart & effective marketing mail marketing.

If your email campaign isn’t mobile friendly, definitely you will be missing out an opportunity to engage with your subscribers & drive data driven results.

Quick Heads up for launching Mobile Email marketing campaign:

  • Concise Subject line (Max 5 to 6 words)
  • Engaging Pre-header Text
  • Call to Action
  • Content Personalization
  • High responsive design
  • Test your emails across multiple devices
  • Some free space to click

As a marketer, you should have clear thoughts how your email must be. It should not have heavy handed sales pitch. On the other hand, when a prospect open & read your personalized message it must help reader to solve their problem & should show genuine interest in responding.

Personalize Your Email

The Ultimate goal of any healthcare email marketing is to narrow down the focus on the target audience. Always refine your list to address the growing needs & interest of individual healthcare professionals. To have good start you can use physician’s first name to personalize your email marketing based on specialty, location, hospital name, age, gender & more.

Personalize Your Email | Data Marketers Group

In general, most of the individual’s email inboxes are bombarded with thousands of emails every day. So creating a personalized email helps you to stand out & deliver the best. Email segmentation via automation tool helps marketers to deliver relevant content in a personalized manner. And more importantly this approach helps you to build a long lasting bond with customers & improve click through rates. Thus establishing a customer centric email campaign strategy will help to evaluate & act as per customer needs.

Key benefits of Email personalization:

  • Increased Email open rate
  • High email click through rate
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Improved sales
  • Opt- in verified contacts
  • Enabling Call To Action to increase website traffic

Segment your prospects:

Segmenting email list based on business requirement improves revenue &generatea better engagement rate with the audience. Audience can be grouped based on age, location, speciality, hospital affiliated, Association or groups & etc. List segmentation helps medical marketers to send tailored emails containing offers, healthcare product recommendation & more.  Segmentation of contacts increases open rates to drive more revenue by limiting unsubscribes.

Design Responsive Email:

In the fast moving internet era, physician or other healthcare professionals started using mobile & tablet for comfort. Generally they use these gadgets to capture patient details, history & patient history.  Hence, as a B2B marketer your email must be responsive & content must be easily viewable on devices of various screen sizes.

Know your Customers & Track Campaign Success

To reap all benefits of effective email marketing you need to understand the target audience. Tracking an email campaign success in terms of open rate & click through rates will determine the marketing efforts made in converting lead to a customer. This strategy works well if prospects are verified & validated for opt in email services.  Moreover, such prospects are higher chances of getting response as they are interested in trying out promotional medical offers.

Know Your Customers and Track Campaign Success | Data Marketers Group

Having a healthcare email list with all relevant information which can be segmented based on B2B campaign requirement is highly recommended as marketers can set basic metrics to track campaign performance. Always email marketing will be a low cost option for nurturing healthcare leads. Create your own set of standards & build specific benchmark to evaluate campaign performance.

Why monitoring your metrics is important?

It gives crystal clear idea of what works & what not. It helps to calculate average customer lifetime value which paves road to acquire more customers. With high conversion rate B2B marketers can determine who are interested in your healthcare brand & services.

What are the metrics can be monitored in healthcare campaign?

  • Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Conversion Rate
  • Campaign Return on Investment
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Monthly Sales revenue

Healhcare Email Automation

It becomes tough to reach each subscriber manually as your email list is built over period of time. This entire problem can be solved by enabling email automation. By enabling automation emails can be sent to prospect based on triggers, from welcome mail to patient reminder. Everything can be automated & tracked by various business metrics. With automated campaigns, direct mails can be scheduled out well in advance with any last minute rush.  

Healthcare Email Automation | Data Marketers Group
What are the benefits of implementing healthcare email automation?
  • Improved marketing efficiency
  • Better alignment with sales & marketing goals
  • Improved lead conversion
  • Generate better qualified leads
  • Get multichannel view of prospect behaviour
Improve Online Interaction: Email marketing is considered as one the most effective way to bridge the gap between your audience & business. And if it is healthcare marketing strategy then email marketing should be strong option to strengthen your position in healthcare industry. It is preferred mode for any healthcare business to build a strong relationship with patient or prospects & get their trust. Another important factor is email marketing as it is extremely cost effective & affordable. Different types of B2B Campaigns: Email can take different forms. As a B2B marketer you can come up with your campaign based on business requirement. Be educational or tips messaging, promotional message, seasonal greetings or monthly newsletter.  Serving up different types of content will help healthcare marketers to stay informed about their target audience interest. Benefits of Email Marketing:
  • Perfect for delivering target messages
  • Drive high revenue
  • Easy to start & affordable cost
  • Monitor the metrics
  • Reach global audience
  • High ROI
  • Enables fast communication
  • Establish personalized communication
  • Improve online interaction


Email marketing allows you to reach a great deal of internet users to strengthen your brand relationship with customers. Since already you’re targeting ideal prospects based on their opt in permission ROI will be relatively high compared to other marketing channels.  Staying on trend never goes out of style, healthcare email marketing is one of such trend which helps you to stay ahead of competitor in connecting with a global audience. Looking for effective B2B healthcare email database? Please get in touch with us today. Being pioneer in email & marketing database services,partner with the Data Marketers Group to grow your business beyond the limits.

How Email Marketing Helps Businesses To Enhance Sales & ROI

How Email Marketing Helps Businesses To Enhance Sales & ROI | Data Marketers Group

Email plays a crucial role in strategic marketing plans of any successful business. Email is remains as one of the effective & strategic channel according to the B2B marketers. And moreover email marketing is still one of the excellent ways to reach massive audiences & engage them.

What is Email Marketing?

The process of targeting your audience & customers through email is referred as Email Marketing. It helps marketers to accomplish a specific goal of organization via email. Email Marketing plan varies from business to business. A pre-designed & result oriented template can work best for small business rather than investing utilizing less skilled resources.

A survey from HubSpot shows 78% of the marketers have increased email engagement over the last 12 months & customers prefer to stay connected with brand via email. And more importantly email remains as one the best performing marketing channel compared to others.

There are different types of Email Marketing tactics which tend to improve customer engagement & sales in the organization.  Please find below some of them.

Welcome Emails:

A Welcome Email is perfect medium for any business to introduce & show their eccentricities to make the brand unique. It is always important to make your first impression memorable & beautiful. Welcome Email speaks a lot about your brand & loyalty towards customers. Make your first conversation candid by cleverly developing relationship with the recipients. 

Build your Email Marketing Strategy:

On an ordinary customer receives more than 100 emails. So if your strategy doesn’t stand out, then you will be in trouble. Learn & build your email own strategy to dive deeper into customer relationship. By partnering with Data Marketers Group, you can improve your email marketing strategies & grow your business globally.

Define Your Targeted Audience | Data Marketers Group

An effective email helps business owner & marketers to understand their buyer persona.  Understand what you want & tailor your email campaign to connect with the target audience.  This is considered as one of the most crucial criteria which helps to B2B marketers to understand & deliver the best for the customers.

Setting up timeline for your campaign:

There is a beautiful saying “Don’t push people to where you want to be, meet them where they are”- Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing. Hubspot.

Deliver right message to right audience. As an expert you will be running regular & seasonal campaigns.  Research & adopt the best practice for scheduling your campaign based on your buying cycle & client choice.

Engage your customers

One of the most professional ways to keep your customers engaged with your campaigns is the email marketing. Starting from seasonal greetings to festival offers reaches your customers, often with email marketing.

Creating a Curiosity

Teasing customer’s attention with the hints of your products or letting them guess or making them invest their time in your product even before they invest their money in your product helps the product reach psychologically. So, regularly update them with weekly blog post & keep them hooked with your upcoming products & services. We help you to prepare email template & content for the topics like major changes in company, victories, acquisition, feedback, surveys & more. 

Personalized Emails

Electronic mail drive real profitable results through seeking authentic attention for your products.   Good or bad, everyone needs attention. Seeking customer’s attention by crafting Personalized Emails, promotions and gratitude mails will build credibility.

Personalized-Emails | Data Marketers Group

We’ve a team of experts who analyze & carefully craft email database for your marketing goals with opt in verified & high profile prospects interested in your business. Thus we help you to expand your customer & prospects database by targeting global audience.

Saying it with an email!

With the plethora of digital marketing strategies, we do believe email is the best mode of communicating with customers. Higher success rates are experienced only in the email marketing than any other marketing strategy. Making the content genuine and valid will increase the product to stand out from all the spams. When it comes to converting random people into customer or your supporters, email always one of the clear ways to do.

Make it Clear

Segregate your emails with their content and purpose, such as Information emails, Digital Newsletter, Product Update and Transactional emails. This is helps you identify the right audience and cut down the redundancy.

 Tools & Techniques

With the use of several free of cost email marketing tools like Hubspot Email Marketing, Sender, Sendinblue, Omnisend,  SendPulse, Benchmark Email, Mailchimp, Mailjet etc., the success rate of the email campaigns has been raised exponentially. And more importantly in email marketing, we can segment personal & customisable message which allows people to address people individually by name & split certain topics only for a certain group of people which in turn remains privately in their personal inbox to stay connected with brand emotionally. 

Giving it a mailshot!

Hitting thousands of mailboxes at a single go through mailshots have made the email marketing easy and cost-effective when targeted to a larger audience. Through this integrated marketing approach, you can get higher ROI than any other digital means.

Increase in Product Traffic

One of the best ways of increasing the traffic to your website or product is definitely the Email marketing. Conducting contests, creating curiosity, getting customer feedbacks, referral programs, abandoned cart emails are the several ways through which the product traffic can be rocketed.

Know your Customer

Email marketing helps you to know the persona of your customer and thereby you can send Personalized Emails based on their needs. Opt-in advertising, a way of email marketing demands a permission from the customer to allow the emails to be received, which in turns let you know your audience.

Brand Stories

Brand Story Telling | Data Marketers Group

Reveal your success stories with your customers make them correlate with your brand emotionally. A compelling brand story is nothing less inspiring than a bio-pic. Use your mail to set brand identity which in turn makes people to recognize your brand once you receive mail. Consistent communication with prospects will increase the likelihood of people to think about your product & business.

Predict your Customer

Keeping on track the history of customer and understanding the current trend, predict your customer needs and email accordingly with relevant offers or information which is an exemplary way of strategic marketing.

Re-engagement mails

Get in touch with your inactive customers through the Re-engagement emails by reminding them to visit the site by the latest offers. Connect them with emails to revive their interest on your products.

Get them noticed

Send brochures, new arrivals, annual summary reports to your customers making them feel you value them and worth your deal. Email is always action oriented, the target audience can either reply, forward, click through, sign upon or more. This directly drives organic traffic to your website & ultimately drives sales.

Prepare a dedicated landing page for your B2B campaign:

We do understand that target audience click through from your email to your website, homepage, product page or a specific landing page designed.  To make best use of this strategy, always make sure you create a dedicated landing page & redirect all your email traffic to it. A dedicated landing page makes it more relevant & effective to measure success of the B2B campaign.

Make proper email structure:

You must understand prospects & customers are always busy. You’re trying to grab their attention through email. Every time when they check email, it’s obvious that they will be flooded with emails from different companies.  Make your email structure with lot of white space and try to keep your paragraph short, with the sub heading. And more specifically, people no longer will be interested in your long articles, give them the small & sweet message, which in triggers them to your website with a read more link.

Track with Ease:

One of the major benefits of email marketing is opportunities to analyze effectiveness of your campaign. The Open rate is one the important metric to track your open rate. With compelling subject line, people tend to open the mail. Click through rate gives you the clear number of people who link to your products or services irrespective of their demographics.

Mobile Optimized Campaign:

Always make sure your email template or design is fully mobile optimized, because mobile remains as one of comfortable devices for us to check mails. No matter what, mobile always stands out in when it comes to access email. So collaborate with us to design & send crafty email messages to stay ahead of your competitors.

Wrapping Up

Being pioneers in email & marketing database providers, we formulate different strategy based on your business goals to build your engaged subscribers list. Whether you’re starting first email marketing or seasoned email campaign, we at Data Marketers Group are always one stop solution to support you with tools & services to improve your ROI.  We have a wide array of people to do everything from marketing automation to consistent tracking until a prospect becomes your customer. 

Email marketing is one of the cost effective way to promote your brand without any barriers. Join with us to create your own email marketing plan, design & effective email for the prospects in your sales funnel & increase your email deliverability rate.